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I stretched my hands up to the sky as the sun rose over the horizon.

I grinned. "Another day, another medal to be won!" I shouted.

"Why are you so loud this early in the morning? It's barely six," Yen asked, rubbing her ears.

"Yeah," Kun said, nodding as he rose from his bed. We had spent the night at the imperial palace of Rios, the original home of our modern universal empire.

I scoffed. "You two always complain about me not waking up early, yet when I do you start complaining about that." I sighed and shook my head. "Seems there's no winning against you two in this regard."

"Or any," Kun said, snickering.

I laughed. "Oh yeah? I'm certain that I can defeat you in battle."

Kun summoned his wand and transformed it into a sword. "Then let's see you try, little bro!" he said, grinning.

I summoned my butterfly knives. "Bring it!"

"You dolts! You'll destroy the room!" Yen yelled, stepping in the middle of the wide gulf between us. "Also, how could you have never gotten up this early for school? Even when we took the entrance exam, I had to wrestle you awake."

I rubbed my neck. "Please don't remind me, I saw my life flash before my eyes."

"Poor little brother," Kun said, walking over to me. He pulled me in for a hug. "Don't worry, I'll protect you from our mean sister."

I smiled. "Thanks, Kun. But I can protect myself."

Yen grumbled. "Since when did I become the villainess here?"

"Well, you do have that glare down," Kun and I said in unison.

Yen closed her eyes. "I do not!" she said, opening them.

We laughed. "You blinked just now!"

Yen walked up to us and smacked us in the chest with the palms of her hands. Sound waves vibrated outward, pushing us toward the glass window.


Kun and I covered our backs in wind to stop ourselves from crashing through the window.

"T-that was close," I said, lowering my head.

Yen smiled. "Well, this villainess is off to eat. Don't worry, I won't leave you two any honey foods."

"What? You evil person!" I yelled, standing up. I ran for the door as she opened it.

Yen giggled. "You know I wouldn't actually do that to my adorable little brothers."

I sighed. "Oh good. You looked serious when you said that."

"Wait Lei, she might say that she wasn't actually kidding," Kun said, walking up to us.

Yen raised an eyebrow. "That seems like something you would pull, not me."

Kun grinned. "Well, maybe..."

"Kun is the bad guy!" I said, backing away from him.

"Well, he does wear a masquerade mask and attacked us out of nowhere when we met," Yen said, trying not to laugh. "So he definitely has the villain get up."

"I'm no villain," Kun said, putting a hand on his chest. "I'm a hero!"

Yen and I just stared at him.

Kun blushed. "H-hey, what's with those deadpan looks? I'm serious!"

"More like an anti-hero," my sis and I said in unison.

Kun crossed his hands over his chest. "Hmph. See if I save you next time you two are in trouble."

I grinned. "Well, if you are a true hero then you would save us anyway."

Kun tilted his head. "True..." He chuckled. "But you said I was an anti-hero."

"I-I'll make sure not to require your help then, just in case," I said, grumbling.

"You three are so loud," a voice called out as the door opened behind Yen. It was our baby brother, Shandian.

"Hey, half-pint," Yen said, picking him up. "Did we wake you up?"

Shandian nodded his head. "Yeah," he said, rubbing his eyes. "And probably everyone else around."

"They should really make this room soundproof," I said.

"Yeah, but maybe that's a bad idea. Yen did just try to kill us," Kun said.

Shandian's eyes widened as he looked straight into our sister's eyes. "R-really?"

"I was just giving them a good scare. Plus they saved themselves. You know I can't defeat those two by myself. One-on-one yeah, but not one-on-two."

Shandian smiled. "I wish I was here to see that."

"You wanted to see us get scared?" I asked.

"Psst, I think Shandian might be the true villain among us," Kun whispered.

"V-vilain?" Shandian asked, blinking.

"Oh, just ignore him, little one. Your brothers are just being goof-balls."

Shandian smiled. "What's different about that? They always are."

"Yen, what have you been teaching Shandian?" Kun asked, sniffing. "When did he become this snarky?"

"He must've learned it from you," Yen said.

"True," I said, chuckling.

"All three of you," Shandian said, looking down.

