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[On the main Wahkanian camp grounds]

Wanikiya kept going around and around in circles around the extinguished fire pit.

"Can you stop that? You're making me more nervous than I already am!" I snapped.

"If you want, I can whack him on the head," Ayawamat said, walking over to our prince.

"Please don't do that, Aya," Orion said, grabbing his arm.

He sighed. "Fine, now let go of me," he said, slapping his hand away. "Honestly, did that pesky guy had me pair up with you wimps to annoy me?"

"I doubt that was Lei's intention. He isn't that petty," I said.

Orion smiled at Ayawamat. "I bet it's because Lei acknowledges your strength. The three of us are weak while you're incredibly strong. We balance each other out."

Ayawamat smiled. "Well, when you put it that way, I can see his reasoning."

Wanikiya and I narrowed our eyes at him. Lei likely had an idea when he paired us up with him despite our mutual dislike, but I doubted it was that simple.

Orion turned around. He gasped.

I turned my eyes to what he was looking at. It was Nyima and Yuzuki. They had fallen through a portal and were bleeding. The portal suddenly closed as a young man clad in white armor stuck his sword through it. The sword was sliced in half by the closing portal.

"Sis!" I yelled, staring at the blood pooling around my sister.

She smiled at me despite the pain. "Hika... it's up to you now. We managed to defeat Sarah and Vermeil. Sarah said he...r group has... a white marble."

"G-give us some time," Nyima said as she healed herself. "And someone, please heal" She pressed her chin against the ground as she struggled to stay awake.

"I'll do it!" Orion said, taking out a potion. "Yuzu, this is going to sting a little."

"Thanks," I said, rubbing my forehead. The guy who did this, he was sure to come here in due time. Our schedules opponents were also yet to arrive...

"At least you managed to take two of them out," Ayawamat said. "If what the princess of Sera said is true then we need to hunt down her remaining teammates."

"Same for Harun," Wanikiya said, walking over. "If I remember correctly, Vermeil's group had a yellow stone. Though she might've traded it like Sarah's team did."

"Seems that jerk did quite the number on them," a voice called out from the trees.

I turned around, and just in time too as a needle nearly struck me. Luckily, Orion slowed down time enough for me to dodge it.


"I-I'll handle them, brother!" a brown haired boy with golden eyes yelled.

Orion gasped. "W-why isn't he being affected by my time magic?"

I narrowed my eyes at the guy. "I... sense something off about him. Something... that reminds me of those creatures we fought not too long ago."

"Indeed," Nyima said, staring at the boy. She gasped. "Wait... I... think... I've seen you before..."

"Huh?" he said, looking at Nyima.

"Back... in Kyuu Seishin... years... ago..." Nyima's eyes closed fully.

"W-wait, d-don't pass out! T-tell me, w-who am I? H-how do you know me?" he yelled.

"D-Dan... p..ay... attention!" Hal yelled as Orion's spell continued to affect him.

"I'll finish him off! You three take care of this strange guy!" Ayawamat

t ward and saw a wayward needle going toward Aya. I had no idea how it managed to get around our time magic, but it did...

I tried to move, but my knees buckled. I was reaching my limits.

Suddenly the semi-stopped needles began to move more. Ayawamat wouldn't make it in time!

"Aya, move out of the way!" Wanikiya yelled. He tried to form an ice wall in front of the needles but it quickly dissolves as soon as they touched it.

Ayawamat dug his heels into the ground in an attempt to stop himself but he the wet ground caused him to fall back. He looked and gritted his teeth.

"Not going to let you hurt my friend!" Orion yelled as he stood in front of the needles with a water barrier.

"Move! Your barrier won't last!" Ayawamat yelled as he tried to stand up.

Orion chuckled. "I'm buying you time. Now, finish Hal... while Hika and I are still holding him off..."

Ayawamat nodded and went around the needles. He raised his partially broken sword and struck Hal on the back with the side of it.

Hal gritted his teeth and glared at us. He watched as his needles dissolves Orion's barrier. Ayawamat struck Hal again, this time causing the gray-eyed mage to fall to his knees. Several of the needles began to turn their points downward.

Orion suddenly let out a primordial scream as some of the lingering needles were driven into his skin.

Ayawamat's eyes widened as Orion collapsed backward. My fellow time mage tried to stabilize his footing, but he slid back thanks to the moist ground.

I tried to move but my legs wouldn't budge. Watching Orion fall was as if time had slowed down for all our us.

Wanikiya rushed forward to catch him but the ground was littered with venomous needles. He formed a wall of ice but that only made things worse as the now unconscious Orion slammed against it, shattering it.

Orion fell over the cliff that Yen and Lei had stood on when Kun and I had arrived back to the camp in what felt like an eternity ago.

"No, Ori!" Ayawamat screamed, jumping forward even as needles littered the ground in front of him.

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed the chapter :3. Thoughts? Predictions?**

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