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   Chapter 93 NO.93

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I gasped as I stared at the young man standing before. He looked so much like Dante...

"B-brother?" I said, reaching a hand out.

"H-uh?" he asked, looking at me funny. "Bro-brother?"

I lowered my head and hand. This guy wasn't him... his eyes, they were a give away. The Dan I knew had red eyes, not golden eyes. Yet, part of me still wished it were him. The brother I had lost years ago.

"Hey, brother, are you alright? I told you to be careful," a boy yelled. He ran up to the Dan-look-alike. He glanced over at me. "Can I help you, sir?"

I turned away. "No, it's nothing..."

I walked away slowly. My heart felt like it had been shattered all over again. Would the day ever come in which I could see him again? Or was he truly lost forever?

I wanted to say sorry... to apologize for having hurt him. I wanted to go back, back to when I was a kid. Back to that time when I still looked up to him, before I choose my fake friends over my true friend and brother.

"Silas?" I glanced up and saw Marina walking back. "Is everything alright?"

"What are you doing here? Why did you return?"

She furrowed her brow. "I noticed that you had fallen far behind, so I figured something was wrong."

I smiled. She truly did know me well.

I sighed. "You should've continued on ahead."

She directed her eyes straight into mine and placed her hands on my shoulders. "I won't do that to a friend. I rather see that he's fine than to win a stupid game."

I averted my gaze. "You're a good friend, Mari..." What did I do to deserve having someone like her? Someone like me deserved to have no friends instead. Yet, that wasn't the case. If anyone, it should've been Dan here... while I should've been in that dark world...

"Sy," Marina said, pressing her head against my chest.

"Huh? M-Marina, what are you doing?" I asked as my heart felt like it would leap out my chest.

"I'm hugging you of course. You look like you could use a hug," she said, continuing to hold me tightly.

I laughed. "You really are the best friend a person can ask for."

Marina glanced up at me. She had a beaming smile on her face. "There's that chuckle I love!"

I gulped. "L-love?"

"Yeah, I love it when you laugh, Sy!" she said, slowly letting go of me.

My heart fluttered even more than it already had been.

"I... I see," I said, continuing to look away.

She took my hand. "Come on, let's go! I want to see you swimming!"

"Huh? W-wait, Mari, I..."

Marina grinned. "What? You aren't going to tell me that you were lying back in the hotel, are you?"

I bit my lip. "Ah... of course not! I'll have you know that I swim like a fish!"

"Really? Now I'm even more excited!" she said, giggling.

I sighed mentally. Why didn't I just admit the truth?


Marina and I arrived at the town's water park, but there seemed to be an event going on as there were more people than I had expected.

My companion smiled as soon as she saw the crowd and ran on ahead without me.

"Hey, you're going to get lost," I said, following after her. I glanced up and saw a floating sphere of magic which projected what was going on with

, Clau. She's just jealous."

I laughed. This guy reminded me a tad of my own dad.

The young man glanced up at me and smiled. Something about his smile seemed... familiar. "You helped her, didn't you?"

"Well kind of. Marina and I were going to but then your older daughter arrived," I said.

He picked up his youngest daughter up. "Thanks, Marina, Sy. I owe you one."

My eyes widened. How did this guy know my name? I had only mentioned Marina's but not... mine...

I stepped forward. "Who are you?" I asked.

The man stopped and looked back. "My name is... Euphonium Rios," he said, flashing me a shy smile like the one Dante used to give me...

"Euphonium... that... doesn't exactly ring a bell. How do you know my name?"

Euphonium looked down at his youngest daughter. "I... am not sure. I just felt it."

"Or you just had a lucky guess," Shima said, walking beside her Papa.

The mysterious man snickered. "Yeah... maybe." He looked up to the bright-blue sky with a slight smile. There was a hint of melancholy in his equally blue eyes.

"Say, how about you two join us?" Euphonium asked. "Most of the seats for the event are filled in, but there's still room in the VIP box."

"VIP?" I asked.

"Yeah, Very Important Person," Euphonium responded.

"I know what it means," I said, grumbling. Why did it feel as if I were talking to Dan?

"So, will you join us? Marina, Sy?" he asked while cradling his five-year-old daughter in his arms.


"Yeah, we'll join you!" Marina said, nodding. "I want to see the end of this event up close!"

"Great! And you, Sy?"

"Uh... yeah."

"Awesome!" he said, laughing.

This guy's personality was more open than his was... but the more I looked at Euphonium, the more I felt as if I were looking at my brother... at Dante. Was this guy and the one I bumped into his doppelgangers? That would explain the familiar vibes... though it also meant that my real brother was still within that dark dimension, waiting for to be saved.

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