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"The final match for today is Wahkan versus Sefa!" the announcer shouted. "Who will rise on top this time? Let's find out! Begin!"

"Let's do this!" Aban yelled as he stretched.

Arima smiled.

Ulissis stared at us and smiled. "Hope that my power works..."

"Right, you could end up like that Dan kid," Aban said.

"Uh, kid? He's older than us," Arima corrected.

"Oh yeah... Though is he really?"

I rushed at them. "Hey, don't forget that you'll in the middle of a match!"

"We haven't," Arima said, dashing in front of him. Her hand curled around my fist. Her arm blocked my follow-up kick.

Wanikiya stepped back and gathered icy energy around his hands. "Glacius Draco!" he screamed at the top of his lungs. A swirling mass of frigid air rose from his finger tips and took shape the closer it got to us.

"Hey, Wani," I shouted as the chilly air tickled the hairs on my back.

Wanikiya smiled.

Arima pushed me toward the coalescing mass of cold air.

"That's odd, why is his spell taking time?" Aban asked as he raised the ground in front of his teammates and him. "Not to mention, Zelde. She..."

The two gasped. She wasn't where she once was.

Ulissis grunted as he was pushed back. He had stopped Zelde's punches but they still managed to push him back.

"What use does using our magic have while you have him?" Zelde asked as she kicked Ulissis into the rock wall.

"Uli!" Arima yelled.

"Not so fast!" I yelled, sweeping the floor with my foot. She jumped and kicked like a wild horse, sending me falling.

Wanikiya clapped his hands, making his dragon solid ice.

Ulissis stood up and ran toward the ice dragon with his hands held out. The dragon dissipated before it could even touch him. The crowd burst into gasps.

"It appears we got another mage who can neutralize attacks," the announcer said, perplexed.

It was a good thing that there was a precedent, else people might've become suspicious of his abilities.

I summoned my wand and transformed it into its gauntlet form. The white tiles cracked as soon as my fist touched them.

Aban rushed at me but Wanikiya stepped in and blocked with his arms.

I was at a disadvantage in this all out brawl... Sure I had gotten stronger thanks to Yen's physical training, but I wasn't at the level of the others yet.

Arima stepped aside as Zelde tried to punch her all while keeping Ulissis at bay. The ghost mage's purple-greyish eyes were on me.

Stepping back, I raised a wall of metal in front of me. It seemed that Ulissis' anti-magic only extended out for a meter or so.

Arima called forth her spirits which passed through my metallic wall.

Tsk. If only I knew how to create metals such as batosu which could ward off spirits.

A grunt escaped my lips as the spirts hit my abdomen, knocking me into the ground.

Kun... he told me not to lose... Alto managed to defeat Aida but failed to knock H.E.H. from this event. So it falls to him to properly defeat them is what he told me.

Blood dripped down my mouth as I pushed myself up. I had to continue fighting. Kun was depending on me. I owed him for what I did years ago.

A kick slammed my chest, knocking me back down.

"It's best if you stop."

I gripped my chest. If I tried to stop time now, it might not work due to my harsh breathing.

Arima slammed her elbow against my abdomen, causing me to cough up blood and saliva over her.

"Hika!" Wanikiya yelled as he blocked Aban's knee with both his hands.

"I-I'm fine," I said, standing back up. Arima came at me again, but this time I shielded with my gauntlet. My lungs filled with air, slowing time for Arima. Though Aban was unaffected due to his proxiemity to Uli

ei. She doesn't know what happened to An," Xue said. "Considering her situation, it'll be best that she doesn't learn about it..."

"Is Yen not with her brothers?" Wanikiya asked.

"She went to get coffee with Hal."

"Hal?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah. He seemed stressed, so she asked him out to get coffee."

Asked him out? I turned around. "I see... I'm going to go join Kun's group."

"They went to train with your brother," Vermeil said, wiping away her tears.

"Thanks for the memo. Makes finding them easier," I said, taking out my phone.

Wanikiya tapped my shoulder as I turned my back to them. "Hikaru, are you okay?" he whispered.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?"

"Well, Yen went out with Hal."

I scoffed. "It's a friendly date, not the romantic kind. Plus even if it was, it doesn't matter."

Zelde sighed. "Why are you two such morons?"

"Me?" Wanikiya asked.

"Not you. Yen and him," she said, shaking her head.

"I'm not an idiot," I said, putting my phone back into my pocket. "Now, if you excuse me, I'm going to go find a place with better reception. I can't seem to get a signal here."

Zel and Wani sighed. Why did they think I liked Yen? We were raised together, we were basically siblings... Plus if she did develop feelings for someone else, then we could break our engagement.

Suddenly, someone rushed in front of me. "Nice job out there, Hika!"

"Y-Yen?" I said. "Weren't you with Hal?"

"Yeah, but we finished our coffee," she said, grinning.

Hal snickered. "Why do I get the impression that you got jealous as soon as you heard that we went out for coffee together?"

I scoffed. "Like I did..."

He grinned. "As if I'd believe that. But if you don't care then maybe next time we'll go on a real date."

My eyes narrowed. "You're trying to test me, aren't you? Well, like I said, I don't care one bit."

Yen grumbled as she crossed her arms over her chest. "Not that I would expect you to. Then again, if our roles were flipped, I wouldn't care either."

"Idiots," Zelde and Wanikiya said in unison.

"Like you're to talk!" Yen and I snapped. We covered our mouths.

Vermeil stepped over to us, crystal floating around her. "You're making too much noise..."

"Sorry," the four of us whispered.

Hal chuckled.

"You too," Vermeil said, glaring at him.

He gulped.

Served him right for teasing me...

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