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"I'm starting to think that my aunt was right to take an interest in you," a familiar voice called out.

I spun around and saw Eien standing next to us. He was dressed in white robes and wore a light blue hakama, a kind of skirt. Around his neck was a gold medal with a red ribbon.

"You did pretty well too," Zelde said.

Eien stared at his arm. "Yeah, though, though I didn't get the score I wanted. My final arrow was slightly off the mark."

"You are injured," Hideo said.

He shook his head. "It doesn't matter. I should've still made that shot."

Hideo glanced at his brother. "Reminds me of Silas here."

"Sounds like Lei too," Shandian said, smiling at me.

"I hate making excuses," Silas said, sighing. "Anyway, you kids better get going... though I advise you to avoid the main doors. Especially you, Lei. There's bound to be a lot of cameras on you."

I smiled. "Why would I run away from the cameras?"

"Don't forget that there's people after you," Eien said. "The more exposure you get in the public, the easier you'll make their job."

I tilted my head. "Thus far I haven't run into any trouble since the incident at sea."

Eien sighed. "It's best to be cautious. They might want you think that nothing will happen and then strike when you've finally felt safe."

"He's right," Zelde said.

"Who is after you?" Mama asked, furrowing her brow.

I placed a hand on my chest. "I'm not sure... but they seem to want the abyssmal within me."

"Those creatures are dangerous... what do they seek with one to begin with?" Papa asked.

Silas clenched his teeth together. "Those creatures, why do they keep making our lives difficult?" he asked, his voice dripping with bitterness.

I wondered what his story with the abyssmals was for him to speak in such a tone.

"My brother would like to know the same thing," Eien said, closing his eyes. He gasped and summoned a card out of thin air. "That reminds me, Boukyaku told me to give you this, uncle."

Hideo took the card. "Thanks, Eien. Uh, though I'm not your uncle."

"Ehhh, are you Koukyuu's boyfriend after all?" Mama asked with a large grin on her face. "Last time we saw each other, you were together too."

Hideo lowered his eyes. "Now you're the one sounding like someone I used to know..."

Mama's face reddened. "Uh, well, it's just that you two make a good couple."

"Wow Mama, since when were you this interested in the romantic relationships of others?" I asked, laughing.

"Harmonica has always been a hidden romantic," Papa said, smiling at Mama.

"Mama watches romantic soap operas in her free time too," Shandian said.

Mama's face reddened. "Shan, you said you wouldn't share that."

I snickered. So romantic soap operas were Mama's guilty pleasure.

"Well... I better get going. I need to prepare the kids' breakfast," Hideo said. He waved at his brother. "Bye, Sy. I'll see you at dinner, right?"

His younger brother nodded. "Yeah. I'm expecting a large helping of curry."

The older brother smiled slight. "Don't worry.

u have changed, but there are somethings which haven't," Marina said, sighing. She stared right into my golden eyes with those big blue eyes of hers. "Sy, want me to teach you how to swim?"

"I told you that I know," I said, pulling my hand free from hers. "I'll show you."

She laughed and ran on ahead. "Alright, I'll look forward to it!"

"Hey, don't wander off on your own!" I yelled, running after her. I ran out of the hotel and saw her waiting by the entrance.

"How about we play a game of tag like in the old days?" Marina asked with an impish smile on her face.

I grinned. "Come on, you know you can't beat me."

Marina chuckled. "Well, I've gotten better. I bet far more than you with swimming."

I scoffed. "Is that a challenge I hear, Marina Mizu no Kin?"

"Yeah, it is, Sylas Kasai no Ki!" she said before rushing off.

I laughed. "Oh, you aren't getting away!" I rushed after her but several people blocked my way. A big-city girl like Marina certainly had the advantage here where there were many people.

Still, I wasn't going to give her the chance to laugh in my face. At least not in this regard. She would eventually get the chance to do that when she saw my swimming skills were still... abysmal.

I watched the gaps in crowd like a lion watches its pray and ran forward. I sway through the crowd with ease, quickly regaining sight of my real target.

I chuckled. Marina wasn't going to win this one.

I gasped as I was suddenly flung to the ground.

"Hey, watch where you're going!" I yelled, I yelled.

"S-sorry. A-are you alright?"

I opened my eyes and saw a boy who looked a lot like me staring back at me.

My eyes widened so much that they felt like they could fall off at any moment. "D-Dan? Is... that you?"

"Huh? Do I know you?" the boy who looked like my missing older brother asked.

**Character Section**

Marina Mizu no Kin- Sex: Female Age: 23 Likes: Water, Sy Dislikes: Deserts

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed this chapter :3. Thoughts? Theories/Predictions?**

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