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[Viento Central Park]

Sitting down on the grassy floor, I wiped sweat off my brow with an emerald handkerchief.

"Tired?" Eri asked, grinning. The barrier of electricity around him dispersed. Neither my brother nor I were able to break through it, even with our wind powers.

"Papa is so awesome!" Raul said, jumping up and down. He stood under the shade of a nearby tree with our immediate family. Also accompanying them were Nyima, Muna, and Sarah.

I snickered. "He sure is."

Eri held out his hand to me. "I think that's enough for now."

"No," Kun said, pushing himself off the ground. "I need to get stronger!"

The blue haired mage let out a sigh. "Is the one beside me Kun? Because right now you're sounding a lot like Lei."

I snickered. "He's right. You do sound like me. If you don't stop then Yen will drag you away when she comes. She'll then give you her long winded lecture on getting rest."

"It isn't the time to joke around..." Kun said, glaring at us. "We won't be able to defeat H.E.H. the way we are now! It took An nearly..." He cupped his mouth and glanced at Sarah who gave us a look of confusion.

"Princess want know happened to An," Serein said, staring into Sarah's eyes.

"It's 'The princess wants to know what happened to An'," his brother corrected.

"That's what me said..." Serein said, furrowing his brow.

Raul sighed.

"Don't get frustrated with him, Raul, he's still learning how to talk," auntie Oca said, snuggling her youngest son.

Serein giggled and hugged the blue dolphin plushy in his arms. Auntie had made it for him while he was still in the womb.

"So, what did happen to An?" Raul asked.

"Uh..." I said, biting my lip. Guess Raul didn't pay attention to what was going on...

Kun lowered his gaze to the emerald grass. "He overused his powers again. But don't worry, he'll wake up."

Sarah gasped.

Serein reached a tiny hand out to her. "An be fine." He smiled at her. "Why? Because he strong. He defeat mean lady for Princess."

"Ohh, so that's the name of the guy who was rushed to the hospital!" Raul said.

"Raul!" his mother snapped.

The kid tilted his head at his mother. "Uhh, was I not supposed to mention that?"

Eri sighed. "You sure have a knack for letting things slip..."

His head slumped. "S-sorry... I didn't know..."

Sarah began to thrash around in her wheelchair.

"She wants to go go see An," Serein said.

How did he know what she wanted? Could he read minds? Or maybe it was emotions... Serein seemed to have a high level of empathy, but I didn't expect it to be this deep... He sure was an enigmatic kid.

"No," Kun responded. "Like you said, An will be fine. There's no need to take her there."

Sarah clenched Serein's hand.

"She want to go go," Serein said with an equally defiant look. "It best to fulfill wish."

"I agree," Nyima said. "It's best that she sees how An is doing for herself. The imagination tends to take things to the extreme when one does't know what's going on."

My brother scoffed. "Fine. But don't blame me if something bad happens to her," he said, walking away.

"Wait, where are you going?" I yelled, chasing after him.

"I know you're anxious, but it's go

er of yours? Yen did get sound magic from both of you."

Mama grimace. "I-if you did then it's best to keep it a secret. This kind of power tends to bring misfortune to its wielders. People not all that different from Aida will attempt to extract it."

Kun lowered his head.

Perhaps it was for the best... then again, I already had people coming after me for the abysmal within my body. What more was another reason? At least I would be able to defend myself easier by learning how to make use of all the powers at my disposal. That included learning how to use my newly obtained abysmal powers.

"Uh... Sarah says thanks for wiping floor with Aida," Serein said, holding Sarah's hand.

"It was a pleasure to see," Nyima said, smiling.

"Y-you should enjoy the memory of it while you can," Aida said, pushing herself up. "We won't... lose. We'll annihilate you. One day all of the world will be under the glorious leadership of H.E.H."

"Glorious?" Kun asked. "More like trashy! Your so called 'glory' is built on looking down on those you deem inferior. If you were in control, I'm sure you wouldn't hesitate to eliminate them."

Aida smiled as she turned away. "Indeed. The world has no use for such weaklings. Though I do take back what I said about your mother. Sadly, she's wasting her powers."

"If you experienced what I did, then you would avoid using them too..." Mama said, keeping her head down. "You're no different from those terrors of the past."

Aida scoffed. "You're just a coward afraid of her own powers. In that aspect you are weak."

"Walk away or I'll take a turn at whacking you!" Ocarina yelled, glaring at her.

The wood mage chuckled as leaves danced around her. "I would love to spar with you, but I got other things to do."

Auntie scoffed as Aida vanished into the leaves. "Yeah, right, hypocrite you're just running away!"

I stared at Mama who kept her head down. Neither one of my parents spoke much about their past, but I knew that something big had happened. Something that was better off being forgotten.

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