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"An," Ning said as we walked through the tunnel of the arena. "Please don't let yourself be blinded by your desire for revenge."

"I won't," I said, walking ahead of her.

She sighed through her nostrils. "Can you even see that you already are?"

My violet eyes glanced at the end of the tunnel. Xing and Yanyu were waiting for me.

"Don't worry, Ning. Once I've defeated them, things should start going back to normal."

"How?" she asked. Her footsteps stopped. "How would anything go back to the way it was? An, you aren't an avenger. You aren't an assassin."

"Who said anything about killing them? I'll make them, at least Aida, suffer the same way Sarah is. I'll crush her throat, rupting her vocal cords and disfigure her. I'll render her cripple..."

"An, stop it!" Ning yelled, running up to me. Her arms wrapped around my waist. "An. Listen to yourself. Don't lower yourself to the same level as Aida."

My fingers curled around Ning's hands. "Yo-"

"Our people follow the rule of an eye for an eye," Xing said, leaning on the tunnel wall. "It's how we show punishment to those who have hurt us or our loved ones. Mercy is for the weak hearted."

I closed my eyes and pulled Ning's hands away. "Yeah."

"What?" Ning cried. "An... don't listen to him."

"Be quiet," I said, walking away.

Aida and two others waited for us in a plain white tiled battlefield.

"Who knew you would get this chance so quickly," Aida said, snickering.

I pulled out my sword. "Shut up, you piece of trash."

Her smile vanished.

"Aida, don't let his words bother you. He's the true piece of trash," her gray haired partner said.

"We will now be starting the second match of round 3! Aief versus H.E.H.!" the announcer yelled. "Begin!"

My first instinct was to aim for Aida, but a shockwave sent me flying. My back got within an inch of touching the field barrier.

The one who hit me struck again but a translucent dome manifested over me. Blood splattered over it as the force of my assailant's punch was deflected back at them. It was the gray haired guy.

"An, don't be so hasty," Yanyu said, continuing to stand in the center of the battlefield. Force-fields also protected Xing and her.

I smiled. I wished I had her power. It would make getting revenge easier, and perhaps Ning would've been happier as the enemy would hurt themselves.

"There's no need to dirty your hands," Yanyu said, closing her eyes.

Aida narrowed her eyes at the masked woman. "You're underestimating us? That's a serious mistake!"

Yanyu snickered. "Nahimana must've been wrong about you," she said, appearing behind her. She kicked Aida to the ground, creating a massive crater.

"Impressive," Aida's other teammate said. Her whole body was covered in black, even her head was covered in a black helmet with a visor covering her face.

She raised her hands out and raised the three of us into the air.

"Why isn't it being deflected?" Xing asked, staring at the barrier.

Yanyu did away with her barrier and threw her axe at the girl.

The mysterious fighter warped away in an instant.

"She's a psychic like me," I said, eyes wide.

"That doesn't explain how she can neutralize my barriers' passive effect," Yanyu said. Her hand caught her returning axe. A blur of gray stuck her head. Green thorn vines rose from the crater, wrapped around her legs, and pulled her down.


"You..." Aida said, emerging from the crater. A large smile covered her face. "Thank you for giving me a challenge!"

Yanyu screamed as more vines appeared. They tore through her white cloak and slashed her skin, dying the once pristine cloth crimson.

"Stop it!" I yelled.

"An, stay back," she yelled, grimacing.

"You cowards!" the gray haired guy said as he stopped behind Yanyu. He placed his hand on her back. A pulse of sound echoed throughout the arena, but he was pushed back by it.

On the spot he touched was a small barrier. Yanyu panted and threw her axe at Aida.

Aida jumped into the air, dodging the spinning weapon. Her vines stabbed Yanyu in multiple places, though some of them were deflected back at her.

Yanyu yanked out some of the vines but let out a scream as soon as she did. Tiny th

n his sword in a circle and emerged from the barrier, stabbing Aida near the heart. "You should act quicker! Hesitating in battle is unwise."

I smiled. It was a good idea to have healed him after all. Warping over to Aida, I slammed my elbow against the top of her head, sending her falling to the ground.

Aida gritted her teeth. "Blood...," she whispered.

"Huh?" Xing said, looking at her as if she were insane... which she was.

Roots spread out from her feet and legs. "Give me your blood!" she yelled, raising her head.

"Boys, get away from her!" Yanyu yelled.

Too late, her roots wrapped around the two of us and made their up to the blood covered areas. My aura had grown too weak to push them back.

Aida chuckled. "Such delicious blood," she said, standing up. "It's rejuvenating. Hmm... I see, so you're part fae... Fae blood is difficult to come by these days. I should gather some more up and take it home for further study."

Yanyu's axe tore through the roots. "You won't be getting more of their blood!"

"You're at your wits end," Aida said, dusting herself off. Vines, roots, and branches slithered out of her sleeves. The roots wrapped around her barrier.

Yanyu stepped back. Since they weren't attack, she couldn't do anything about them.

Xing and I ran at Aida but instead out sword stuck each other. The sadistic mage had jumped high into the air.

"Come An, show more of your power! Show me the power of an heir of the ancient Fae queen!"

Xing's jaw dropped. "What?"

"I'm not sure what she means either." My parents had kept our heritage a mystery.

"Why should I give you what you want?" I snapped.

Aida raised her hands to her lips. "Because, if you don't then a certain someone might be silenced forever."

The plant mage went through the force-field around the arena before anyone had any idea what was happening. Even I didn't. My body had simply moved on its own.

"H-he shattered the barrier..." Xing said.

The crowd roared to life in cheers, others in gasps.

Though Aida remained afloat, vines covering her abdomen, healing the damage of my attack. Her blood covered lips curled into a smile.

Curses... I didn't hurt her nearly enough...

My vision blurred. I was losing elevation... or so it seemed. It was hard to tell as everything was spinning.

"An!" Yanyu screamed.

My vision left me.


I gasped. "Sis?" I asked, trying to open my eyes. My sister was here? But where? Where was she? I wanted to see her... but everything was black... my eyes and my entire body had gone numb. I wasn't even sure if I was still falling...

Instead my mind, my essence, floated in the dark, sense-deprived void.

For all I knew, I might've been dead...

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed the chapter :). Thoughts? Predictions? Theories?**

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