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"This bird sure is tasty!" Guang said as I returned to camp.

"An!" a cyan haired girl said, waving at me.

"Ning!" I said, smiling. "You're back!"

"Yup! Just returned for the day."

Xing glanced over and said,"So the weakling has finally come back. Hurry up and eat."

I walked over to one of the tents. "I already did. I'm going to go to bed."

A stick ripped through the tent. An turned around and saw Xing glaring at him.

"No you're not," the white armored mage said. "You've already slept enough today. Go and get us our last marble."

"Wait, you actually got one?"

Xing dusted off his hands. "What's with the surprised reaction? Do you think we're as fragile as you? Though it was Night who obtained the fourth one. Yanyu will accompany you of course. Try not to get in her way."

If he's worried about me getting in her way, why isn't he sending her alone? What role does he want me to play? Observer?

Yanyu tapped my shoulder. "Come An. Let's finish this tonight."

"Who are we going to get the marble of?" I asked.

"Uan," Ning said. "I ran into a pair of girls from that team on the way here and overheard that they have a white marble."

"Those were Xue and Moon," I muttered.

"Oh right, Xue is your teammate, isn't she?" Xing said. "Forget about your pitiful friendship and get us that jewel."

I nodded reluctantly. I hoped that Xue's team had another marble. "Where did you pass Xue?"

"She was heading to the southwest," Ning said. She didn't seem to have her marble on her as she was only wearing a towel.

Xing's face became red. "What? Is she an exhibitionist or something?" he asked. Suddenly the cans next to the tents rang.

"Please don't talk about me like that," Xue's voice rang out.

"It's time for you to pay for real," Moon said. The two girls jumped out of some trees alongside two guys.

Xing, Guang, Ning, Yanyu, and I pulled out our weapons off our backs.

"Destroy them!" Xing yelled. He clashed swords with Xue in midair. He grinned as soon as he saw her. "So we meet again."

Xue glared at him. "Oh, it's you." Xue punched him in the stomach, causing him to fall on his back. "Yuè Zhī Jiàn!" She slashed the air in a circle. A pillar of ice emerge from where she had drawn her invincible circle.

Yanyu broke the ice with her axe while Ning kept Xue's teammates back by blasting lasers from her gun at them.

"They're agile," Ning said as she tried to shoot one of them down.

I summoned my wand and closed my eyes. "(Summon)." The sky overhead rumbled as a seal appeared in the air. My golden eagle familiar descended from the sky with its wings closed.

"Again you dare summon me?" Ying said.

I glanced up and smiled. "I'll make it up you once we return home, I promise!"

Ying grumbled. "You think that you can convince me with food?"

Xue and her team backed away.

Xing stared at my familiar with surprise. "It's at level When?"

"It's been level three for a while," I said. "Ying blow Uan away from here!"

Ying delicately moved his wings, sending Uan's entire team flying alongside with a square mile worth of forest. I warped over to Xue and grabbed her before she slammed into the ground.

"An?" she said, eyes wide.

"Tell me where the marble is?"

She pointed her sword at me. "I won't betray them, even if the one asking is you."

Earth raised around me. "You pervert. Unhand Lady Yue now!" Moon yelled from beyond the earth wall.

"Lady Yue?" I asked.

Xue pushed me away.

"Xue, are nobility like Sarah?"

She didn't respond, instead she cut circles into the air. "Shui Yue!" A five pointed star appeared where she had slashed the air. "Release!"

"It's just like Nyima's spell," I said, dodging the attack. Xue stabbed my arm without remorse. I had almost fo


We gasped as we saw his hand become drenched in blood.

"Xing," Guang said. She helped him up. "Are you alright?"

"I'll be fine, go and chase after them."

"No," Yanyu said. "Both of you boys are hurt. If Guang, Ning, and I pursue them then you two could be kidnapped like Sloane's sister was."

Xing closed his eyes. "Fine, let's rest for now. Do any of you know healing magic?"

"I know how to make pills and elixirs," Yanyu said. "Guang, Ning, can you collect me these flowers. I'll watch over the boys while you're gone. If you run into any other teams don't confront them."

"Got it," Guang said. She pushed past me without even apologizing.

"Be careful," Ning said before rushing after Guang.

"That Guang is so one tracked minded," Yanyu said.

I laughed. "I don't think that's why she bumped into me."

Xing spat out more blood. "An, can you check what's wrong with me again?"

My eyes widened. I think it was the first time he had called me by my name. I closed my eyes. My head ached but I had no choice, Xing was badly injured. I finally saw it, Xue had fractured one of his top rib slightly but enough that it became noticeable with my powers. I opened my eyes and looked around.

"Too bad we have no ice left behind from Xue's attacks. Ice would help slow the pain of your fractured ribs."

"Damn it," he said. He touched his side and crawled into the tent. "Then I'll be out until they heal."

"It appears likely that we'll have to do that," I said. "We'll need to get you treated once we're out of here." There were no healing mages in our team as healing magic in our country was seen as weak and unnecessary magic, so few of us ever bother learning any. I sat down on the other side of the tent and fell asleep. My entire body was tired.

When I woke up I found a blanket over me. While I slept I dreamt of Xue and Sarah. In my dream the three of us made some sort of alliance.

I walked out of the tent and saw Yanyu standing by it.

"Ahh, you're awake!" she said. She took out something from her pocket, the black marble. "I want you to hold onto this. I feel that you'll need this." I handed her back the marble that Sloane had given me.

"I'm going to go find Xue and Sarah."

"I expected as much, you're very close to your friends. Take care."

I ran into the forest. If my dream was any indication they should have been to the north, around where I had bathed the other night.

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