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I held out my hands as Silas' arrows drew closer. A barrier of crystal clear water formed around me.

Silas raised his head a bit higher as if alerted by something. It seemed he could detect that this barrier was stronger than the previous despite the being thinner and translucent.

The arrows stuck the barrier but the wind around them failed to break through. The vines at the edge of their tips moved forward like how the tendrils of the drill had.

The tendrils bounced off the walls of the bubble but they attacked once more, jabbing it none stop until it started to sway erratically.

Waves of water roared below, drawing the attention of both Silas and me.


Nyima emerged from the waves which were dancing all around her. "Hǎi gōngzhǔ!" she yelled as he raised a fist into the air. Within her fist was a blue sphere which glistened like a sapphire.

The waves reached out and grabbed a hold of the arrows, knocking them down and swallowing them into the dark depths.

"Wow," I said. Perhaps I was wrong to say that he control over water wasn't as good as mine.

Nyima gasped for air.

I furrowed my brow. Her prana levels were low. Had used most of it up for that single attack.

Nyima raised her hand and slammed Silas with a powerful wave.

The Zionian raised his arms over his face and chest and tried to hold his ground but the waters raised him. He winced as the waters continued to clash over him.

Xue emerged from one of Nyima's waves and swung at Silas but the angel male blocked with his bow.

He smiled. "You're all hardier than I thought."

I chuckled as I formed another barrage of lotuses and sent them at him.

Xue jumped out of the way of my attack. The ground where Silas stood became coved in deep holes, but he was nowhere to be seen.

"H-he vanished," Nyima said, looking around.

"Behind you!" I yelled.

Nyima swung her arm back and gasped. Silas was indeed behind her.

"Wow, you blocked it," he said, jumping back. He spun his bow and shot an arrow at her.

Nyima grimaced as the arrow landed on her right arm. He collapsed into the roaring waves.

"Nyima!" I yelled. I yanked her out of the waves with my water magic but she seemed to have fallen unconscious. I drew closer and pulled her into my barrier.

"Now to deal with you," he said, directing his eyes at me.

"You're forgetting about me?" Xue yelled as she ran on the roaring waters.

Silas didn't bother to turn to look at her. Instead he shot an arrow at her. Xue swung her sword, slicing the arrow clean but the edge, with its lingering momentum, managed to penetrate through her skin.


I narrowed my eyes at Silas as he calmly flew over to me using the power of the wind to keep him afloat. He placed his hand on my barrier which began to fluctuate like crazy.

I clenched my hands into fists and focused all of my magic on keeping the barrier intact.

Silas smiled. "I admire your resolve, but like I said, resolve isn't enough. You still lack the power required to make your dreams a reality. One day I hope you'll cease a gasp of that power. However, when you do, don't become corrupted by it."

I felt my hold on the barrier start to slip away. He was right... but how would I obtain that power?

I fell to my knees and watched as the barrier popped, unleashing a force which sent Silas reeling.

He stared at me in surprise.

I smiled and closed my eyes as I floated on the now gentle waves.


"Here," Marina said, offering me a blue towel.

"Where did you get that from?" I asked.

"My handy hyper-ring of course!" she said, showing off a plain looking blue ring.

I pressed my head ag

el as he?"

Marina nodded. "Yup! Though... I have few wins against him. But one of these days I'll even out the loss to win ratio!"

Nyima slapped herself. "Yeah, I can't give up."

I smiled. "I'm going to give Aida the biggest shock of her life!"

Xue stared at her sword. "I'll do my best against the High Priestess of Xian."

"Hmm... you're an ice mage?" Marina asked, staring at the sword.

"Yes. I'm actually more proficient with ice than water. Though I'll need both if I wish to counter Adela's wood-fire combo. Now, her metal powers are a concern too, but I got some ideas on how to handle those."

"Wow, three elements, that's impressive."

"I actually got two others. Earth and Lunar," Xue said, closing her eyes.

"Even more impressive! If only my cousin were here, he can use ice as well as some earth attacks. I mean, sure he can be rough around the edges, but he's amazing with the sword."

"Sword, huh?" Nyima said, looking down as if she were pondering something.

"Perhaps you could introduce me to him at some later date," Xue said, smiling.

"If I get the chance to I will," Marina said. "Though he doesn't get out much. Sometimes I think he's more of a hermit than a duke..."

"Well, hermits here are known for their strong magical prowess," Xue said.

"I have heard stories, but never met an actual sage. Would be cool to meet one. I should ask Sy to help me find one!" Marina said with shiny eyes.

Nyima and I snickered. She had the same sense of adventure as Lei and Kun. If those two were the ones being trained by her, they surely would suggest going to find one right on the spot...

"Oh no, I've gotten side tracked again..." Marina said, sighing. "Sy was right, I am a ditz..."

"I've met people who were ditsier," I said. "Plus it was our fault too for taking a tangent."

"Thanks for trying to cheer me up, Sarah."

"Have you not started your training yet?" Standing by the door was Silas wearing nothing but tight fitting black swim trunks.

I glanced at Nyima who averted looking at Silas for some reason.

Marina laughed. "I was just questioning the girls about their potential opponents and powers."

He sighed. "I see. Well, hopefully you got all the information you need. Now let's begin this thing!" he yelled, slapping his hands together as if he were our gym coach.

"Right!" we said in unison.

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