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   Chapter 96 NO.96

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"That sound..." I said. I watched as trickles of water dripped from the ceiling. I clenched my hands. "We got to hurry! A torrent of water is coming our way!"

The Seran twins dashed in front of me and held their hands out a cascade of water crashed down the stairs. The two divided the massive volume of liquid into two and ran for it, while pushing the water back down toward us.

I held my arm out and formed a shield of wind.

Sloane raised her scythe and sliced the water but it quickly closed.

Aida meanwhile simply walked up as if the water were nothing. In fact, the water seemed to vanish as soon as it touched her...

Her teammate didn't seemed bothered either as he simply walked through the water. He didn't even gasp for air!

"Are those two normal?" I asked.

"Should a guy like you really be implying they're weird?" Tahoma asked as he pushed against the water. The cascade kept pushing him back down. I grabbed a hold of his arm. "Stand behind me. I'll get us out of here."

Tahoma averted his gaze. "Why did the prince, Lei, and Nahimana pick me to join you?"


He didn't respond, his gaze lingered on the darkness. Soon there was only darkness around us as the torchlight coming from downstairs was quenched.

I sighed as I pushed against the water. "Don't tell me you feel useless?"

"How else am I supposed to feel?" he asked. "I haven't done a thing to help."

I snickered. "Do you have short-term memory loss or something? Did you forget that you were the one who held the boulder? If not for you, we would've been finished, and by 'we' I am all four teams. Plus, since when have you been the type to feel down about not doing much? I mean, most of the time you're bossing us around."

Tahoma laughed. "You're right... now hurry up! We're going to lose at the rate you're going!"

I pouted.

Great, he was back to his old bossy self... I should've left him mopping at his perceived ineptness.

I intensified the spinning of my wind shield and rammed it against the water.

Did the shield knight ever feel like this?

I grunted as the push back grew stronger. Just how much water was there?

I let out a scream and pushed and pushed. "We won't be finished here!"

"Kun," Tahoma said as he glanced back. "It seems that the Hoinians are riding our coattails."

"You mean mine," I said, smirking.

Tahoma gave me a deadpan look.

"Anyway, let them. We'll defeat them in due time."

"You're mighty cocky for a scrawny boy," Sloane said.

"He sure is."

"Shut up, pretty boy!"

"Uh, you're a pretty boy too," Sloane's sister said, snickering.

"Am I?" I asked, laughing.

"You two are rather feminine looking," Sloane said.

I chuckled. There were times in which one couldn't tell which of us triplets was the girl. Yen though didn't like it as she felt they meant she looked boyish. Didn't help that my sister was a tomboy...

Tahoma grumbled.

Ayawamat and Tahoma didn't like comments on their appearance. Especially if they were called feminine.

I smiled as the water pressure started to weaken and light pour

he ten chosen ones. We couldn't back away.

Tahoma gasped, returning me back to the present. I watched as Aida ran on a single vine over to the other side of canyon. Her partner meanwhile flew through the air using water pressure to shoot him up like a rocket.

The Seran twins weren't too far behind. The two road on a giant bubble. Sloane and her sister meanwhile also walked a tightrope, one of nearly invisible string far thinner than Aida's vine!

"Tsk, this is what we get for slacking off," Tahoma said.

"Yeah," I said, directing my eyes forward. I moved the sphere of wind faster. On the side of the canyon were multiple snowboards. Beyond meanwhile was another depression, but this one looked like the side of a mountain with trees, giant rocks, and not to mention a ton of snow.

"Well, looks like we aren't diving, but snow surfing!" I said, grinning.

"It's called skiing," Tahoma said. He grabbed a green board for me and grabbed a blue one for himself along with two pairs of ski poles.

"Whatever," I said as I caught the green board and ski poles. I laughed. "This is going to be fun, that's all that matters!"

"I think this is the final part of the course," Tahoma said.

I slid down the pseudo-mountain side. "All the better!"

I maneuvered myself down the snowy and rocky path, moving several of the obstacles or cutting them down with my wind. My speed kept increasing and increasing until almost everything around me began to look like a white blur.

"Kun, slow down!" Tahoma yelled, you're going to fast! You're going to hit something you can't move or cut eventually!"

I took a deep breath. The air was cold and crisp and my blood was pumping rapidly through my veins. I had no desire to slow down. It was times like this in which I truly felt as if I were still alive!

**Solar Note: Please let me know if you enjoyed the chapter. Only thirty more chapters and the epilogue left to go in this story. Hope that you'll look forward to the conclusion of this second book in the Emperor of the Celestial Sun Mist Sage :3**

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