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Kun and I withheld attacking Yanyu, prompting her to attack us. My brother was currently fending off her attacks, blocking her giant axe with his giant sword. The heavens and earth trembled with each clash.

Meanwhile the two fought, I gathered a storm around us using a spell that my father had taught me during our training. It had a long casting time, making it an unattractive spell to use during a tournament. However, when in a situation like this, it was great.

Yanyu's eyes raised toward the black sky overhead. She turned to look at me and pushed Kun's sword away. She formed a shield-sized barrier to block my brother's sword and threw the axe at me.

Kun let out a scream as he was sent flying. "Lei!" he yelled as he tried to catch himself before he could hit the ground. He levitated his sword in front of the axe.

The blade spun around several times, whipping up a powerful gust.

Yanyu smiled and moved her growing shield in front of her. The wind was sent back flying toward the sword.

I moved aside before Kun's sword could impale me.

"T-that was close," I said.

Kun teleported in front of me and yanked his sword from one of the trees it had gotten stuck in. "How much more time do you need?"

"Just a little more." I gasped. Something had impaled my back. I collapsed to my knees and spat out blood.

"NO! Lei!" Kun yelled as he watched. Yanyu appeared behind him.

"K..." I tried to yell.

Kun warped away before she could hit him. He raised his right hand and threw his huge sword at the one who had stabbed me.

"Now only you're left," the person said.

I gasped. That voice... it was Xing... why did he return.

I tried to push myself up. I needed to complete my spell, it was the only way I could think of to defeat her.

"Lei!" Kun said, kneeling beside me. "Hold still, I'm going to pull it out!" He yanked it out of my back. It was a sword that had been sliced in half... who sliced it, though? Last I saw it, it was whole.

I tried to push myself up, but it hurt... a lot! I closed my eyes to wipe away the excess moisture in my eyes.

"Ha, like I'll let you get back up!" the guy yelled as he launched a sphere of darkness at us.

Kun sliced the sphere in half and raised the ground. "No one messes with my baby brother and gets away with it."

"Don't call me 'baby brother'!" I yelled. "That's more fitting for Shandian! I mean, it's bad enough to be called 'little brother' by Yen and you who are only a few minutes older than me..."

Kun chuckled. He gasped and raised the ground on the other side.

Yanyu ran her axe through the rock, slicing it into neat blocks.

"Lei, finish the spell! I'll fend these two off!" he split his sword into two. A barrier of wind appeared around me. "That should protect you somewhat."

"Thanks, Kun!" I yelled.

"Yanyu, why didn't you attack him while he was distracted?" Xing yelled as he dodged my brother's earth wave."

"He was checking up on his brother. You shouldn't have stabbed him like that. You could've killed him."

"Well, he's up now..." Xing turned to look at me. "But how?"

I touched my back and felt some blood, but there was no wound. Was it the abyssmal's doing once again? I placed a hand on my chest and felt sadness wash over me.

I saw the image of darkness... unending darkness.

I removed my hand from my chest. Was that a memory of the abysmal? Or its own darkness?

"Hya!" a girl yelled, slamming her sword against the barrier of wind.

"Lei!" Kun yelled. A pillar of light flashed over him. He reappeared behind the gray armored girl.

She gasped, barely turning around in time to block my brother's sword.

"Yanyu, Guang, how about we attack all at once?" Xing asked as he made his way over to us.

The girl fighting my brother grinned. "Sounds good, Xing. Let's do it!"

Yanyu glanced at the heavens. "The spell was disrupted somewhat, but it'll take effect within a few minutes." She raised her axe. "Move aside you two, I'm going to slice through Kun's barrier!"

I gulped. If her axe manages to get through my brother's barrier than I'll be done for. I closed my eyes. I needed to focus on finishing my spell, but how would I do that with so many people around?

Kun couldn't possibly keep them at bay for too long.

I closed my eyes and prepared for impact as she swung her axe at me. I would've blown it off course with my wind, but the spell I was conjuring would be further disrupted.

Plus, part of me doubted that I could so easily change the course of it. I only needed to take one look to know that it couldn't easily be redirected.

I opened my eyes and saw that walls of earth had sprung out in front of the axe.

I turned around and saw Kun was starting to wobble. He looked like he could fall at any moment.

Guang charged at h

it wasn't an easy battle... Like Aya said, this one is thus far coming along better."

Aban appeared from the forest which had stopped burning. I wasn't sure who had put it out by the rain falling from the dark clouds I had gathered for my spell.

The white haired former ruffian took the stone and tried to move it using his power but nothing happened.

He smiled. "It's the real thing."

Xing turned away from them and helped Guang with Yanyu. "If you haven't already advanced to the next part by the time we're healed, know that we'll come back for you."

"Fine by me," Sowk said, smiling. "Though we certainly are moving on to the next part."

"We could move on now if we get Sefa's two stones," Aya said, grinning at Aban.

Aban raised his fists in front of him.

Sowk chuckled. "Don't worry, Aya is only kidding. Our two teams can make to the next round together. Plus, I'm confident that soon we'll obtain Uan's white stone and Harun's yellow one."

"Actually, it's Sera that has the white stone. At least according to Nyima and Yuzuki," Ayawamat said. He turned to look at the retreating Aiefians. He formed a fist and charged at Xing. The Aiefian fell the ground.

"Xing!" Guang yelled as she turned to look at her teammate.

"You punk. I knew that we shouldn't have trusted you," Xing said, looking up at him.

Ayawamat smiled. "That was payback for what you did to Nyima and Yuzuki. Now, get out of my sight."

How odd, since when has that guy care for Nyima and Yuzuki? I felt chills down my spine. Wait, what did Xing do to them?

Xing glared at him as he stood up. "You'll pay for this, punk."

"Yeah, yeah. Save your empty threats for later, loser."

Xing threw a punch at Ayawamat but he caught it and delivered a reverse punch to his gut.

"Stop it!" Guang yelled. "You gain nothing from this!"

"Yeah, Aya. You shouldn't go too far either," Sowk said.

Aya sighed and backed away from Xing. "Alright."

Xing pushed himself up. "You'll see that my threats aren't empty. When we meet again on the battlefield, I'll make sure that your loss is a painful one."

Ayawamat didn't say another word, instead just walking away. I on the other hand... well, electricity surged through my body.

"What did you do to Yuzu and Nyima?" I yelled.

"Calm down, Lei! They're fine!" Sowk yelled. "Arima is taking care of them! They should wake up soon!"

I let out a sigh of relief and the electricity in my body faded. "That's good... to hear." My vision suddenly became distorted.

I touched my forehead and sat back down. That was a dumb thing to do...

"Don't push yourself too much, wimp! We'll handle things from now on!" Aya yelled.

"Yeah!" Sowk yelled. "So just rest! We're going to need you for the next events!"

I wrapped my arm over my eyes and snickered. Since when had those two been reliable? Still, it was nice to hear them encouraging me for once... rather than putting me down.

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed the chapter. Pardon the longer than usual wait time on this one (four days rather than my goal of one or two days). I'm already working on the next chapter. Hope to have it posted by tomorrow once I've returned from work ;)**

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