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I spun around as I came dangerously close to hitting something. I wasn't sure what it was as everything looked like a blur. Perhaps I should've heeded Tahoma's warning...

"You idiot!" Tahoma yelled. He sounded like he was close. "Just continue straight but start to slow down. We're almost at the finish line!"

"Yahoo!" I yelled.

"Oh no you don't!" I heard Sloane yell. Suddenly, a black blur appeared in front of me.

"Stop!" Tahoma yelled. "You're going to..."

I moved my hands and formed ramp straight ahead. I swooped past the dark blur in front of me and took to the air. My speed gradually slowly slowed down as I descended back down.

I used my wind powers to further slow my descent in order to avoid wiping out the moment I touched the ground again.

I spun several times too in order to burn off some of my energy.

'Perhaps I should enter the snowboarding and skiing competitions, ' I thought as I began to do all kinds of tricks in midair.

"Tada!" I yelled as soon as I safely landed on the ground.

"Kun! We did it! We got first place!" Tahoma yelled.

I turned around and saw that I had flown past the finish-line banner.

"Yahoo!" I yelled, throwing my ski poles to the air.

"Those were some skills," Aida said as she rolled past the line along with her partner.

After them came the Sefan knights and then the Hoinian sisters.

"That was amazing!" Sloane's sister said as came to a halt.

I grinned. "Tell me something I don't know!"

"Cocky bastard," Sloane said, glaring at me. She chuckled as she summoned a scythe. "Though now I can attack you."

"Stop, sis! You can't attack people outside of the events!"

Sloane sighed. "Seriously? Well, once the games are over, I'll have my chance," she said as her scythe dissolved into a dark wisp.

"She's very violent," I whispered to the kind sister.

"Yeah, Sloane takes after father. He's a former gang leader."

I snickered. "Ahh, no wonder she gives off yakuza girl vibes."

"Hmph. Catriona is just too soft, just like mother. They would be kicked around if not for father and me."

Catriona narrowed her eyes at her. "You know that mother and I can defend ourselves. We simply prefer not to fight unless if we must. Or have you forgotten how fearsome mother is when she's mad?"

Sloane gulped. "Please don't mention that..."

The kind sister smiled. "See."

The scythe wielding mage kicked the icy floor. "Still, it sucks that we couldn't win. I wanted to make Father proud."

"I'm sure you did," a familiar voice called out. We turned and saw Hal make his way to us along with Sarah and several others.

"Y-you were amazing!" a brown haired young man with golden eyes yelled. He reminded me a little of the shield knight I had once called 'Papa' by accident. He too had brown hair and golden eyes.

"You truly were," Sarah said, smiling at us.

I chuckled. "Thanks!"

"You certainly lack modesty," Tahoma said, sighing.

An laughed. "Lei seems modest when compared to him."

"I take that as a good thing," Lei said as he and Yen approached us.

Yen nodded. "It's good to be modest every once in awhile."

"Not that yourself are," I said, leering at her.

Lei sighed. "Sometimes I feel like the mature one."

"As if!" Yen and I said in unison.

"You..." the brown haired boy said.

Lei tilted his head at him. "Do I know you?"

He clenched his head. "Ma-master?"

"Huh? Master? Me? I'm not yo

iends years ago."

"Your brother..." Sarah laughed. "I know who you're talking about but he's a... prince..." Her blue eyes widened. "If Mr. Mizu no Kin is your father then that means that... he's the previous Celestial King?"

"Bingo!" Marina said, clapping her hands together.

"Wait, the previous Celestial King is a teacher at Nine Petal?" Lei said, his reaction the same as Sarah's.

"They don't call our school 'prestigious' for nothing," I said, laughing.

"Nine Petal is closely tied to Zionia," Silas said, putting a hand on his hips.

"As well as the abyss," I said.

"Right, my brother told me that."

"Brother?" Nyima asked.

"Yeah, you've probably met him at Nine Petal before. My brother is Hideo."

Nyima backed away. "You're the brother of that crazy guy?"

"Uh, crazy?" Silas asked.

Nyima laughed. "Uh... well... Hmm... how do I explain this... Uh... Well..."

"What history do you have with his brother?" Lei and I asked in unison.

Nyima sighed. "I rather not mention it. All I'll say is that his big brother isn't stable..."

Silas chuckled. "Let me guess, you made him mad?"

She nodded.

"Seems we're more connected than I thought," I said, putting my hands behind my head.

"Yeah," Lei and Yen said, laughing.

Sarah directed her blue eyes toward Marina and bowed her head. "If you're willing to take me under your wing, I would be honored, Princess."

The female angel smiled. "No need to be so formal, please call me 'Mari'."

"Thanks, Mari," Sarah said as she raised her head. "I'll try my hardest not to disappoint."

Marina laughed. "I should be saying that too! Hope that I can be a good teacher to you."

"Wait, you know magic?" Nyima asked.

"I lived in this realm for a couple years. Plus, my tutor was Princess Ocarina herself."

"Aunty taught you?" we triplets said in unison.

"Yeah. She was the only one I could open up to... probably because she reminded of one of my older brother's friends."

I recalled the young girl who was with the shield knight when I ran into him the first time. She had a similar aura to mother and aunty Oca.

Lei glanced down at his chest as if remembering someone.

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