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After our brief battle with An's team, we retreated to the base of Mt. Rios, the tallest mountain in the country of Rios. Several rivers originated from the mountain's snow packs, giving the mountain and the clan its name. The rivers were to be an advantage to us if we should be attacked.

"Lady Sarah," Huan said. "Uan's team has woken up."

"Thanks. Tell them to enjoy the meal that we've prepared for them." I took out the paper that Xue had given me. It was a message from Vermeil concerning a rumor. We were to meet her here.

"Mistress," Jie said. "Are you sure this isn't a trap?"

I stood up from the rock I had been sitting on. "If it is then we'll handle it the way we know how. We've ran a lot throughout this competition even while the other marbles are already being collected at a fast pace. There will be two extra marbles left, so relying on others to attack us and us getting their gems will backfire on us if we wait too long."

"Good morning," Xue said, grinning.

"Aren't you going to eat?" I asked, raising an empty stick.

"I will. Thanks for the meal by the way. You didn't have to use up your resources to feed us too, your magic is enough for me."

I shook my head. "A true alliance is one of mutual assistance. If I only allow you to use us then you'll be no better than Kyuu Seishin with our entire country. By helping you more, I hope that you'll be motivated to play a larger role."

"Eien attacked you, didn't he?" she said.

"That's right. The members of his group appear to have split up to find marbles wherever they can find them. Teamwork is difficult for them, so separating is more effective."

"The opposite of why we are here," Vermeil said, walking over to us unannounced. Behind her was her brother, Harun. "While Kyuu Seishin's team splits, we instead bring other teams together."

"Good for you to join us," I said, crossing my arms together. "Let's go to main camp, there you can tell our teams what you've uncovered."

"Wait!" An ran out of some bushes.

I summoned my wand. "Damn, they've found us!"

An put his hands in the air. "W-wait, I've come to join you!"

"You did?" Vermeil said. "I don't recall having invited you." A light chuckle escapes her lips as a blush covers her face. "Not that I mind."

An put one hand down and took out a black marble hidden under his chest plate. "I even brought a marble from my team. I know this may sound silly, but I had a dream where I made an alliance with you, well not Vermeil's team. I'm kind of surprised that she's here."

"I'm also surprised to hear that you four are making an alliance," Hal's voice rang out. Hal jumped down from a tree. In his hands was a red marble. "I've also come to join you."

"You can't," I said. "There can only be four teams at most."

Hal grinned. "Then kick out An, his team already has like three or more marbles."

Vermeil smiled. "No, it's fine. He's a strong guy, he'll be a powerful asset to our alliance, as will you. Did either of you bring any of your fellow teammates?"

"I told Dan, Vita, and Catriona about it, they think it's a fine idea. Sloane is iffy about it. Vita managed to get us another marble to replace one of the ones we lost to An's team, but getting two more will be difficult. Especially with Sloane having to fix her scythe. Once she fixes it, she might join us alongside Dan, Vita, Catriona, and the latter's puppet."

"How will all of us be able to move on to the next part? Our alliance will be one sided then," I said.

"Easy," Vermeil said, grinning. "Come, I have to talk to your teams."

"Don't start without me," someone said. An's teammate with the mask appeared from the bushes to the east. "I'll like to listen to what you know too."

"That's fine," Vermeil said.

We walked back to our camp, a setup of four tents, and three ongoing fires.

"Welcome back Lady Sarah," Huan said. He summoned his wand. "What is this guy and his teammate doing here? And that other guy too, who is he?"

"Relax, the unknown guy is Hal, and you've already met An, and...uh what's your name?" Xue asked.

"I'm Yanyu."

"And Yanyu. They're are going to be joining us."

Huan lowered his wand. "Is that true my lady?"

"Yes, they will be joining in addition to the aforementioned Harunians," I said.

"Wait, that's five countries, isn't it?" Moon said, walking over. She stopped as soon as she saw An. "That pervert again!" She pulled out Xue's sword from its sheath and pointed it at him. "Have you come to attack us?"

Xue snatch

had been chosen by our grand chief to serve as ambassador. In his time in Trono, he ended up interacting with the latest magi-tech and fell in love with it."

"So your father is some kind of robotics-wiz?"

"Yeah, though my mom prefer to call him a 'robots' nerd'," Ning said, chuckling.

"Those two really come off as an odd pairing at first," An said, chuckling.

"Yeah," Yanyu said, nodding her head. "At least that's the impression we got when boarding the plane."

"You took a plane here?" I asked, raising an eyebrow at An. "You didn't feel sick?

An averted his eyes. "I..."

"An here screamed like a frightened child," Ning said, nudging him. "He held on to me throughout the ride. N-not that I minded. Quite the contrary..."

I glanced at An and chuckled. To think that the guy who kept bailing me out of trouble had such a lame weakness!

Hal turned around and cupped his hands around his mouth to contain his laughter.

"N-Ning, you promised not to tell," An said, hanging his head down.

"S-sorry!" Ning said, rubbing her friend's arm. "I was taken in by the moment."

An smiled and ruffled her hair. "It's fine, Ni-ni. I'll let I slide this time, as long as you stop being mad at me."

Ning puffed her cheeks at him. "Fine, but you should heed my words, An."

"An alliance huh?" a familiar voice said. Kun walked out of the forest. He was strangely all by himself.

"Kun, what are you doing here?" Yanyu asked.

"Huh, you know each other?" An asked, looking back and forth between the two.

"Well they both have a thing for wearing masks," Hal said, snickering.

Hal removed his masquerade mask and snickered. "Yeah, that is something we share in common. Now, as for why I'm here, I noticed a strange sphere flying toward here as I was gathering firewood with Lei and Yen."

Ning looked down at her 'Robby'. "Oh right, what was it that you wanted to tell us, Robby?"

The thing let out beeping sounds.

"You finished your analysis? What did it say?"

She waited for her machine to let out more beeps. I figured those beeps were some kind of code.

"Huh, there's only ten groups left?"

Everyone, including Kun, gasped.

"Ten?" Xue asked.

Ning nodded. "Yes. Aief, Kyuu Seishin, Harun, Hoin, Mina, Sefa, Sera, Uan, Wahkan, and Xian."

"Then that means only half of us still standing will be moving on..." An said, lowering his head.

Kun smiled as he backed away. "In that case, it's only a matter time before we clash. I'm looking forward to it. Wahkan will be waiting by the lake higher up."

With those words, the enigmatic white haired boy vanished in a pillar of light.

Kun... what is that guy thinking? Why did he give away their position? Is he plotting a trap? His team is big, but Wahkan can't possibly expect to take down the united force of five national groups.

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed this chapter :3. Only ten groups remain! Which four/five do you think (or hope) will be left standing once this part of the event is said and done?**

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