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So Serah has made herself a union of five groups. If we are to stand against them, we might have ally ourselves with another, but who? Xian attacked our group and I doubt that Kyuu Seishin would like to form one given the bad blood between our nations.

That left Sefa and Mina. Perhaps if Nyima asked Iah then he would accept...

"Why so pensive?" a voice called out. I turned around and saw the blue haired princess.

"S-Serah! Why are you here?"

She put a hand on her hips and sighed. "I came to see what you're up to. I don't trust your declaration at all. You're plotting a trap, aren't you?"

I snickered. "And if I am, then what will you do? You followed me by yourself, did you not?"

She narrowed her eyes and turned around. "Yes, but I can hold my own."

I smiled. "Still got that same old 'I need no one' personality going on, even though you decided to rely on four other teams."

Her face reddened. "Great, I'm sounding like that guy..."

I raised an eyebrow. "Who are you talking about?"


My smile faded. I crossed my arms over my chest. "An, huh? Interesting that you relied on that guy."

"Well, more like he offered to help. He's really strong. His whole team is. In fact, before Hal and he appeared to offer to join up, I considered offering the fourth spot to you guys."

My eyes perked up. "Us?"

She chuckled. "Why do you sound happy? Wait, did you actually come to offer us an alliance?"

I scratched the side of my face. "Nah, I really did just ran into your camp while picking fire wood," I said.

She turned around and leered at me. "Ohh? So, where is the wood?"

I gulped. "I-it's..."

She smiled. "Come on, Kun. I was not born yesterday."

I put back on my mask, even though it failed to cover all the blush on my face.

"Hey, Sarah."

"Yes?" she asked, tilting her head at me.

I smiled. "I want to wish you good luck. No matter who makes it to the next round, I hope that it's the best teams."

She sighed. "Same... here..."

I walked over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. Much to my surprised, she didn't swat it away.

"You're bothered by having to fight us, aren't you?"

She lowered her gaze and laughed. "Hard to believe, huh? When we first met, I could only think about my country. To care about the wellbeing of other groups in a competition, that is so unlike me."

"I guess it is," I said, putting my hands behind my head. "Though there's nothing wrong with caring about one's country, so long as that doesn't come at the expense of others.

"Anyway, while I'm unsure how the others would feel, you don't have to worry about having to go against me. If you somehow manage to win, I won't hold any hard feelings."

Sarah's blue eyes seemed to glisten. "Thanks, Kun."

I grumbled internally.

Suddenly the image of a city of fire popped into my head. I stepped back. "S-sorry..." I said, grabbing my head.

"Huh? For what?"

I gasped as I returned back to reality. I looked up at her. The image of girl who resembled her popped into my head.

I turned away. "I-it's nothing. See ya!" I ran back to Wahkan's camp, but even as I got away from Sarah, those images continued to appear in my head. The destruction of Pubu City decades ago. The event that led to the ruin of Sera... caused by so-called 'warriors of light' seeking out the Ruler said to be inhabiting that town.

I fell to my knees and began to pant. It had been so long since these images had surfaced... they had appeared partially back in the academy, but they hadn't been this bad since before my death...

"Kun, what are you doing here? Yen and Lei are looking for you," a voice called out.

I kept my head down. "Hika... please, make it stop..." I said before my arms gave in.

"Hey, this isn't a good place to sleep! Kun..." he yelled, his voice gradually growing more distant.


I sighed and squatted down next to my unconscious friend.

"Hey, Kun, are you listening?" I asked, poking his head with my index fingers. "Kun?" I put my hand next to his nostrils.

I smiled as I felt his breath against my hand. Good, he was still alive.

I put my hands on my hips and rose to my full height. Now all I needed to do was figure out how to get him back to camp. I looked around. I couldn't hear either Yen or Lei, meaning they must've been very far from here.

That meant I needed to do it myself. I sighed and picked up Kun. Thankfully he was light... perhaps a little too much.

It was odd that he was so lightweight given how much he a

ave. I was no match against her."

"Well, that doesn't really tell us much," Ayawamat said.

Hota grabbed his younger brother and ruffled his hair. "You brat, you're calling me weak?"

"No, but you aren't strong either," Aya said, trying to free himself from his brother's grip.

Hota gradually let go of him. "Right, I'm only a middle tier at best..." He took a deep breath. "Though if it comes down to it, I think that I can fend off Yanyu for at least a few minutes while you focus on the others."

"You can?"

He glared at his younger brother. "You should really learn to have more confidence in me, Aya! Of course I can! Plus, I know Yanyu's fighting style the best. She relies on her axe and on casting barriers. One of which can restore he health... not that she's ever used that one on herself in our spars..."

Ayawamat narrowed his eyes at him. "Oh, let me guess, she used it on you instead?"

Hota grabbed him again. "Stop giving me that look!"

The triplets, Nyima, and I broke out into laughter.

"Hey, stop laughing!" the brothers snapped.

"S-sorry!" the triplets said.

Ayawamat glared at them.

"Hmm, so Hota will take on Yanyu, but what about the others?" I asked.

"I'll take on An," Kun said, grinning. "Been wanting to have a rematch against that guy for a while now."

"Don't make it into a battle for Sarah's love now," Yen said, giggling.

Kun's face reddened.

"You like the princess?" Ayawamat asked.

"My brothers are into royals or water girls it seems," Yen said, grinning at Lei and Kun.

"Well Lei and you are also into mages with rare powers whom you grew up with," Kun said, glancing at me.

"C-can we please move on from the love topic?" Lei asked, his face as red as a tomato.

"I agree!" Nyima exclaimed, as bright red as Lei was.

"As I was gonna say, we should split up into groups of five," Lei said, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Then you triplets should be one. You're stronger when you're together," I said.

Yen, Kun, and Lei smiled at one another. "True, we are," Lei said.

"Plus, I want to get payback on An too after losing to him in the entrance exam!" Yen yelled.

I laughed. "I had almost gotten that his team was our opponent. Though Hal, Sarah, and Xue will also be fighting."

"Hmm, kinda feel bad to go up against Hal after he helped us out the other day."

Kun snickered. "Well, sadly he will soon regret it."

Yen sighed. "If possible, we should spare his group."

"Then we should spare Sarah's too. She helped Hika and me out just now. Plus she has a blue gem, we don't need that."

"Alright, so our focus will be on Uan, Aief, and Harun!" Lei said. "Now let's go back to camp! I'm starving!"

"Okay!" Kun and Yen said, following after him.

I smiled. Those three sure were carefree when together.

I turned around and gulped. We were at the cusp of what could very well be our final match of this event.

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