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Dan and I wandered around looking for interesting events. Sadly none of the ongoing events fit me or the others had taken up the positions...

I glanced at my brother. He seemed to have been out of it since he bumped into that stranger outside the hotel.

"You alright, big bro?" I asked, placing a hand on his forehead. "Did you hurt yourself badly?"

Dan lowered his gaze. "N-no. I-I'm fine. I-it's just that... that person knew my name. H-he ca-called me 'Dan'. Yet... he didn't seem fa-familiar at all."

"Huh, how peculiar," I said, putting my hands behind my head. "If you want, I can try to look into it. Find out who that guy is. Who knows, perhaps he's dangerous."

"I d-don't t-think so."

"Hmm? Well, what makes you think he's not?"

"I-I'm... not sure."

I glanced up at the sky. How odd... who in the world was that guy? He smelled different... same with his companion. Neither one was a Xelerian. Instead their scent was like that of the people from Zionia...

I smiled at my big brother. "Don't worry, Dan. You probably only reminded him of someone he used to know."

"Maybe..." he said, keeping his eyes down.

"You think he might know who you are?"

He touched his head. "I... I was hoping he would... so-sometimes I wonder... a-are these memories even mine?"


"W-what if these aren't my memories? W-what if they were implanted?"

I snickered. "Come on, that's ridiculous. Who would do that?"

He tilted his head. "I'm... not sure."

I shrugged and shook my head. "See, bro. It's just your doubt creeping in again."

Hal laughed half-heartedly. "Maybe..."

"Hal!" someone called out. I glanced forward and saw An running toward me.

I grabbed Dan's hand. "Let's go," I said, turning away from An.

"Hal?" the Aiefian asked.

I kept on walking away.

"B-brother, w-why are you ignoring him? A-aren't you friends?"

I thought we were...

"Hal," An said, appearing in front of me.

I jumped back. "D-don't appear so suddenly!" I snapped.

Someone scoffed behind me. "You're one to talk." It was Sarah. Walking alongside her were Vermeil, Xue, and Moon.

"Looks like you don't like it when the shoe is on the opposite foot," Vermeil said, giggling.

I turned my attention back to An.

The psychic mage furrowed his brow. "Hal... are... you mad at me?"

I clenched my free hand into a fist. "Of course I am! You betrayed us!" I yelled, glaring at him.

"Well, Kyuu Seishin also betrayed us," Xue mumbled.

"Wait, you allied yourself with Kyuu Seishin?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah... but I don't really blame them. Sefa and us had the last two stones. Xian and Mina defeated us... It would've been foolish to have continued the alliance for a rematch against Mina following Xian's advancement. Actually, Xian's advancement made betrayal inevitable."

"If Aief hadn't betrayed us, I'm sure we could've won," I said, grumbling.

An furrowed his brow. "Sorry, Hal... I tried to stop Guang, but was too weak to prevent her from executing her plan. Ning tried to stop her, but Xing wouldn't allow her."

"So you had infighting?" Xue asked, raising an eyebrow.

An nodded. "Y-yeah..." He clenched his hands into fists. "I fear that we might not do as well in the second part of that event due to the fallout from it... Not that Ning and I have ever been on friendly terms with those two."

"Where is Ning?" I asked.

"Oh, she went to get us ice cream," An said, smiling. "It's my first time trying it. She said it's really good."

"Ice cream..." Dan asked, looking down at his black sneakers.

"Want some?" I asked, trying not to laugh.

"Y-yeah..." he said as he looked up. He was blushing.

I flashed him a toothy smile. "I'll go buy you some then!"

"Who is the older brother here?" Moon asked.

"It's Dan, but I don't blame you for thinking otherwise," Vermeil whispered back.

Dan's shoulders slumped. H

ilding up his confidence. I thought that I had been helping him all this time, but it seemed I ended up making him overly reliant on me.

"By the way, Dan, you're twenty-one right? So what are you studying?" Xue asked as we began to follow Sarah to where the obstacle course event was going to be.

"I... I'm actually a second-year in high school," Dan said, keeping his eyes down.

"How did that happen?" Moon asked.

"I thought you were Seventeen at the most," Vermeil said.

"I d-did too, but it seems I'm older."

"By the way, Vermeil, can I ask you something later?"

"Sure. You can also text me."

I smiled. "Thanks."

Vermeil glanced at Dan and then back at me. She understood it was about it. Dan was found within a giant crystal. When my parents took him out of it, they saved some fragments. They had sent them to their friend in Hoin, Vermeil's father, for analysis. Though he hadn't been able to determine their exact composition.

For all we knew, it was an alien substance... still, it was a clue to learning who Danmall was... or at least what happened to him before he lost his memory.

"So, what do you plan to study?" Xue asked.

"I want to be an accountant..." Dan said with a slight smile. "I-I'm pretty good with numbers... ma-maybe the only thing I'm good at..."

"Dan, you got other things you're good at. You can remember long lines of detailed text down to the very last period."

"I-is that really a talent?" he asked, blinking.

"Well, it takes me awhile to recall what you tend to remember with one quick glance."

"Sounds like he would be good at playing those card games that a popular with the kids these days," Moon said.

Dan smiled. "I-I guess it is a talent of sorts... but s-still not as awesome as yours, brother."

I laughed. "Well, we all have our pluses and negatives. We simply need to learn how to make the best of those pluses and to diminish our negatives where and when we can."

"How positivist of you," Sarah said, turning around. She was smiling at me. She rarely smiled at me!

I smiled back. "It's good to be positive from time to time."

"I-I should try that more," Dan said. "I... I want to st-stop doubting myself!"

"Then I encourage you to look at Lei's upcoming match with Iah closely."

"Huh, h-how come?"

I raised my cone toward the sun. "Lei's a guy who won't stop getting up, even when the chips aren't on his side. It's rather inspiring."

Dan glanced up at the azure sky too. "Lei, huh?"

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