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I shot I don't know how many webs at Orion and formed cocoon around him to weaken his fall. I could've tried to pull him back, but I feared that jerking him back all of a sudden would've caused internal bleeding. Plus there was the chance that the web could snap.

I jumped down and ran toward Orion.

"Ori, are you okay?" I asked, pulling the silk threads aside.

He didn't respond. He just remained there as motionless as a corpse.

Most of the needles had fallen out. Throughout his body were purple dots, each one indicating a section where Hal's needles had struck.

Wanikiya walked over and put a hand on Orion's pulse. "He's alive. Don't worry. I'm sure that whatever is in Orion's body will pass overtime. I doubt Hal would use lethal poisons for an event like this."

I picked up Orion. "I see. Though we should try to get it out of his system, just in case."

"We need to... get the girls back to camp too," Hikaru called out from the hill. "They still haven't woken up."

I clenched my jaw together.

Damn it, everything is starting to turn sour. If what that guy with the sword said is true then those annoying triplets and my brother are also down.

"We'll need to regroup!" I yelled.

"We have no means to communicate with the others," Wanikiya said.

I closed my eyes and called upon a swarm of nearby insects ranging from bees to dragonflies. "Go and give this message to the others, tell them to return to camp as soon as they can. The plan is starting to fail, we need to come up with a new one," I whispered.

The insects spread out, going in every direction.

"Want me to carry him?" Wanikiya asked.

I shook my head. "No, I will. I'll make a sled to help carry the girls and him back. You help Hikaru walk back. He seems to be at his limit."

Wanikiya blinked.

"What? Do I have something on my face?" I snapped.

He turned around. "It's nothing, I'm probably imagining it."

Huh? What did he mean by that? What was he imagining? Hope it wasn't something weird...

I shrugged and proceeded back up the mountain to tie up Hal and Dan and take the girls back to camp where they could get a good rest.


"Hey!" a girl with dark-blue hair dressed in all black called out. It was Sowk.

I smiled. "Did you get my messenger bee?"

She chuckled. "No, I completed my task."

I raised an eyebrow. "What task?"

"Hey! Long time to see!" Aban said as he and his team walked over to us.

"Sefa? Wasn't the alliance between Sera, Uan, Hoin, Haru, and Aief?" Wanikiya said, backing away.

Hikaru chuckled. "Relax, Wani. You too, Ayawamat. Lei gave Sowk the task to form an alliance."

I raised an eyebrow at Sowk. "You accepted a task from that guy? I thought you hated such stuff, especially if it came from him."

Sowk giggled. "True. Normally I would've ignored or even laughed at his request."

Hikaru narrowed his eyes at her. "Uhh, you did at first."

She shot him a glare. "Shut it, wimp. I'm the one talking here."

He grumbled and turned away.

"Anyway, I accepted as it was for the good of the group," Sowk said, grinning as she swung her hands behind her back. "And you know how much I hate to lose. Took me weeks to accept the fact that I wasn't accepted into Nine Petal but the other three wimps stationed with you had been."

Wanikiya gulped.

I turned to look at the unconscious Orion. I had placed him and the girls at the front of the sled, while putting our Hoinian capt

e. She's a torment." Orion shivered. "One time she threw me into an anthill like this one. It was awful."

I blinked. "You... you aren't afraid of ants as a result?"

He tilted his head like he had before. "Well, I was a bit, but the little critters aren't at fault. I did end up destroying their home... even if it was only because Joubi threw me into it. But they had no way of knowing that."


Orion rubbed the back of his neck and grinned. "Come to think of it, your power is really cool!"

I felt my face warm up. "R-really?"

He nodded. "Yeah. You can communicate with insects and people. You're like a bridge between two worlds!"

I scratched my head. "I... I never thought of it like that."

"Oh right, my name is Orion!"

"Orion? I know, since you called me 'Aya', I'll call you 'Ori'!" I said.

"Huh?" He giggled. "Ori has a nice ring to it!"



"Perhaps you could say we were, but that was long ago," I said as we climbed up the dried lake-bed.

Sowk slapped me on the back, almost making me spill the cup of water I had just gotten.

"Hey, stop that! The water is going to spill! Ori needs it!"

She chuckled. "There you go, calling him 'Ori' again!"

I averted my eyes. "It's out of habit... It's either that or 'wimp'..."

"For a wimp he sure is rather brave."

"Or stupid, just like Lei," I said, smiling.

She laughed. "True. Though that brat can come in handy with his ideas from time to time too."

She came to a halt and turned around. I spun around as well. The clouds were shifting and darkening. They were gathering over the southern slope of the mountain. The air was crisp and seemed charged with electricity.

"This is... that wimp's doing," I said. I chuckled. "So, he's still fighting. I should've known. That guy always picks himself back up. It's rather annoying."

"Kind of inspirational too, in a way," Sowk said, staring at the sky.

"We'll, let's get water this to Ori, then we can go help that wimp, assuming he's still standing by the time we arrive."

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