All three of us laughed.

"I guess that's true," we said together as we patted his soft blond head.

Our little brother giggled.

"Well, seems you quieted them down, Shan," a female voice said. We all turned to the hallway. Standing outside of the room were Mama and Papa.

"You kids really are noisy," Papa said as he stretched his arms into the air and yawned.

"Hope our other-selves have quieter kids," Mama whispered.

Papa chuckled. "Yeah, well Eri and Ocarina have a loud mouth in Raul."

"Huh?" the four of us said together.

"It's nothing to be concerned about," Mama said as she reached her hands out for Shandian. "Come on, little one. Time to go eat then we can go do some more sightseeing."

"Sightseeing? Sounds like fun!" Yen said, smiling.

"Will you three be able to join us this time?" Mama asked with a hopefully smile.

"I think we can join at certain intervals, but we have events we're participating in," Kun said, lowering his head.

Papa lowered his arms. "Sorry kids..."

"Huh? What are you sorry about?" I asked.

"For not being able to afford us a real vacation. The six of us haven't

ed meters stood between me and my target.

"Is he insane?" some asked.

"He thinks he can make that shot after having only two successful ones?" someone else said.

"What a conceited guy. He probably only got lucky," another said.

I smiled and let go of my arrow. Everyone in the room gasped as the wind from my arrow pushed them away from it. The arrow ripped through the second arrow and even the target itself.

"H-he destroyed the Orichalcum target..." one of them said.

"How strong is that kid?"

"Wow," Silas said, staring at me with wide eyes. "I can see why you seemed so sure of him now, brother."

Hideo laughed. "Told you saw. I know how to spot a fellow prodigy."

"Ehh, you, a prodigy?" Papa asked, giving him a deadpan look.

"You're sounding just like the peasant!" Hideo said, glaring at him.

Papa gasped. "Uh, i-it slipped from my mouth."

The black haired man narrowed his emerald eyes at Papa. "Yeah right... Hmph, to think that even after everything I've done, that people still doubt me."

"Uh, most people don't even know about that," Mama said.

"But Feng does, he was there!"

"Sorry," Papa said, rubbing his neck.

"There's that quirk of his! You aren't him in disguise, are you?"

"What? No, of course not! I'm Feng!"

"Well, you certainly are his doppelganger alright..." Hideo grumbled.


"Lei!" Zelde yelled, running over to me with something in hand. "Look!"


She opened her hands to reveal a platinum medal. "You won us platinum!"

I smiled at the medal. "I would be surprised if I hadn't."

"Here, it's yours," she said, handing it over to me.

"Here, allow me to put it on," Mama said, placing her hand on it. She took it from me and put it around my neck. "Looks really good on you, son."

I lowered my head. "T-thanks, Mama."

"Are you blushing?" Shandian asked.

"Shhh, Shan, don't embarrass your big brother further," Papa whispered.

I covered my face with both hands.

Mama laughed and wrapped her arms around me. "You've really grown, my little one. It's getting harder to believe that you're the same fragile baby who struggled for his life in my arms."

I laughed. "That's the plan. I want to overcome him, the old me. One day I'll overcome who I am now." I clenched my medal tightly. "I still got a lot of obstacles to overcome before I can become Magus Maximus. One of those includes defeating my Papa. But I promise you, I will become the eighth Magus Maximus."

Mama backed away from me. There were tears in her eyes. "I'm confident you will, just don't disregard your health on the way there. There's been several scares with you since your birth. I don't want to lose you..."

I grinned. "Don't worry, Mama. You won't lose me!"

Papa placed an arm around Mama's shoulder. "You better keep that promise Lei. If anything ever happens to any of you, I'm not sure if I would be able to handle it. When we believed Kun to be dead, I struggled to accept it. I don't want to go through those sleepless nights again."

"Another similarity with that guy..." Hideo said, smiling, though the look in his eyes was sad.

"I think a lot of people share that sentiment," Silas said. "Dad certainly did, as do you."

Hideo nodded while retaining the same solemn smile. "Yeah..."

I closed my eyes. I too wanted to protect those close to me. That was one of the reasons I sought power. Though I would eventually learn that there were situations in which power wasn't enough...

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