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Nyima and I left our teams and followed Princess Marina out of the stadium where the obstacle course had taken place.

"Wait!" Xue yelled, running after us. "Can I join too?"

The princess of Mizu no Kin smiled at her. "Of course you can. The more the merrier!"

"Thank you," Xue said, bowing.

Marina sighed. "Like I told Sarah, there's no need to act so formal around me."

"Yeah, Marina is like the water," the young man who had accompanied her said. "She goes with the flow. Probably one of the most laid back people I know."

I thought of Kun and Hal.

"Sounds a bit like Iah and Lei," Nyima said, chuckling a little.

"Yeah," I said, smiling.

Nyima laughed nervously. "Ironic that I'm the one with water..."

"Why do you say that?" I asked.

She bit her lip. "Well... I'm kind of uptight compared to the others."

"Well, so are we," Xue said.

I gasped. "What? I'm not..."

"Now you sound like Sy here," Marina said, laughing.

Sy averted his gaze and remained silent as we exited the stadium.

"Is he mad?" Nyima asked.

"A bit, I think," Marina whispered. "Though this is an improvement to when we were younger. Sy used to run off."

"I didn't run away!" Sy snapped. He grumbled. "I simply wanted some space. You were so overbearing back then."

Marina laughed, prompting him to blush.

"W-why are you laughing?"

"She really is like that rude kid..." Nyima said, sighing.

"And his older triplet brother," I added.

"At least you girls understand me," Sy said.

"So many tsunderes," Marina said, snickering.

"Indeed," Xue said, nodding her head.

"I am not a tsundere!" Nyima, Sy, and I yelled at in unison.

"Wow, were you three triplets in another life or something?" Marina asked.

"N-no!" we yelled as we came to a stop in the full parking lot in front of the stadium. The three of us glanced at one another and burst into laughter.

Marina giggled and continued on her way. "Sy, can you help me train these girls?"

Sy sighed. "I guess. You basically threw our plans for today out of the window."

"We interrupted something?" Nyima asked, frowning.

He shook his head. "Don't be concerned. It wasn't a date or anything like that. Just two friends hanging out."

Was that truly it? Wasn't there something else?

"Anyway, let's get going," Sy said, walking on ahead of us.


Xue took the lead and walked us back to the Shining River Hotel. Specifically the west wing. This part of the hotel contained rooms which were dedicated for magical battles.

"Here we are," Xue said as a door clicked open.

The room was... empty with a white floor and white walls. It was also roughly the size of the average high school gymnasium.

"This place reminds me of the angelic dome a bit," Marina said, glancing around.

Xue swiped the air, making a holographic screen appear before her. "Not sure what that is, but this place is very useful. It has various terrains we can pick from."

She clicked on one and all of a sudden, particles of prana began to pour into the room. The scenery shifted into that of a white sandy beach.

Nyima gasped. "It looks like back home."

"This scenery is called 'Wahkanian Beach', so not surprised it does," Xue said. She smiled. "Makes me wish that I could've spent some time on the beach when we went there."

"Lady Ocarina's boyfrien

edly as they waited for the arrow.

I gasped as more arrows came following it.

"Xue!" I said, looking past the arrows. She was still dealing with the plant drill.

I narrowed my eyes at the arrows and sent my swords at all of them but the arrows punctures them as if they were water balloons.

I let out a grunt and form a barrier of water in front of me using the sea water around me.

Silas grinned as the water of my barrier was pushed away just like the water of the wave.

"T-that should've slowed them down!" I yelled, jumping into the air. I had compact my magic to make the barrier stronger. I glanced down and saw that Nyima was gone. I wasn't sure how much time I could buy her.

"Didn't you say that you wanted to protect your home?" Silas asked as he walked toward the edge of the beach. "That green-haired girl who challenged you didn't seem like a push over. How can you hope to defeat her if you can't even defend off my arrows?"

He clenched my teeth together. He was right. The way I was now, I had little hope of defeating Aida. Less so of pushing back the invaders by force... I couldn't depend on Nyima or Xue to fight my battles. I needed to do it myself!

I raised as much water as I could and formed lotus flowers.

"The lotus, the beautiful flower which pushes through the dirty waters..." Silas said, snickering.

"Like the lotus my nation shall rise from these dark times, emerging as a beautiful and pure thing!"

Silas closed his eyes. "Such nationalistic vigor. Reminds me a bit of my family..."


"You have the will, but not the power!" Silas said, opening them. "Without power, you can't make your dreams come true!"

I gasped as his arrows ripped the petals off my water lotuses.

I spun around and slashed the closest arrow with a blade of water. "You're right. That's why I seek to power to make them true! I won't lose to people like Aida who only want power for the sake of it!"

Silas smiled. "Good. Now, how about you attempt to stop the others!" he yelled, slapping his hands. The arrows all lock in on me.

I smiled back. I shall rise from the mud... aiming for the light!

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed the chapter :). Thoughts? Predictions for what's to come?**

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