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"Think this will work?" Yen asked as we patiently waited for Sarah's team to arrive.

"Right now we can only rely on our magic," I said. "Sirius tried predicting where the enemy will appear, now let's hope it's true."

My siblings and Hota were the only ones accompanying me. Everyone else I had spread throughout the forest.

"Hmm, where is the rest of your team?" An asked as he made his way toward us. He was accompanied by all the members of his group.

"We don't need them," Hota said, stepping forward.

"Hota," the masked member of An's group said. She laughed. "Long time no see!"

"Tsk. Don't go acting all friendly with them!" said a white armor-clad young man. "Our task is to eliminate them." He brandished his sword and charged at me.

I smiled and blocked his swords with both my butterfly knives.

"Is that all you got?" I asked, grinning.

"You're underestimating me, wimp?" he asked, glaring at me.

I let out an electrical pulse from my blades, sending him flying back.

"Don't call me that!" I yelled, charging at him.

"Lei, keep your formation!" Yen yelled as he deflected an energy bullet from Ning. The third girl of An's team charged at her while Hota and Yanyu rose to the sky.

"Agh," Yen yelled as she was pushed back.

"Nice, Guang, Ning! Keep the pressure on them!" my opponent said as he rose to his feet. He smiled at me. "In the meantime, I'll take down this guy!"

I clenched my butterfly swords tightly. First Ayawamat, then Eien, then Shiori, and now this guys... why did people keep on looking down on me?

"Energy Surge!" I yelled, sending sparks of azure and yellow electricity down to my legs. I then covered my butterfly knives in the pink aura from the pink glass-like film on one of the holes.

"Xing, be careful!" An said as he dodged my brother's sword.

"Careful? This kid hasn't shown anything impressive," Xing said, shrugging.

"Oh?" I said as I held my knives against his neck.

"How did you appear behind me?" Ning asked, eyes wide.

I smiled as I slashed his neck slightly. "Ventus Perseco." Next, I charged at An who managed to block my attack with his sword.

"Kun, now!" I yelled.

Kun smiled as he performed the same spell on An.

An screamed as he began to feel his blood start to boil.

"T-that's, how does that kid know... an attack designed for killing?" Xing asked.

I glanced back at him. "It's because I've killed people before, to save a friend."

An backed away from us but soon he fell to the ground.

"H-how did Iah withstand this?" An asked, his hands trembling. He raised his sword and slammed it against the ground, causing chains to appear around him.

"An, don't!" Ning yelled as she turned away from my sister.

"Ning, pay attention!" Guang yelled as she blocked Yen's attempt to slash her down with the same spell Kun and I had used on our opponents.

Ning gulped and shot several rounds of energy beams at us.

I swiftly dodged them all and went straight for her neck.

"Xing, I warned you about taunting Lei! He becomes like a beast when made fun of!" An yelled as he stood in front of me.

"Tsk. He's no different from you in that regard," Xing said as he pushed himself of

ake us down while you could."

Rising from the dust was An with Ning and Guang in tow. The familiars were nowhere to be seen.

An grimaced as let out a scream as chains suddenly appeared around him.

"Ning, take care of An. The rest of you, go help the others."

Xing grumbled. "Tsk. I wanted to finish off that punk myself. Oh well, I trust you will get the job done, as always."

Yanyu laughed. "Of course." She gasped as earth covered her feet.

"You three, run..." Hota said in raspy voice. "You're no match... for her."

Kun raised the earth around the lady while Yen rushed at her at supersonic speeds.

"W-what are you doing?"

I snickered. "We won't run! At least I won't. I already ran from Adela. I can't afford to make myself look bad again. Not if I want to be the next Magus Maximus!"

Yanyu held out a hand and formed a barrier around herself.

Yen screamed as she was thrown back. Her body was covered in gashes.

"Yen!" Kun and I yelled.

"You should've heeded Hota's warning," Yanyu said. "Now hand over your gems."

I kept my eyes on my unconscious sister and watched as our union spell disintegrated.

I reached my hands out and recalled my reconstructed butterfly knives.

I needed to think of what to do. This girl's barriers were like those of the guy who had hurt Alto. If I weren't careful, I would end up just like him and Yen.

"Lei, you know what we must do, right?" Kun asked as he placed a hand on my shoulder.

I nodded. "Yeah, but how do we do it?"

Kun chuckled. "Not sure either, we just have to."

Yanyu narrowed her eyes at us. "Didn't Hota tell you?"

My big brother smiled. "You think he did? His brother hates us. Why would he help us three?"

"Because you're his teammates."

"Pssh. Like that's enough to convince those bone-headed brothers to work with us. If Hota had told us, then my sister wouldn't be laying on the ground next to you," Kun said as he grabbed his giant broadsword and swung in front of him. "Anyway, enough talking. Come, we'll allow you to make the first move!"

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