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Iah and I glared at one another from opposite ends of the canyon. Only a single wooden bridge waved in the gusts that would occasionally blow in.

A single horn appeared on Iah's forehead and yellow scales covered his skin.

My lips curled upward. "Seems that you're taking me seriously this time."

Iah scoffed. "I did the first time too." The earth underfoot trembled. "But I'll finish this battle quicker than the last."

I snickered. "Perhaps I misspoke. It does seem like you're underestimating me." Wind danced around me, raising dust high into the air.

"Careful with those debris. I don't want to win because you had an asthma attack."

"No worries, the dust is stuck in my gales!"

Iah sighed. The clouds of dust caught in the walls of my vortex began to seep into the center.

My breathing came to a standstill. If I breathed in that dust it would be the end of me. Luckily, Iah turned them into spikes... well maybe not so lucky...

A sphere of wind surrounded me, destroying the spikes of earth.

"Fulgur Draco!" I chanted. With a raised hand toward the sky, lightning dropped down from the heavens.

The bolt went through the barrier around the battlefield and took the form of a dragon. The electrifying dragon rushed at the prince of Mina, scorching the ground as it flew incredibly close to it.

"Heed my call, oh earth! Terra Draco!" Iah punched the ground, causing a giant rock dragon to rise from the dusty ground.

The rocky dragon crashed into my lightning dragon. Iah and I were flung away from the canyon as a shockwave erupted in the spot where our spells had collided.

Iah raised his head and grinned. He was starting to look like his old self again.

A smile came over me too. "Let's do this!" I yelled, gathering winds in the blades of my butterfly sword. "Ventus Perseco!"

"Oh no, I'm not going to face that again," Iah said, clapping his hands as I threw one of my knives. Wall of earth rose around the edge of his side of the canyon. The blades of wind struck them head on, tearing holes just like my wind arrows had torn through the orichalcum targets.

The rock making up the walls was pulled toward the blades but as soon as that rock touched it, it was torn by the wind of my blades.

Bullets of mud lurched at me from the wall. Wet clay splatted behind me. With a single slash, I had cut them each one of them down.

"Is that all you got, Lei?" Iah asked.

I narrowed my eyes at the earth wall. "Hey, look at who is losing!"

Something hit my stomach, sending me crashing into a sandstone cliff. A plume of dust spread all around me.

I covered my mouth and tried to stand up but a foot landed on my stomach.

Now out of the dust cloud, I gasped for air. A wall of wind formed behind me.

"I stand corrected," I said, wiping off the blood dripping from my mouth.

Iah's golden eyes gazed down at me from on top of another sandstone cliff.

"Spark!" I yelled. Electricity surged throughout my legs. Flying at him, I formed a fist and threw it at him. Iah in turn met my fist with his own. The cliff he stood on shattered into dust and cracks appeared throughout the ground below.

"I almost forgot how much of a mess our past battle made," Iah said, grinning.

I snickered. "Same."

We flew away from one another. Electricity crackled and wind gusted all around me. Iah in turn became more draconic as he solidified the earth in the air back into stone.

"Leiji!" I screamed. Crackling golden chains appeared out of my right hand and lurched at him like famished serpents on a rodent.

The floating rocks around him intercepted the chains but lightning flung out of them, obliterating the rocks.

A smirk appeared on the prince's face even as the chains were inches from touching him.

He held out his draconic hand and grasped the chains. Sparks of yellow scattered in the air.

A gasp escaped my lips. He had shattered my chains, worse of all was that he didn't seem affected by paralysis.

"Neat trick. Here's one of mine!" He clapped his hands together again. This time a pillar of earth came at me from below.

My grip on my remaining butterfly sword loosened. As soon its tip touched the pillar, it shattered into sand.

Iah snickered. "I see how it is..." He reclined his head back and drew in as much air as he could into his lungs. "Lóng zhī tǔxī." A beam of yellow smoke like a sulfur from the mouth of a volcano emerged from his mouth.

nner. Though it was only a microsecond of a difference."

Our eyes widened. "A microsecond?"

"It was basically a tie, but the committee prefers not to have one as it'll means they'll have to have four matches to decide if Mina or Wahkan advance," Adela said.

"So they're deciding it on a short instance?" Iah asked. He fell back on his bed, laughing.

"S-so who won?" I asked, staring at Nyima.

She smiled. "We've moving on."

Iah stopped laughing. "So I'm the one who struck it first..."

"Yeah, your tail did."

"So in the end my transformation did me in," he said saying. His yellow eyes glanced at me. He held his hand at me. "Good going, Lei."

I bumped his fist and smiled. "Well, I don't count this technicality as a victory. One of these days I'll defeat you for real, you'll see!"

The prince grinned. "I'll like to see you try. Who knows, perhaps the third time will be the charm. Still, you really surprised me out there."

Warmth covered my cheeks. "Did I?"

"You were amazing," Adela exclaimed.

Nyima smiled. "True, both of them were... now I have to catch up to Lei too..."

"What do you mean? You defeated Ciji," Iah said.

"That third release would likely do me in," Adela said, smiling. "Especially considering the first one defeated me."

"But it didn't finish my opponent off."

"You'll just have to develop a fourth release!" I yelled, stretching my hands out.

"I'll take lots of work, but I know you'll be able to do it," Iah said, sitting upright. "All four of us have grown in these past months. Some more than others, but I would say we're roughly even."

"Really? Because Adela is rather scary," I muttered.

Adela blushed. "I'm sorry..." the pink-haired girl said, turning away. "I know that side of me is unbecoming..."

"But one of these days I'll face you head on! Same with you Nyima. Iah isn't my only rival. All of you are," I said, grinning.

Nyima crossed her arms over her chest. With a smug smile, she said,"Well, I don't plan to lose to a brat like you."

"Me neither," Adela said, smiling. "If you want to become the Magus Maximus then I'll give you the challenge you need."

"I'll continue to be a wall you can only strive to reach," Iah said, smirking.

I jumped out of bed. "I'll overcome you three and anyone else who stands in my way. I'll rise to become the Magus Maximus! Then from there my dream doesn't end. I'll become stronger than all of the Magi Maximus before me! Heck, even those after me! Only my reincarnation would be able to overcome me!"

The other three exploded in laughter.

"W-what's so funny?" I asked, pouting.

"You sure love to dream big!" Iah said, partially covering his mouth. "But for now focus on us."

I grinned and raised a fist to the air. "Right, one step at a time!"

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed this battle between Lei and Iah. I tried to make it better than the original bout between the two. Thoughts? Theories?**

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