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   Chapter 114 NO.114

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Chao and Hiro turned their attention to me as I reached the bottom of the battlefield.

"Finally you showed yourself!" Hiro yelled.

I snickered. "Yeah.

"I don't need your help," Chao said, sighing. "I am perfectly capable of dealing with this loudmouth by myself."

"Who are you calling loudmouth?" Hiro snapped, his flames turning bluish.

I scoffed. "Well, I'm not here to help either of you. I'll be wiping the floor with both of you!"

"I'll love to see you try!" Hiro said, throwing his axe at me. I ducked and watched as it cut the crystal floor behind me, melting bits here and there.

"Try harder, shorty."

Hiro's knuckles turned white. "You... should... be... careful... with... what... you... wish... for!" he yelled, his flames turning completely blue.

"You've made him angrier," Chao said, rubbing his ears. He seemed disoriented as if suffering from gradually worsening head ache. Was fatigue starting to catch up to him? Or maybe it was dealing with this loudmouth's constant screams?

"Don't worry, I'll just this noisy guy down, then we can spar," I said, avoiding Hiro's flames.

"You're underestimating me, Wahkanian! I might've lost to those twins, but I won't lose again! Not to you!" he said. He stepped back, slammed his weapons against the ground, and took a deep breath. The flames around him tampered down.

What could he have been up to?

"He's internalizing his flames," Chao said, dashing forward.

"What does that do?" I asked.

The Xianian threw a sword at Hiro but the kid side stepped it even though he had his eyes closed.

"You aren't aware?" Chao asked as he threw three more. "It means he's refining his flames to strengthen them. Though it could be that he's trying to tap into his inner flame. The center of a candle is where it burns hottest."

Hiro opened his eyes. "You're well versed when it comes to fire magic. Is it because of your leader?"

"Fire is an element with strong ties to the priestesshood, so of course I would know," Chao said, raising his hand into the air. Several white swords manifested over Hiro.

The Xianian boy raised his own hand, palm face-up, and burned the swords away with blue flame. He picked up his axe with his other hand. His feet kicked the ground, propelling him toward us.

Chao formed a barrier of pure prana over him, while I summoned a giant red scorpion.

The blazing axe cut through Chao's barrier like a hot knife on butter. Using the yari Kuga had given him, Hiro slammed Chao's stomach, sending him reeling away.

Chao pushed himself up.

"Stand down," Hiro said.

"No... Lady Adela needs me. I need to finish you off here for her sake." He glanced up and watched as Adela, Nyima, and Kuga exchanged blows with one another in midair. "If I can't defeat you, then I truly have no right to join the elite guard."

The goldenrod-haired boy stabbed the ground with the yari, sending flames in all directions.

I jumped on top of my scorpion. Its tail raised and slammed the ground, shattering the melting crystal.

Hiro winced as burning shards embedded on his left arm.

"Finish them both, Sa!" I yelled.

Chao jumped out of the way as the tip of my scorpion's tail rose from below.

"It can extend?" Hiro said before taking a deep breath. "Kasei!" Countless balls of red flame rained down from above.

"Adela!" Chao yelled, jumping into the air. The High Priestess began to panic once more.

Nyima tried to shield herself but the flames evaporated her barrier.

"Was this what Kagu was planning?" I asked.

"You got it," Kagu said, appearing behind me.

"When did you get here?"

She took her yari from Chao. "I teleported here. Now, let's finish this," she responded, raising her hand. With a single snap, everything came to a near standstill.

"Ayawamat!" Ny

ng at me. He grinned and laughed. "Good job out there!" He raised his eyes toward where Adela had flown off to.

"Is she alright?" I asked. There wasn't much commotion, so she must've stopped herself."

"She's fine!" a voice called out. It was Iah.

"Nice catch!" Lei yelled.

"So who won?" Iah asked, floating over with Adela in tow.

All eyes fell on Lei's uncle. In turn, he was staring at a black tablet. "The barrier exploded before either one hit it. In cases like this, it's a tie."

"A tie?" Adela and I asked.

Lei laughed. "You two sure are amazing. Iah and I passed out after our battle."

My face reddened. It felt weird to be in his arms... though nice at the same time. I mentally slapped myself for thinking that.

"Nice!" Iah said, grinning. "Wish I could've joined you in the final."

"Maybe in two years," Lei said, grinning. "Though I'll be defeating you for real, not by technicality!"

The blonde prince snickered. "You better work hard. Like I said before, I won't lose."

Sirius sighed. "That sure was scary."

"Sure was," Astra said, sniffing.

"Aww, thanks for worrying about me," I said, jumping out of Lei's arms. I ran over and patted her head. Since Astra was a Hoshi, she could one day be able to use space or time magic. Though it was hard to believe the little girl in front of me could one day possess such terrifying power.

"Little Astra has a strong teacher," Stella said, smiling.

I smiled back. "I'm not that strong! I couldn't have done it without Ayawamat and the support of my friends." My eyes turned toward the unconscious participants.

"Chao," Adela said.

"He's fine," Elliot called out as he jumped out of the shattered ring. "He's just resting! Ona is healing his wounds. Thankfully the influx of energy from the colliding beams was distributed more horizontally than vertically."

"Aya's fine too!" Sowk yelled as she and Orion helped carry their friend back.

"That's... good," I said, closing my eyes.

"You're sleepy?" Astra asked.


"Well, this isn't a good place to sleep," Iah said.

"Let's get you back to the hotel to rest," Yen said. "If you would do the honors, Kun?"

"Sure! Uh, but first the medals!"

Someone put a medal over me. "Congrats, Nyima, Adela!" Lei said. Clapping filled the air. I wished I had more strength to enjoy it... but it was still heartwarming. Hopefully, next time I'd be able to celebrate too.

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed the chapter :). Only twelve 'episodes' and the epilogue left to go!**

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