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I sighed as I had my floating web come back down. The others had already gone ahead to camp except for Aban, Sowk, me.

"Seems that you're going to have to carry him," Sowk said, giggling as she stared at the slumbering Lei. Kun and Yen were apparently too tired to be able to retrieve their little brother.

I picked up the honey-brown haired brat from the web. "Come on you wimp, let's take you back to cam," I said.

Sowk blinked. "You're actually carrying him? I thought that you would ask Aban here to carry him."

I nodded. "Yeah, but the kid's our problem."

"Not that I would mind helping out, we are allies," Aban said, grinning.

"Thanks, but I'll just carry him and charge him a fee later."

Aban blinked. "A... fee?"

I chuckled. "Yup!" I slipped my right hand into the pocket of my jeans. "Oh right, I almost forgot, I found this while searching Hal and Dan. It's a red jewel. You need one, right?"

Aban smiled and took it. "Thanks, guys! To be honest, I wasn't sure whether we should trust you or not, but thus far you've come through!"

"Well, I do repay my debts," I said, glancing down at the sleeping Lei. He looked rather peaceful. Nothing like the bouncy, annoying, pesky kid he was when awake.

"Hey, are you going to kiss him?" Sowk asked, giggling.

I rolled my eyes. "No."

"Then why do you keep staring at his face like that? Hmm?" she asked, leaning in.

I grumbled. "I was admiring his restive face. That's all. I don't see it often."

Sowk's smile grew wider. "So there's something you admire about the guy you call a 'nuisance'. Interesting..."

I chuckled. "Well, there's stuff about you I admire too."

Her smile faded as her face reddened. "T-there is?"

"Yeah, though just like Lei I find you to be a nuisance too."

She narrowed her indigo-purple eyes at me. "So, what do you admire about this 'nuisance'?"

I smiled. "Not telling," I said, walking on ahead.

"Hey! You can't tell me there's something and not tell me what that something is! Hey, Aya! Come back here or I'm going to beat you up!"

I laughed. "I'll love to see you try!"

She formed spheres of darkness and launched them at me. I ducked with ease.

I stuck my tongue out at her. "Nice try, but work on your aim!"

She smiled back and sent more spheres of darkness at me.

Aban just laughed as he followed behind her.

"W-what's so funny?" Sowk asked, turning her eyes toward him.

"It's just... you remind me of me and my friends," he said. "Though I guess it is to be expected. You two are friends, right?"

"No!" the two of us exclaimed at the same time.

Aban smiled. "I... rreeeaaalllyyy doubt that you aren't."

"Want to be my next target?" Sowk asked, glaring at him.

"Hey, I was just giving my two cents, no need to get angry," Aban said, backing away.

I chuckled, which was a bad idea as Sowk quickly redirected her eyes toward me.

"Hey, I'm carrying the wimp! You're going to hurt him if one of those hits me!"

She smiled back at me. "You think I care?"

I gulped.


"Welcome back!" Nyima said, waving at us as we returned to camp.

I smiled. "I see you're up now."

"Yeah," she said, smiling back.

"I'll take Lei," Yuzuki said as she walked over and took him from me. "Don't worry, Lei. You're safe now."

Well, considering that Sowk almost hit us several time, she wasn't wrong...

"You look as if you were in a race," Nyima said, placing a hand on my forehead. "You're heating up."

I moved her hand away. "I'll be fine," I said, averting my eyes.

"I got you now!" Sowk yelled, jumping out of the forest.

"What's going on?" Nyima asked, looking over my shoulder.

Sowk's smile faded for some reason. "Nothing. I was just playing a game of tag with Aya here. Right, buddy?"

"So you are buddies?" Aban asked, trying not to laugh.

She and I grumbled. "I guess you could say we're half-friends."

"Oh, so like Lei and me," Nyima

moved you briefs."

I emerge from the water. "Well, look away now."

She hid her head behind the rock wall.

I stared down at my arms. I hadn't noticed due to always wearing the baggy clothes I had gotten from Houta who had gotten them from father, but my body had become rather toned during the past few months.

I slipped off my ripped jeans and underwear and jumped into the water.

"Feels so good to be resting after all that," Sowk said, making small grunts as if she were stretching.

I leaned my head against the earth wall. "Yeah, though we didn't really do much to help."

"Hey, don't undercut us. We did pivotal stuff. Like if I hadn't brought the Sefans then Kun and your brother wouldn't have been able to raise Lei off the ground very far considering their state. They needed Aban's help. Not to mention Alto helping Lei speed up his spell. The Aiefians would've likely won if not for them."


"Meanwhile you took down Hal and Dan."

I glanced down at the streaming water. "Ori and Hikaru were the ones who slowed him down. And it was the prince who took care of Dan."

"What? Really? That guy actually got a win for our team? Huh, I guess stranger things have happened before," Sowk said. "Like that one time he screamed at you."

"Right. I still don't know why he reacted that way. He even reacted that way in his match against Boukyaku," I said. Though I assumed both cases were due to stress. Wanikiya might've been weak, but he didn't lack ambition. Losing was painful.

"Hey, Aya. Have you made any friends at your high school?"

"Not really," I responded. The closest to a new friend I had was probably Nyima... My face warmed up as I remembered our exchange before we parted ways.

"I see. You know, granny recently got me a cell. I was thinking, I could call you. I mean, if you want."

I sighed. "I don't have a cell."

"Oh right..."

"Though I'll work during vacation and see if I can afford one for our second year."

"That would be great! I mean, that way you won't be lonely."

I think I'm not the only one who is lonely...

"Who said I was?" I asked, puffing my chest.

"Are you doing that penguin thing?"

"What penguin thing?"

"You know, puffing out your chest."

I grumbled. "N-no!"

Sowk snickered. "You were, weren't you? Your tone gives it away."

I dove deeper into the water, wishing it were earth so that I could bury myself. She really did know me well.

I smiled. At least I succeeded in cheering her up.

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