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All three pairs proceed into the battlefield once it was done being made.

The girl from Tora summoned her wand and transformed it into the stylized lily yari she had used in the forest.

A short boy with goldenrod hair summoned a black wand and transformed it into a giant battle axe.

"H-how can he carry that?" I asked.

"Kid's as strong as Sir Elliot," Adela's partner said, chuckling.

The guy glared at him and me. "Who are you calling a kid?"

I gulped as I got flashbacks to a certain short knight.

"Relax, Hiro," the Toran girl said, trying not to snicker.

"You're laughing too, Kagu!" he snapped, pointing at his teammate.

"I'm not," she said, turning away.

His blue eyes narrowed. "Yeah right!"

Lei's uncle snickered as he watched from outside the barrier.

"Why are you laughing!"

Euphonium smiled. "It's just that you remind me of someone I knew in another life..."

"Ehhh?" Hiro asked, raising an eyebrow. "What does that mean?"

He shook his head. "You wouldn't understand."

"What, you're doubting my intelligence?" he snapped.

"Hiro, you're embarrassing me," Kagu said, sighing.

"He has a shorter temper than Lei," Ayawamat mumbled.

"True," I whispered.

"Who is Lei?" he snapped.

"My nephew is like this?" Euphonium asked, trying not to laugh.

"Sometimes," I said, sighing.

"My brother is too. Doesn't help he has a complex about his height just like Lei and Hiro here," Adela said.

Hiro gritted his teeth together. "Why you... I don't have a complex!"

Kagu covered her face. "We're doomed..."

"Anyway, let's start the battle!" Euphonium shouted. "Begin, the final match! Xian versus Wahkan versus Tora!"

Hiro charged at Adela with his axe but her teammate stopped the weapon with his bare fingers alone. The handsome man grunted as he was pushed back.

"Don't underestimate them," Adela said. "Tora didn't get this far by playing games."

"We should heed those words too," I said, watching Kagu. She moved higher and higher. I couldn't leave Ayawamat, or else Hiro's space or time magic would affect him, assuming the shorty had said powers.

Ayawamat held his hand out, unleashing a host of locusts on Adela.

The High Priestess grinned. Iron spikes manifested around her and slashed through the locusts.

Aya grunted. "Dodge!" he yelled at them. Green prana radiated from his hands, surrounding the fallen locusts. Their bodies reformed.

"Amazing," I uttered, eyes wide.

He grinned a bit. The healed Locusts vanished back to wherever he had summoned them from. Where did he even keep those things? Were they wild creatures who had agreed to aid him?

"Why did you got rid of them?" Adela asked.

He scoffed. "I didn't get 'rid' of them, I returned them home. They need time to rest up."

Adela smiled. "So you respect them. If only you would respect Lei."

Ayawamat's left eye twitched.

"Insects, bug, they're deemed as weak. No different from how you see him," Adela continued. While gathering energy in her right hand, she dodged the remaining insects. The iron spikes aimed for the creatures, but this time they nibble little things swooped around them.

"Hitting something tiny isn't as easy as you might think," Ayawamat said, grinning.

"Who are you calling tiny?" Hiro yelled as he avoided an attack from Adela's teammate. "Once I'm done with this guy I'm so coming after you!"

"Bring it, short-stuff!" Ayawamat yelled back.

"Gahh!" Hiro yelled, pushing his opponent aside. "You're so dead!"

Adela's teammate appeared in a flash and kicked Hiro into the crystalline floor. "Didn't you say that you would finish me off first?"

Hiro pushed himself up. "Yeah, I did," he said, wiping away the blood dripping from the side of his mouth. "You're going to have to wait, jerk!"

"Good luck defeating Chao!" Adela said, waving at him.

"Ohhh, I will!" he yelled.

Chao rubbed his right ear. "Ughh, why did I have to get stuck dealing with the no

al swords.

"Seems we're in a similar situation as in the forest," Ayawmat said. His hands glowed with light green prana. "Stall her for me."

"No worries," I said, spinning the water faster.

Flames struck the barrier, evaporating it away. Adela ran in and slammed my abdomen, sending me flying out of my own barrier. Webbing pulled me back.

"Tsk," Ayawamat said, jumping out of the cloud of steam. Web shot out of his hands, but it instantly caught on fire. The flames didn't come from Adela...

All of us except for Adela herself glanced at Hiro's axe. It was flying back down but embers were being sent flying.

He was double tasking... sparing with Chao and attacking us whenever he had a chance.

"What does that brat think he's doing?" Ayawamat snapped.

"What I'm curious about is her," I said, narrowing my eyes at the laidback Kagu. Had she forgotten her loss at our hands already? Sure, I wasn't accompanied by Orion, Zelde, Wanikiya, nor the Lan triplets this time, but still.

"Same," Adela said, raising her head up and opening her eyes slightly. "She's up to something..."

"Think she wants us to eliminate one another, albeit leaving her partner to do most of the heavy lifting," I said.

The High Priestess of Xian grinned. "In that case, how about we put aside our differences and take her down? Chao, I entrust you to hold off Hiro for a bit longer!"

Chao winced as Hiro let out a battle cry. "I'll fend him off for long as you need, Lady Adela," he said, dodging a thrust of the yari.

"Thanks. I'll treat you to something special to make up for the trouble," Adela said, keeping her eyes on Kagu.

"No need. Serving you is reward enough," Chao said, spinning his sword. He aimed for Hiro's chest but the bombastic blond blocked it by bringing down his axe in front of him to act as a shield.

"That kid sure has spunk," Ayawamat said. He grinned. "You two go after Kagu. I'm going to go throw a wrench in those two's battle."

"Wait, will you be fine against Hiro's fire magic? You insects stand no chance."

He scoffed. "No worries. I prepared something special for dealing with fire mages in anticipation of my rematch with Adela." The light green aura in his hands expanded outward.

"A summon," Adela muttered, moving away.

Ayawamat flashed her a smug grin. "You'll be next after Hiro and Chao."

"First deal with them," I said, jumping up. The golden aura around me flared once more.

He blinked. "What can that spell do?"

"You'll see," I said, smirking.

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