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I stepped outside my tent and noticed that the Wahkanians were nowhere to be seen.

"What happened to the others?" Ulissis asked as he peeked outside of the tent.

"Seems that they obtained the other two gems they needed," Arima said, stepping out of Orion's tent.

"So we're in this alone again," Onyx said as he kindled the fire.

"We got two gems from this alliance, little brother," Aban said, grinning. "Now we only need to pull our weight toward getting the remaining two."

"The ones that the Wahkanians didn't take out are sure to come here," I said, sliding my hands into my jean pockets.

"Hopefully they took out the other Hoinians," Uli said. "I don't want to face that scythe girl again..."


Uli and I turned around and saw that Danmall was starting to stir.

"Uli, stay close to him. That way he won't be able to use his powers."

"Hope that the girls are alright," Arima said, sighing.

"I'm sure those sisters are fine," Aban said as he picked up a fish from the fire. "Now how about we eat up?"

"Food?" Danmall asked, blinking.

Ulissis and I chuckled.

"Alto, get me an extra fish," Ulissis said.

"Sure thing!"

"Huh, should we really be wasting food?" Onyx asked. "They are the enemy."

"He's still a person," I said.

"Yeah, plus Dan and Hal helped me out when Sloane had me captured," Ulissis said.

"T-thanks," Dan said with teary eyes.

I chuckled. Was the guy really older than us?

"Ugh, that bug boy is going to regret this," Hal muttered. He raised his eyes and gasped. "Wait, what are you doing here?"

"You thought that only you five made an alliance? Wahkan and Sefa did too," Arima said as she walked over to our tent with several fish on hand. She handed one to me and three to Uli.

"I see," Hal said, narrowing his eyes. "Where are they now?"

Arima smiled. "They moved on."

Hal lowered his head. "So that means that some of our allies were defeated..."

"Most likely Sera and Harun. That leaves the remaining three allied nations, us, Mina, Xian, and Kyuu Seishin."

"Would benefit us if Xian, Mina, and Kyuu Seishin fought one another while we obtain the remaining two gems," Aban said as he stood behind Arima.

"Hey, don't appear so suddenly!" Arima yelled.

Aban chuckled. "Should the spirit mage really be saying that?"

Arima laughed. "I guess not, but still, you aren't a spirit. Or are you?"

"Well, I seem to be drawn to you like one."

Arima kept her head down and backed away from him. "T-that's so cheesy."

"It really is," Hal said, chuckling.

Aban glared at him. "Want me to tie you up tighter?"

Hal grinned. "No need. I don't plan to be tied up for much longer..."

He moved his hands which were poking out of the spider thread rope Ayawamat had made but nothing happened. He repeated it against several more times.

Aban snickered. "Well, this is entertaining."

"What's going on? Why won't my magic work?"

"I'm restraining it," Ulissis said as he handed Dan a fish. He had cut Dan's rope.

"Hey, why did you let go of Dan but not me!" Hal yelled. "I'm the younger one here!"

"Really?" Aban asked, staring at Dan.

"W-why do people keep thinking I'm younger?" Dan asked, lowering his head in defeat.

"Well, you do look young for your supposed age," Ulissis said.

"Plus you're kind of short," Aban said, holding a hand in the air to emphasize his height. "Barely taller than my little brother."

"Hey!" Onyx yelled, kicking his big brother on the back of his right leg. "Told you not to call me short."

Dan turned around and giggled.

"Don't laugh at me!" Onyx yelled.

"S-sorry. It's just... you reminded me of someone."

"Who?" I asked.

"Hi..." He touched his head. "His... I can't recall it... Who was that boy?"

"Uh, you okay?" Aban asked.

Dan sat back down next to the tied up Hal. "I can't recall... b-but it was... at the tip of..." He winced. "Why can't I remember?"

"Dan," Hal said. "Don't push it. It'll come to you eventually."

His older brother nodded. "O-okay."

I walk

is Iah is a demi-god?"

"He's not that strong. I did defeat him," Arima said, smiling.

"You dared to raise a finger on his august one's son?" the girl asked, stepping forward.

Arima backed away slowly. "Uh, yes. It was part of a tournament."

"Lady Xue, we should fight them!"

"Moon, calm down," a cyan-haired boy said as he stepped forward. "Lady Xue already decided. We will be attacking Kyuu Seishin."

"Is that so?" We gasped and turned to face the dried up lake. Standing at the edge of the former lakebed was Boukyaku. Accompanying him were most of his teammates, if not all, well, except for Eien.

"Where's Eien?" Xue asked.

The white haired, blue-eyed prince summoned his wand and pointed it at us.

"You should know that he's hurt. We had to leave him behind. This time he didn't dared to protest..." He transformed his wand into a katana and wrapped it in flames. Nine tails appeared on his back.

"Back away," a voice called out. Floating in the air was another white haired guy.

"Niu! You're alright!" Xue said, grinning.

"Sorry, I could protect our allies, but this time I won't fail. Now, let us older participates deal with him."

"Right," Zelia said, smiling.

"Niu," Boukyaku said, grinning at the new arrival. "I haven't seen you since you left Kyuu Seishin."

Niu grinned as he transformed his wand into a lacedao, a sword that strongly resembles a Katana.

"Moon style: Tiānshàng de yuèliàng!" he yelled at the top of his lungs. The heavens rumbled overhead. The moon, Yin, which was barely starting to appear, glowed bright white. It casted it's light upon Niu like a stage light.

"Boukyaku," the masked woman dressed in white said. "Should we step in?"

"No, Ashynna, I want to fight Niu myself," he said, smiling. "Stay back and watch the others, if they try to interfere then deal with them."

"Alright," a green haired woman said, smiling at us. I felt shivers run down my back as I stared at those serpent-like eyes of hers. They reminded me of Mayu's...

"What do we do?" Aban whispered.

"For now let's just watch," Arima said.

Xue nodded. "Niu can win this, I know he can."

Could he? Hadn't he just lost to theWahkanians? Then again, Team Wahkan did somehow manage to take down the team ofthe so-called 'strongest nation' of our continent...

**Solar Note: In case you're wondering, Niu is the right spelling of his name (name is Chinese for wolf). Realized I messed it up in the past couple of chapters (was spelling it as Nui). I also messed up Aban (wrote it as Alban) in a few of them. This chapter was dedicated to my good friend, ShinomiyaDR. Once again, happy birthday, buddy! Hope your road to 20 is your best one yet :).**

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