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After the battle between Sarah and Aida, Sarah's friends, my sister, and I rushed to Viento Hospital.

"Princess," Fai-Jie said, staring at the unconscious princess from behind a glass wall as the medics attempted to heal her.

"How is my sister doing?" his highness asked as he rushed over. His eyes widened as soon as he saw her. The princess' face and body was covered in thick scars and blood. She was barely recognizable.

"Auntie!" Ecelaph yelled as he ran through the hall. His mother frantically chased after the five-year-old.

"Ecelaph! Wait!" the queen yelled.

"Ecelaph, why are you here?" the king asked, turning to look at his son.

The boy's eyes began to turn watery as he looked into his dad's sea-blue eyes. "Papa, why are you crying? I-is auntie okay?"

He turned to his left. A piercing scream filled echoed across the entire building.

"N-no. Auntie Sarah! Auntie..." He fell to his knees. "W-what did they do to you auntie..." Tears dripped down his face. "Auntie..."

"Ecelaph," his mother said, hugging him tightly. "She'll be fine." She glanced up at her husband. "Right, Qing?"

The king closed his eyes. He knew that her pulse was weak. She could depart from this world at any moment.

"She..." His majesty closed his eyes tightly as he placed his hands against the glass wall.

"Sarah," the queen said, glancing over at her. She turned away and let out a choked cry.

"Auntie," Ecelaph said, continued to stare at his dying aunt. "Auntie... please don't die. Y-you promised me that you would teach me water magic. Auntie..."

"There's nothing we can do but pray," my sister said. "May Shuilong protect her."

"Shuilong," the king said, closing his eyes. "Why did this happen? First my parents and now Sarah... have you forsaken us?"

"Curses," Kun said, punched a hole in the wall.

"Calm down, Kun" Lei said.

"How do you expect me to calm down that girl nearly killed Sarah! To make it worse, the officials didn't stop it until it got to this point!" Kun yelled at them.

Lei backed away. He seemed to shrink in front of his older brother's fury.

"Kun, don't yell at Lei!" Yen said.

Kun gasped and averted his eyes. "Sorry, Lei."

"It's fine," Lei said, looking down as well. "I know how you feel." He clenched his hands into fists.

"Her life force, is still weak," Arima said.

Nahimana nodded. "Yeah."

"No!" Ecelaph screamed. "Auntie! Please don't die! You're stronger than this!"

"Ecelaph, please don't scream," the queen said as she continued to hug him. Tears stained her face. "Your aunt will be fine. You'll see."

Adela stood in the edge of the hall frantically working on something.

"W-what's that?" Lei asked, walking over to her.

"I'm going to save Sarah," Adela said, her eyes in deep focus. "Everyone, please keep quiet."

Ecelaph stopped crying.

The king walked over to him and took him from his wife. "Come, Ece."

Lei ran over to the king and prince. "Don't worry, Sarah will be fine. We got some of the finest doctors here, plus Adela." He patted the kid's head. "So don't worry, kiddo!"

Ecelaph sniffed. "R-really?"

Lei punched his chest as if he were a knight. "Of course, I bet on it. If your sister dies than I'll give up on my dream of being Magus Maximus."

"Lei..." Kun said.

Yen walked over and smiled. "No worries. It goes to sh

sister." He tried to pushed himself off the shallow murky waters. "Ben is nearly as ruthless as Aida."

I clenched my hands around my sword. "Fai will defeat him just like I defeat you. Her will is as strong as the princess and mine."

He coughed up blood. "But... the princess' will wasn't enough. One needs power. Ben has the power necessary to defeat her. He's far stronger than either Aida or I."

I eyes widen. What have I done? No, Fai can defeat him. I'm sure of it...

I bit my lip. "Attack me."


"You heard me..." I said as I sliced the remaining water tendril.

Hew smiled. "You're a nice brother." He held out his hand and attacked me with more tendrils of water.

I screamed as them slammed me to the reddish water below.

Sorry, your majesty. I can't put my sister in harm's way. Not against someone stronger yet as sadistic as the monster who nearly killed with princess.

I stood up from the water.

Hew gave me a confused look.

I covered my sword in another ward and dashed at him. The impact with his barrier caused my armor and sword to shatter.

"There, that's convincing enough...," I whispered.

The swords around Hew vanished as I fell back. He dashed forward and caught me before I could slam against the barrier.

"In an unexpected turn of events, the winner is Hew! As such H.E.H. advances to the next round!"

"You really are an insane person," Hew whispered.

"Hew!" a silver haired guy yelled.

The youth trembled as he turned around and looked into the golden eyes of a silver haired guy his age. "Ben."

"Why are you showing mercy?" his voice echoed even though it didn't seem like he was yelling. Instead it was like the voice one uses when for a ventriloquist dummy.

Hew lowered his eyes. "Because..."

"And that performance. You nearly lost to that guy! If he hadn't forgotten about your anti-magic barrier then you would've lost! You do know what would've happened to you if you had lost to him, correct?"

He put me down. "I know..."

I watched as he made his way to his teammate. Perhaps there was some light in the darkness of H.E.H. after all. But said light's voice was shallowed up by the dark void...

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