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"Today we get payback for what you did to us last year and for what you did this year" Renshu yelled as he lashed out on me.

I stabbed Renshu on the side with a green sword with a red hilt.

Renshu glared at me. In his eyes was the same deep hatred from several months ago.

"Sorry, I know I messed up," I said as I avoided their attacks. "But I will make up for it, I promise!"

"How?" Renshu snapped. "It's your fault that multiple people died! You actions lead to the reappearance of those shadowy creatures in this world!"

I lowered her sword. He was right... it was my fault... My actions lead to the destruction of those ruins... and that unleashed those creatures. The same ones that took Lucette away and killed thousands more throughout the region.

"You know what those creature are? They're abyssmals! Beings from the Realm of Darkness which according to ancient prophecy will one day destroy this dimension and the others! You could very well have doomed us all!"

"Renshu, Ona, Orichalcum, calm down," a girl with long black hair said, putting a hand on his shoulder.

Renshu and the others stopped attacking me and began charging up their next attacks.

"Let them take out his anger, Xi Changying," a tall young man wearing long blue-robes said. "It's rather interesting to see this side of him. Plus, he's right. This woman's action nearly lead to our ruin. No, it's too soon to say if we have averted the worse."

"Huh?" I asked, raising my head.

"Several of them are said to have escaped. If even a single one is allowed to roam in the wild then it could turn into a tragedy. Those creatures have three methods of reproduction, one of which is asexual. Together with their ability to fuse, even the weakest can turn deadly given enough time."

I gulped. "No..."

"That's why I'll find all of those remaining ones," Boukyaku shouted as a fire dragon came our way. "I'll fix the mistake Mayu, my cousin, and the others made."

The Xianian smiled and put his hand forward, stopping the flames with his left hand. "You think you can do that?" he asked as his right hand glowed. "Then, show me by defeat me here and now, Prince!"

Boukyaku moved aside as his fire dragon was sent back at him.

"Don't think I'll go easy on the man whose mother ordered the capture of our young priestess," the guy said, summoning a long, transluscent sword.

"What?" both of us said.

I gagged. Blood dripped down my abdomen.

"You dare mock us yet again by ignoring us," Renshu said, looking down at me. He kicked me in the face, sending me rolling into the dried up lake bed.

"Mayu!" Boukyaku yelled. He walked over to the edge of the lake bed and grabbed a hold of my arm. "You okay."

I let out a gurgling sound over the blood in my mouth. The robed Xianian guy was standing right behind him. "Bou..."

Boukyaku turned around only to be kicked in the back by the guy. The two of us rolled down the loamy clay crater, our head bumping into rocks. Most of them small, but the further we went down, the larger they became.

I hugged my ex-boyfriend tightly and covered the two of us in a cocoon of vines and attempted to slow down our descent.

The translucent sword flew over and slashed the vines.

"Bou..." I said, as the sword flew up. I reached my hand out and yanked the sword down. I threw it as far away as I could.

Boukyaku and I winced as the lake shook violently. Multiple clumps of dirt rose all around us. Standing next to the Xianian was Iah.

"It was nice getting to fight you," Iah said, smiling.

I glanced up and watched as Adela knocked Arima down from the sky.

Boukyaku clenched his teeth tightly. Nine tails emerged from his back and stabbed the crumbling ground, heating it up to ceramics.

"H-hey, careful," I said, raising my feet. I had managed to heal the internal damage that I had sustained from Renshu's attacks.

The prince smiled. "Just continued to hold on tightly, okay?"

I buried my face against his chest. "O-okay."

The prince of Mina rose more of the loamy soil and had it covered us. Boukyaku heated it up, turning it into chunks of pottery.

My prince stretched his tails outward and unleashed red flames on Iah.

Our rival's heir dodged the flames and snapped his fingers. A torrent of wet soil flew upward.

Boukyaku held me with one arm and fired a blast of flame at the ground, turning into a giant pillar of earthenware.

"Great, I was hoping that you would give me a challenge," Iah said as he glided over to us. "Lóng zhī tǔxī!" He took a deep breath and unleashed a yellow smoke-like vapor from his mouth.

Boukyaku spun his tails around, whipping up a fierce gust to blow away the strange smoke.

"Be careful, if even a little of that stuff touches you then you'll be immobilized or intoxicated," I s

ce. Even if all I can find is his soul, that's enough for me. I don't want him to linger in that dark void for even another second."

"Right... I remember," I said, furrowing my brow. "It was that guy who joined our team in the Mahoulympics nearly eight years ago. Say, have you found a way to return to that world?"

"No, I'm still working on it. Though I do need help. I heard from your aunt that you've become a brilliant young man."

"He has," I said, nudging my ex forward.

Boukyaku blushed. "Uh, I guess. I tend to get good grades."

"Do you know anything about physics and wormholes?" Hideo asked.

"Yeah, I used to read up on them when I was a kid." He ruffled his fluffy white hair. "I've been interested in the topic since I heard stories of how my granddad met my grandmother."

"Really?" Hideo asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Though part of it is because he's a nerd too," I whispered.

The prince grumbled. "You sound like Eien..."

"Hey, it's true. You are a nerd," Eien said as he walked over. He stared at our unconscious companions. "Seems that our opponents did quite the number on them."

"Hey, Eien! You sure have grown," Hideo said.

Eien glanced over at him and grinned. "Same goes to you, sir."

Hideo grumbled. "You were a lot cuter back then too."

Eien smiled. "I was, wasn't I! Say, how are the other four knights doing?"

The knight's face paled.

"Hmm?" Eien said.

"Ei, it's best not to ask about that... It's a sensitive subject," Koukyuu said.

"What happened?" my brother asked.

"It's... a long story," Hideo said, closing his eyes.

"Knights..." I gasped. "Wait, I remember! You're friends with those people who descended on a dragon out of a hole in the sky!"

"You know about them?" the knight asked.

I scratched my face. "Uh... well... my mother sort of tried to apprehend them."

"Oh, so that scary woman was your mom! Say, how is she?"

I lowered my head. "She... she died... years ago. She was killed while we were out shopping."

"I... see. It must've been tough to lose a parent so young. Some of my companions also lost parents when they were kids."

"Y-yeah, it was," I said, averting my eyes.

"Uh, perhaps it'll be best if we continue the subject we were on someplace else," Boukyaku said, placing his hands on my shoulders again. "Eien, think you could take Mayu and the others back to the hotel?"

"You want me to take all of them back?" Eien snapped. He pointed to his bandages. "Did you forget that your beloved little brother is injured?"

Hideo chuckled. "He's right. You should be the one helping them out instead. We can take about this another time." He smiled at Eien. "Come to think about it... you're about the age that Dante and I were..."

Dante... was he the one he had lost to the abyss? Was it even possible for a person to survive for that long in that dark world? I certainly hoped so.

I stepped forward. "Can I attend that meeting? I'll like to help rescue Lucette and your brother. I know it won't wash away my sins, but at least it's something."

Boukyaku smiled and mouthed, 'Thank you, Mayu.'

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