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Soon after returning to the hotel, I gave Rhys some tea to calm down his nerves. Tahoma scolded him, but he couldn't finish, seeing Rhys' face of regret and fear was too much for him.

Aya, Orion, and I reported what had happened with the members of H.E.H.'s team. Hopefully something could be done about it, for Rhys' sake as well others. They had already gotten away with too much.

Rhys sat on the couch of the suite I shared with the girls. They were still out, likely in the hospital. The half empty cup in his hand trembled.

I wrapped a blanket over shoulders and took a seat beside him. "It's fine now, you're safe and sound."

His eyes shifted toward the window. "Am I?" he asked.

Shadows wrapped around the window. "There! That should warn us if anyone tries to break in."

He stared at the now blotted out window with unease.

I sighed and summoned a little chic plush. It'd been with me for as long as I could remember. Think it was my dad who had given it to me.

Rhys snatched it from my hands and smiled. "Tortorchi!" he yelled, hugging it.

"H-how do you know its name?" I asked.

He glance up at me with those big blue eyes of his and blinked. "Looks like one," he said, smiling.

Did he mean it looked like that would be its name or was tortorchi a thing I didn't know about?

My eyes lingered on the kid. He reminded me a bit of someone. Think it was my dad... Papa... Why didn't you return for me? Did something bad happen to you and the others?

My arms wrapped around Rhys.

"Hmm?" he said. "Are you scared too?"

My arms slowly loosened their hold on him. "No, it's... I felt a sudden urge to hug something."

He smiled. "It's fine to hug me!" His arms wrapped around me.

This warmth, it felt... so familiar.


White mist surrounded me. I stood in what looked like a void. Rhys was nowhere to be seen.

"Is this a dream?" I asked. Seemed I was more tired than I had thought. Suddenly, a black haired teen appeared in front of me.

"Stay here, Sowk. I'll come back for you once this is over," he said, smiling slightly.

"B-brother..." He dissolves into black mist. "Brother! Come back!" I yelled, running toward the mist. "Brother..." I fell to my knees and punched the white floor. "Why didn't you return? Big brother?"

A hand patted my head.

"Are you crying?" a voice called out. It sounded like Papa...

My eyes darted up but there was nothing. "Papa?" I asked, glancing around. "Papa? Papa? Where are you? Papa!"


"Wake up, Sowk, wake up," a voice called out.

"P-Papa?" I asked.

I opened my eyes and saw Rhys staring at me with concern.


"You okay? Sounded as if you were having a nightmare," he said, furrowing his brow. "You were even crying."

My cheeks, they were moist. That dream... it felt so real.

The door of the room opened, causing Rhys to jump.

"Don't get scared, it's only us," Ayawamat said, entering the living room. In his hands were large bags filled with takeout.

Accompanying him was the rest of our national team.

"Time to chow down!" the twins yelled, snatching the bags in Ayawamat's hands and running to the kitchen.

"Hey! Wait! You'll mess up everyone's order!" Nahimana yelled at them, chasing them.

Rhys snickered as he stood up from the couch.

"Rhys, are you alright?" Kun asked, running over to him. "Aya told us that you got attacked by H.E.H.!"

"I'm still a little shaken up, but I'm feeling better thanks to Sowk," Rhys said, smiling.

"That's good to hear," Lei said, grinning. His turquoise eyes darted to Tortorchi. "Hey, that's a cute..." He stopped. His body tilted back and forth. The coffee table nearly stabbed his right leg but Kun held him back.

"Lei, hold on. Are you alright?" Kun asked.

"Did you exhaust yourself?" Yen asked, grabbing a hold of her brother's left arm.

"I... must've drained myself more than I thought," Lei mumbled, keeping his eyes closed. "I... feel sleepy... very sleepy."

"Well, you did wake up early for once," she sa

e you a Hoshi too?" Sirius asked.


"You weren't affected by the Toran's magic during our time in the forest. The only ones I know who can resist temporal and special magic are the Hoshi, the Taiyang, and the abysmals."

"Abysmals? How do you know that they aren't affected by it?" I asked, furrowing my brow.

He lowered his head.

"Papa?" Astra asked, patting her father's head.

"I... I fought one... It was during this same event. That abysmal was ruthless."

He pulled out a silver pocket watch from his jeans. His blue eyes lingered on it for awhile.

"No matter how desperately I tried, my powers wouldn't work on him. Yet, they worked on the audience. At first, I didn't know why that was. It was only until recently that I learned he was one of those beings."

"Who told you?" Lei asked.

"A man called Hideo did. It appears that creature took someone precious to him." He glanced up at his daughter. His eyes were watery. "I would never forget that moment of helplessness for as long as I live..."

Stella put her hand on his arm. "Sirius, don't. It's best to bury those memories."

"Papa," Astra said, snuggling her father.

Papa... The image of the shoulders of a man in a white cloak popped to my head. We were watching the sunset on a beach. The man laughed as I hugged him. Though I couldn't see his face, I was sure his smile was beautiful.

I shook my head. No, now wasn't the time to think about that!

Sirius glanced up at his daughter as his lips swung upward. "Though I did learn that even in the deepest darkness, there is still light."

"The light, it's a fragile thing," Nyima said, lowering her head.

"Indeed it is," Adela said as she stared at the battlefield. It was transformed into a serious of floating crystalline panels. "But that's why it's precious.

"Precious?" I said, closing my eyes. I lost it... that precious light...

A flicker of pain spread across my head. My eyes popped open. Standing in front of me with his usual scowl was Aya.

"Why are you suddenly getting all gloomy again?" he snapped. "Don't think about those things. Like I said, live and you'll find something special."

My cheeks warmed up.

"He's right," Sirius said, smiling. "I too found that light. You just need to keep on searching."

Rhys glanced up at me. "I'm going to search for it, that light! Maybe I can find some for you too!"

I smiled and patted his head. "Thanks, I appreciate it."

"There, much better! Well, time to go fight," Ayawamat said, turning around.

"Go kick some butt!" I yelled.

He chuckled. "Oh, I plan to!"

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