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"Can't believe I lost again!" I yelled, setting my head on the grass. After our battle with Wahkan and Xian, I went to the nearby park to cool down. Though it wasn't helping me at all.

Wiping my tears away, I pushed myself up. Needed to find a way to vent off this steam building up or else I would blow up.

My teammates must've been embarrassed after my pitiful performance.

The park was huge, at least it was for someone my height.

I sighed. The kids at school now had ample fuel... I would never live down the title of 'fiery shrimp' at this rate.

"Mi-mister! Look o-out!" a voice called out. Something struck my forehead. "S-sorry mister."

It was a little kid with light green hair.

"Pardon my son," a black haired man said, running over. He was tall and good looking. The opposite of me...

"It's fine," I said, trying my best to smile. In reality I was mad, but I wasn't going to take out my anger on a little kid. I wasn't that lame.

Jumping up, I three the disk at the man.

He caught it without even jumping for it. "Hey, you were the one who fought Nyima just now, aren't you?"

"Nyima? Oh, the big-bosomed blue-haired girl! Yeah, I fought her. She was surprisingly tough," I said, crossing my arms.

"Ahh, you the one who was screaming!" Another kid who looked identical to the one who hit me on the head ran over to us. Following him was a little girl and a light-brown-haired man with golden eyes who looked like he could be the other man's brother.

"Reminds me of a certain someone. Huh, Hideo?" the arrival said, turning to look at the other man.

The black haired man grumbled. "Shut up, Silas!"

Silas snickered as he took the little girl's hand. "Anyway, I'm going to go buy Rika some ice cream. You want anything?"

"I-I want vanilla," the boy who hit me said.

"Chocolate!" the boy's twin said, smiling.

"I'm getting strawberry," Rika said, jumping up and down.

"I want the usual," Hideo said.

"Alright, got it!" Silas said, turning around.

"Sy, there you are!" a blue haired girl yelled, waving as she jumped over a line of two-foot-tall shrubs.

"Marina, what are you doing here?" he asked, his face reddening.

The boy who didn't hit me giggled. "Seems that uncle's girlfriend is here."

"Kaze, don't tease your uncle," Hideo said, trying not to laugh.

Turned my back to them and went on my way. Felt as if I was interrupting on a family moment. Plus I needed to go find Kagu and the others.


I looked over my shoulder. "What?"

"Cheer up."

My eyes widened. "Uh... no offense, but why do you care how I'm feeling?"

He averted his eyes. "Well, I know how it feels, to lose. I also know how it feels to be looked down on for being... well, not as tall as others in my age group."

My eyes glanced up and down at the six-foot tall man. "You were short?"

"Hard to believe, huh? But, yeah. I was short even up to my late teens. Maybe one day you'll be as tall as your peers, or taller."

My lips wobbled up and down. "Me, tall?"

"I said 'maybe', but it is a possibility. Just eat healthy."

"I will!" I said, pumping my fist up and down. "I'll eat whatever I must in order to be taller!"

"That's the spirit!"

My stomach grumbled. "Uh, but first to find my teammates, th


She snickered. "True. Everything is inscribed in the tablets of destiny. This was meant to be. Now, is an encounter between us also in the cards?"

"Is it?" I asked.

She laughed. "Not sure, but it's fun to consider."

"Fun?" Coach asked.

"Yeah. There's no harm in meeting him, well, not for me. He has no idea who I am."

I tilted my head. What was she talking about? She's Kagu, second-year student at Aster Academy. What else was there to know?

"If you say so," Coach said. He stopped as the wind rustled. His eyes shifted toward Silas. "He's here too?"

"That guy? Yeah, I saw him with his brother."

"Wonder who else is here..." Kagu said, grinning. She grabbed Coach's arm and ran.

"Hey, wait up!" I yelled. My feet calm to a halt as soon as the wind shifted once more. Chills ran down my spine. It felt as if a pair of eyes were on us...

"Psst, Hiro! Hurry up!" Kagu yelled from afar. Coach was nowhere to be seen. Had he gone ahead by himself?

Was Coach avoiding Silas? But why? Whatever happened between him and the brothers must've been serious. Ahh, maybe he owes them money or something! Hmm, but neither one gave off shark loan vibes...

So what was it?

"Hiro?" our team's leader yelled again, further away.

"Coming!" I yelled, rushing after her.


"Sy, are you alright?" Marina asked.

My eyes remained on Hiro and Kagu. The guy they were talking to... No, that was impossible.


"Huh?" I asked.

"You zoned out just now," she responded.

"Are you tired, Uncle," Rika said.

I rubbed my forehead. "Yeah, a bit." I wasn't able to sleep yesterday at all. Hideo kept waking up in the middle of the night, screaming. Those memories Aida conjured up weren't leaving him any time soon.

Perhaps it was for the best that he didn't see the guy who looked like our missing brother, else it might've been worse. But that guy just now... The one Hiro was speaking to, he looked just like that dark haired monkey boy...

I shook my head. My fatigue must've been getting to me. I was starting to see things that weren't there.

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed the chapter ^_^. Thoughts? Theories? Predictions?**

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