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"Good luck!" Yen and Lei yelled, waving at me from a balcony in the interior of a stadium within the water park grounds.

Nyima had gotten silver on the bubble race. I had heard from Hika that H.E.H. was starting to turn the tables after a lackluster start.

I didn't want to see them win. Not after everything I'd heard about them from Sarah. They were colonizing her country, depriving it of the autonomy granted to it by the 3rd Xelerian Empire.

Not to mention what they did to Alto the other day. Then there was the high possibility that they were the ones behind the attack we endured on our way here. If that turned out to be true then H.E.H. would eventually face my wrath... No one was going to take my little brother and turn him into a test subject or worse!

"Is something bothering you?" Tahoma asked as we stood at the starting point.

I continued to glare at the muscular guy in the white wetsuit and that Aida girl.

"That girl..." Tahoma said, narrowing his eyes. "Do you feel it too?"

"Feel what? That there's something off about her?"

"She's similar to us."

"Wait, what do mean 'similar'?"

"I'm saying that she might be one of the ones we're looking for."

I gasped. "What?"

"It's merely a possibility. Ashynna has identified two others during this event. If those two and that girl do end up being Shard of Light then that will bring us up to ten. Once we've gathered all of the shards, we can begin searching for the reincarnations of the Rulers of Darkness."

I looked down at the floor. At least two of them were children... and another was our age. The fourth one none of us anything about.

"I don't blame you for being frightened by what we're going to do. Though it's for the greater good. Four lives in exchange for saving billions, if not trillions."

I clenched my hands into fists. "For the greater good? Is that really the case? Our past live said the same thing and... look how that turned out," I said, shaking my head.

Tahoma sighed. "Right now isn't the time, nor the place to discuss this. We can debate this another day."

I felt blood drip down my hands. I didn't want that... I didn't want to relive the past. I had enough with those haunting memories. Were we truly the 'good guys' or were we just a cult intoxicated in their own self-righteousness?

If not for them taking me in when I had nowhere else to go, I probably would've rejected their offer to return...

Then again... I had seen firsthand the terror of the abyssmals as a child and most recently they had hurt my little brother and countless others. If we didn't take down the rulers, those events would eventually happen at a much larger scale...

"Focus on the race for now," Tahoma said with a stoic look in his eyes.

Tahoma, did he have any regrets over what his past-self did?

I sighed. Rhys' sure was lucky not to have remembered his past-life. Then again, the poor boy had already suffered enough in his current life...

"Kun?" a voice called out. I turned around and saw Sarah standing near the startling line.

I smiled. "Came to watch me?"

Sarah averted her gaze. "Well, my knights were also participating in this event, so I figured I might as well come and see it in person."

I laughed. Was that her excuse?

"Thanks for coming either way, I appreciate it!" I said as I put my hands behind my head.

"You're welcome... though is something bothering you? The race is about to start soon and you seem to be absent minded."

"He always is," Tahoma said.

"Hey! Who asked you?"

Tahoma snickered.

Ugh, why were the times he was stoic whenever he was making fun of me?

Sarah chuckled and turned around. "Anyway, try to focus a little. I want you to give the twins a nice challenge."

I put my hands on my hips and grinned. "Oh, we'll give them more than enough of a challenge!"

"Sarah! We found seats!" An yelled, waving from the third-row on the right-side of the stadium.

"Well, better get going," Sarah said, waving. "Good luck!"


"You like that girl?" Tahoma asked.

My face reddened. "I uh... Well..."

Tahoma snickered. "Your brother and you seem to have similar taste in girls."

Well, he was my triplet brother.

"Sarah... is just a friend, though."

"One you wish would become more as time goes on."

I wish I had my mask on right now, especially the full-face one.

"Hey, stop distracting me by saying weird things!"

Tahoma grinned. "You were already distracted anyway."

I pouted. "Still, you're making it worse."

He shrugged.

ng to help."

Sloane scoffed. "Well, I didn't ask for it, nor do I need it."

"Sis, the exit is closing!" the other Hoinian girl yelled.

A giant slab of rock slowly descended over the arch way leading out of the chamber.

"We'll make it!" Sloane yelled, throwing her shadow scythe to the closing archway. The scythe stopped the rock from moving... for a few seconds. The scythe snapped, unleashing a wave of darkness which shook the hall.

I glanced up at the stone ceiling overhead. It looked as brittle as the platforms we were previously on.

"The ceiling is going to collapse!" I yelled.

"Stop it with your earth powers and while you're at it, stop the exit from closing!" Tahoma yelled.

"That stone has metal within it, very heavy metal," I said.

"I see, then it's like that giant boulder. Now, let's slice it!" Sloane yelled as she made another scythe and threw it at the rock. The earth layer fell off but the metal core didn't even get a scratch on it.

"It must be made out of a high concentration of Orichalcum," her sister said as we neared the exit which was already only four feet tall.

"Prepare to crouch or do the limbo!" I yelled.

I glanced at the giant walls around us. If we didn't get through, we would be crushed... Though this was just a game, so if that happened we would be teleported back... But if there were to be a tiny miscalculation on the part of the creators of this course...

Well, I didn't plan on becoming a Kun pancake either.

I held out my hands and pushed on the walls, but they too had that same heavy metal within.

"If only Hika were here," I said, grunting.

"If he were here he would be on the ground, panting," Tahoma said as he jumped into the air.

I chuckled. "Most likely..."

I watched as Tahoma ran to the exit and held the rock up.

"Nice going, Taho!" I yelled.

"Hurry up!" he yelled as he grunted. "This thing weights more than an elephant!"

"Right," I said as I slid past the descending boulder.

Tahoma dropped his hold on it, but the others had all managed to get through.

I glanced up at the stones stairs before us. They went on for quite a distance.

I narrowed my eyes at the tiny slots spread throughout the walls around the stairs. I had seen enough tomb raider movies to know that something was up.

Sloane gasped as arrows flew across the stairs as if she were in the midst of a war zone.

"Sis!" the other girl yelled. "Stop getting into trouble!"

The scythe girl chuckled as she sliced the incoming arrows. "Come on, this won't stop me!"

"Hmm, something's coming from above," the Sefan knights said as they narrowed their eyes. "Water?"

I gasped and ran for it. "We need to get out!"

As if on a cue, the room began to shake as a sound like that of raging a river rung upstairs in the parts that were too dark to see. Increasingly, the areas above were becoming darker and darker as if something were killing off the torch light...

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed the chapter :3. Thoughts? Theories?**

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