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   Chapter 81 NO.81

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[Meanwhile, north of the lake]

While the triplets and Hota defended the south, Yuzuki and I waited in a spacious meadow for Sarah to arrive.

"Say, what do you like about Lei?" I asked, turning my eyes toward Yuzuki.

Yuzuki chuckled. "Isn't it obvious?"

I scratched the side of my face. "Uhh, not exactly. He is kind of annoying half the time. Not to mention rude, and childish. He's also the worst at apologizing. When he bumped into me on the way to the exam, he offered me a piece of gum!"

Yuzuki chuckled. "That guy really could learn how to apologize better, but his heart is in the right place, most of the time."

"Hmm? Most of the time?"

The red-haired girl sighed. "Well, sometimes the rage in his heart takes him astray."

I lowered my head. Right, back when we were in Wynaga, I could see he was being haunted by something. There was pain in his heart caused by those who for years looked down on him. That pain, it manifested in unexpected ways.

"Xià yǔ liánhuā!" a voice yelled. Suddenly, cyan lotuses rained down from above. I formed a water barrier over us but the water flowers exploded, sending ripples throughout the domed water shield.

"Hold it a bit longer," Yuzuki said as she scanned the area. "Her voice didn't sound very far off." She gasped as something sliced though my dome.

I spun around and delivered a kick to Sarah's sword wielding arm.

"Tsk. You got me," Sarah said, grinning as she raised her silver rapier. I pulled my leg back as she swiped down. She twirled and jabbed the rapier forward, unleashing a straight line of water.

I stopped the water before it could hit me.

"Not bad!" another female voice called out. Walking out of the forest with a wand in hand was Vermeil.

I wasn't sure what Vermeil's abilities were apart from the fact that she used metal magic in addition to crystal. I had barely seen her fight. In fact, despite her looks and demeanor, she tended to fade into the background most of the time.

The blond girl smiled as her white and gold wand transformed into a golden knife. She waved her knife, unleashing a barrage of golden colored crystals at us.

"Let's see how you deal with both of us!" Vermeil said, giggling.

"Don't forget I'm here," Yuzuki said, slicing the gems with a barrage of black shuriken.

"Of course not. How can I forget my senior?" Vermeil said as she raised her knife. "Electri!"

Resin bubbled out of the cut-down crystals. Tendrils of liquid amber jolted toward Yuzuki and me.

I deflected Sarah's rapier by casting a water barrier as she came in for a hit on my side. I needed to focus on my own battle.

Sarah smiled at the miniature water barrier near my left side. The water twitched and began to change shape.

I jumped away as it formed into needles.

"Trying to use my own water against me?" I asked.

Sarah smiled. "Yeah. Though I can now see why you had a hard time against Same. Your control over your own water is lac

an rather than you," Sarah said, glaring at her.

"What? So you're going to turn on us?"

"Wow, those two argue more than I thought," Yuzuki whispered.

"Yeah..." I smiled and raised more golden chains around the two. This time, I had them slam against the back of their necks, effectively knocking them out.

I narrowed my eyes at them and ran a beam of light like that of a scanner through both of them.

"Do they have the stones?" Yuzuki asked.

"N-no. They don't. Both of them were smart enough to give it to the stronger members of their groups."

"I see... In that case, go help the others nearby," Yuzuki said as she opened a portal.

"Wait, what about you?" I asked.

"I'm going to go help the triplets and Hota. Hota told us that Yanyu was a barrier mage. My space magic would likely come in handy, assuming I can open portals with the protected space."

"I see, then let me come with you. With my light magic, I can perhaps temporary blind her."

"You two won't be going anywhere," a voice called out. Making their way toward us were a boy and girl dressed in leather armor reminiscent of An's.

"You're from Hoin, aren't you?" Yuzuki asked.

"Yes," the guy said as he covered his sword in a silver aura.

"But you should've been fighting Lei and his siblings!" I said, taking a step back.

The guy grinned. "Lei, right. I remember him."

Yuzuki narrowed her eyes at them. "Lei, what happened to him and the others?"

"Well, Yanyu took down that old acquaintance of hers. As for the three brats, they should be unconscious right about now."

The two of us gasped. No...

"Hey, you two would be wise to pay attention!" the guy said as he stood beside me.

W-when did he get here?

I looked down at my left side and noticed blood trickling out. I turned right and saw that Yuzuki had also been struck on her right side by the girl...

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed the chapter :3. Thoughts? Predictions for what is to come?**

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