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The blade of Nui's sword glowed a brilliant silver. His nails grew longer as did his white hair. He pointed his sword toward Boukyaku and charged at him.

The prince of Kyuu Seishin blocked with his katana. The ground under them gave way, becoming a giant crater. Xue held us back from falling.

A guy with black rings around his eyes meanwhile protected the Kyuu Seishinians with sand. He was Iwao Enkaku, Yuuta's replacement in the student council.

The two white haired guys continued to clash, sending sparks flying everywhere. Flame and ice clashed around them, sending steam high into the air.

We climbed out and moved away from the crater until we couldn't feel the steam.

"That guy was this strong?" Aban asked.

"I'm surprised too," the cyan-haired boy on Xue's team said. "Why didn't he use this power against the Aiefians and Wahkanians?"

"Niu wasn't prepared. I told him to go all out, but he underestimated them. Plus his spell requires some concentration. Prince Boukyaku gave Nui the room to do so. Doubt that the other two teams would've made such a fatal mistake even if he tried to use this spell," Xue said. "Also, come Chen, Moon, while Niu's spell is still in affect let's attack the others."

"Is that a good idea?" Arima asked.

"We should heal first," Adah said as beeswax imbued with magical properties continued to heal her injury.

"Then stand back, Sefans. We Uanians will take care of this," Xue said as she drew her sword from its sheath. "The moon is granting us its power. We can't allow it to go to waste."

She charged at the girl wearing a mask similar to that of Yanyu.

The girl drew her own weapon and blocked Xue's strike. The entire forest rumbled. Boukyaku and Niu jumped out of their crater and created shields around their respective teams.

Ashynna smiled. "Nice try," she said. She jumped back and raised her sword. Xue zig-zagged toward her. She gasped and ducked as the masked girl's sword swiped the air horizontally.

Xue brought her sword up, aiming the tip of her blade at Ashynna's chest. The masked teenager brought her sword down, preventing the Uanian's sword from touching her. The clash of the two swords shook the entire forest. We watched in awe as the two young woman made the world shake under their feet. Each blow they exchanged changed the terrain and weakened the barriers protecting us.

Suddenly, I heard noises in the distance. The rumbling of the earth was sure to call attention to us.

"Stop!" Iah walked into the ruined camp. "It's you... wait, three teams?"

"It seems like it," Adela said as she followed behind him.

"Another alliance?" I asked.

"What? Iah and Adela? I would've expected Iah and Lei's groups..." Boukyaku said.

Adela smiled. "Hey, Iah and I put our differences aside months ago."

Iah grinned. "Yeah! Plus Xian and Wudi share a common history of working together."

"Damn, so many new comers," Moon said. "We might have to retreat."

Aban chuckled as if amused. "No, this is our chance to get the remaining jewels all at once. Now, to see which marbles they have."

He closed his eyes and focused on the stone. He smiled and opened them.

"Iah's team has two jewels in addition to their original yellow one. The colors are blue-green, and red. Adela's has azure and black in addition to their original red. Kyuu Seishin meanwhile also has red and yellow. Think that means all of them are here"

us. "Good thing my dad taught me how to box."

"Uan, Sefa, we should team up!" Boukyaku said.

"Huh?" all of us in the alliance said in unison.

"You heard me! My nation has the numbers advantage and we also have powerhouses of our own. Together we should be able to take down Xian and Wudi."

Iah chuckled as he slammed his hands against the ground.

Aban dropped to the floor and put his against the ground too. He winced. "His earth powers..." The entire mountain started to tremble.

"I can't hold it either," Ulissis said, grunting. "It's as bad as when I fought Catriona's puppet the first time..."

"Arima, how did you defeat that guy?" Zelia asked as she assisted Arima against Adela.

"He wasn't this strong before."

Iah glanced up and smiled. "I've been polishing my skills since that day. I won't lose again!"

"Uli, Aban, hold on," I said. I charged electricity in my fists but before I knew it, I was punched in the stomach.

The taste of iron filled my mouth. I felt blood oozing out of it...

Standing in front of me was Elliot. He removed his fist from my stomach and watched as I slumped to the ground.

"Alto!" Ulissis yelled, drawing Elliot's attention. He held up his arms and took a punch from the martial mage, he was sent back a few inches but he wasn't knocked out like I was. His anti-magic had turned the punch into a normal one.

I tried to cast a spell but the electricity in my hands was gone. My body felt like it had just been hit by something heavy and hard like an iron dumbbell, not a fist. The constant shaking of the ground didn't help matters either.

I turned and saw as Orichalcum, Renshu, Ona, and a Xianian girl teamed up against Mayu.

"Sefa, Uan, hold on!" Mayu yelled as she dodged Orichalcum metal claws. "We'll get out of this together!"

Was victory truly possible at this point?

I looked down at my t-shirt, it was covered in crimson stains. The stains though began to distort as did everything else. I still wasn't back to normal after that race...

It was up to the others now... including the one who at one point wanted all the foreigners gone from her country...

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