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My eye darted around the hospital room. "I know Kun stayed to look over Sarah and that my parents and Shandian went sightseeing, but where's Yen?"

"She went to get food," Adela responded as she glanced up from her phone.

I pouted. "So food is more important than her brother..."

Iah snickered. "I wonder what you would choose in her position."

"Yen of course! I would just have someone bring me honey chicken."

"I offered to do so, but she said that she rather do it," Nyima said as she sat back down on her chair. "She said she wanted to get you something for when you woke up."

I inched closer to her. "Something?"

The door screeched open. "I'm back! Look who and what I brought with me," Yen yelled.

Walking in front of her was Shandian, nibbling on a pierce of honey chicken.

Behind her were our parents.

Mama ran over to me and hugged me. "Lei, are you alright?"

"I'm fine," I said, hugging her back.

"You sure gave you mom and siblings a scare," Papa said, rubbing the side of his neck.

"Sorry about that."

Papa nudged my little brother forward. "Go on, Shandian."

My kid brother glanced at the box in his hands. He slowly made his way over to Mama and me. "Uh, sorry, Lei... We got you chicken but I ate some on the way back..."

"Ahh, don't worry about it, little bro!" I said, ruffling his blond hair. "Say, are you full? If not then you can have some more."

His electric blue-eyes glistened. "Really?"

"Of course. You'll need as much food as you can get in order to become big and strong! Not to mention to power your magic! Lightning magic takes a lot out of a person."

"What makes you think he'll be a lightning mage?" Yen asked. "He could be a sound mage. Or an earth mage. Perhaps even a water mage like Raul."

"True... but I have a feeling it'll be lightning. His name is 'Shandian' after all!" I said, picking him up.

My kid brother lowered his eyes. "W-will I even be able to use magic?" he asked. "I read that most kids develop their magic by age six... in a few months I'll be six..."

Papa ruffled his hair. "Don't worry too much about it, Shan, it'll manifest when it does. There have been cases of people not awakening their magic until age seven. Some even go beyond that."

"True, I was seven when I awakened mine," Mama said, smiling. "And you know, it's said that late bloomers tend to have special powers."

Shandian smiled slightly. "I hope I can be as cool as all of you!"

"You'll be the coolest one of us all... second to me of course," a voice called out. Standing by the doorway was Kun.

"Kun, aren't you supposed to be with Sarah?" I asked.

"The doctors are conducting some screenings on her. Plus her brother sort of kicked me out. He wanted me to get some rest. So I thought I'll check up on my little brother. Hey, is that honey chicken!"

"Want some?" I asked, glancing at the box in Shandian's hands.

"Really?" Kun said, almost drooling.

Mama frowned. "So that's why Sarah's brother kicked you out. You haven't eaten a thing since this morning, have you?"

Kun's turquoise eyes fell to the white linoleum floor. "I couldn't feel hungry."

"Well, sit down and eat. Starving yourself won't make Sarah feel better, likely the opposite if anything," I said, patting my bed. "You too Yen."

Kun smiled and walked over to us.

"It still surprises me that you're so willing to share your favorite food," Nyima said, tilting her head at me.

"Well, I couldn't afford not to share. We grew up in a large household," I said, staring at the box as I took it from Shandian. "Eri, Yuzuki, Hikaru, Yen, Kun, my parents, and I. We all lived off my Papa's income. Eri even got a job a

It was strange to see him so serious. He would usually smile, even during the battle with the masked one and the abysmals, he would have a certain cheer to him. But now... there was no hint of that.

"I must thank you for taking her with you to Kyuu Seishin. I once thought that keeping her in the palace would keep her safe, but I couldn't have been more wrong. She wasn't safe there... Not where H.E.H. could reach her with ease."

"Keeping one's loved ones safe is difficult. Sometimes we end up hurting them in our attempts to keep them from harms' way," a voice called out. We all turned to see Koukyuu. This time she was by herself.

Qing-Huan scoffed. "Truer words have never been spoken..."

"Sarah says not to blame yourself," An said, glancing up from the princess.

"How can I not?" he snapped. "I couldn't defend her!"

"You sound just like a certain someone..." Koukyuu said, laying a hand on his shoulders. "Neither he nor you should blame yourselves for the fates of your siblings. The fault lies in the sadists who hurt them. Speaking of him, he told me to tell you that you're not alone."

"He did, huh?" The king of Sera snickered. "If he truly believed that he should've come here to tell me himself. I'm surprised you even came to deliver his message."

"He... hasn't exactly been stable since he saw what happened to Sarah. It appears that it's caused those bad memories to resurface..."

"His pain... it must be deeper than mine... at least my sister is here. His brother, he's in that alien realm... alone. That's assuming he's even alive."

Silas' request came to mind. I wished I could help the Makkuroyama brothers recuperate their missing sibling, but lowering the barrier put our universe in danger.

Even if we managed to make it through without any of those beings coming over to our side, there was a chance that we ourselves could end up stuck in that world forever...

"An!" Ning said, tapping his shoulder. "It's time to go. Our match will be starting soon."

I glanced down at my cellphone and saw that Xian had defeated Rios as expected.

"Alright," An said, slowly letting go of Sarah's hand. "When we meet next, we'll be celebrating the defeat of Aida and her ilk."

"I look forward to that moment and I'm sure my sister does too. All of Sera does," the king said, smiling at An.

An held the pearly hilt of his ivory sword. "I won't disappoint all of you. I'll fight to my dying breath if necessary."

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