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Loud, festive music filled the nighttime streets which were lit up by colorful iridescent spheres of light strung together.

"Woah!" Renshu said, laughing. He turned to look at me. "Hey, is it fine if we join in?"

I nodded. "Go ahead, you deserve it," I said.

"Yahoo! Everyone let's go play!" He rushed off into the dancing crowd in front of us.

"Hey, wait for us!" my big brother yelled. He and the others rushed after Renshu. Well, except for Cheng who was going in the opposite direction.

I glanced over at my childhood friend. "You aren't going to join us?" I asked, turning around.

"You know how much I hate loud music," he said, rubbing his ears. "These lights too. They make my senses go haywire."

"Sorry, I should've known that."

He shrugged. "It's fine. Back home they rarely act up like this, but here... they've been going like crazy." He rubbed his ears and winced. He leaned his back against a mud-brick building.

"Want me to help out?" I asked, placing a hand on his right shoulder. "I can carry you back to the hotel."

"No, go on, enjoy yourself. I can make it back to the hotel on my own," he said, smiling.

"You sure?"

He sighed. "I don't want you to give up joining in the festivities to care for someone like me."

I frowned. "What's that supposed to mean? Cheng, I'm your friend since we were kids. I still remembered that you were the only one whom Elliot would lower his voice around."

Cheng snickered. "It's a mystery how someone like me became friends with a guy that loud in the first place." He inched forward. "But don't worry, I'll power though this headache and make it back safely."

I pushed him forward, much to my surprise, he didn't trip over. "Alright, I'll trust you this time. But if you fail to make it back to the hotel when I return then I'll make you listen to Elliot's singing!"

Cheng gulped. "You wouldn't actually do that, would you?"

I smirked as I turned away from him. "Try me if you dare. Anyway, see you later!"

"Bye, have fun!"

"I will!"


It was no surprise that Cheng was sensory overload. The music the deeper I went got louder and louder. Though suddenly it became quiet. The loud music was soon replaced by the sound of guitar strumming.

"This is the story of the boy who wanted to become Magus Maximus!" someone called out in a sing-song voice. "He was born into an impoverished family. He was a frail boy. The kids at school mocked him for for the way he breathed. You see, he was born with asthma which prevented him from participating in events with the other kids. He could barely use magic without triggering one of his asthma attacks. Many thought that he should give up on being a mage. Then he went on to prove them wrong."

This voice...

"He set out to make his dream come true!" the singer said, raising the volume of his voice. "He took on the exam to one of the so-called best schools on the continent of Tozan Hoshi. Though there he too was met with discrimination. Though he didn't sit down and take it. He rose up fought against it. Those who sought to kick him out were instead the ones who were shown the door. Then he went on and took on the Novus Magus Secundus exam. While in the world of dragon, in a dream he met a man who claimed he resembled the previous Magus Maximus."

I worked my way around the crowd.

"Continuing the honor of his ancestors, he passed the exam with flying colors! Though soon he met a bigger challenge when he returned home. Beings of darkness had returned to this world seeking to

why are you whispering to this girl?" Her eyes moved lower. "Hmm, judging by how she's dressed, she looks as bad as that blue-haired girl right there."

"I got a name you know!" Nyima snapped.

"Hey, calm down!" Yuzuki said, restraining her. "Fights outside of the events are forbidden! You'll get your chance tomorrow night!"

I smiled at Iah's ex. "Well, if you care to know, I'm Iah's first love."

"H-hey, don't introduce yourself like that!" Iah yelled. He was blushing like crazy.

"Isn't that true, though?"

Iah turned away. "W-well... Uh, yeah... you were."

"Well, this is awkward," Yuzuki whispered as she stared at my teammates and Iah's ex.

"Indeed," Nyima said, glaring at me. Was she jealous? Then did that mean she liked Iah too? Hmm, now that was something I could use to my advantage...

"I see..." Iah's ex said. "So you're the girl who broke my poor Iah's heart."

I opened my mouth but nothing came out. It was true, but I wasn't sure what to respond with. I didn't want to say something snarky about it in front of Iah.

"Well, once I'm done wipping the floor with the blue skank, I'll take you on, pinky."

"I'll be the one who'll be wiping the floor with you! You reject!" Nyima snapped.

"Woah," Lei said, trying not to laugh.

"Like I'll lose to a half-baked water mage like you!" the girl said before departing.

"She's just leaving like that?" Yuzuki asked. "Thought she wanted to be near Iah."

"I think that you two might've made a mistake," Iah said, turning to look at Nyima and me.

"Yeah, it seems you've flared her fighting spirit," Lei said as he put his hands behind his head. "That'll make her a tougher opponent than she already is."

"Then all the better!" Nyima said, scoffing. "It give me a chance to crush her spirits in battle! Oh, now I can't wait for tomorrow night!"

"Seems someone else's fighting spirit was awakened," Lei said, laughing nervously.

I nodded as I watched Nyima start to punch and kick the air frantically. Lei was right when he said that Nyima was scary when she was mad...

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed the chapter, especially Lei's little song xD. For those who aren't familiar with what a charro suit is, it looks like this-

When writing Lei's song, I imagined it sung in the ranchera style (a genre of music popular in my ancestral home, Mexico)**

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