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I raised a wall of earth around my unconscious allies and myself. Though the winds turned the outer parts into sand.

Tsk. Seems this kid is like Sirius in more ways than one.

"I... I..." Dan yelled as he held his head. A great darkness began to surround him.

"Huh?" I said, backing away.

"Dan!" a voice yelled. "Dan!"

"H-hal?" Dan asked as he removed his hands from his head.

"Dan," Hal said as he swung from tree to tree on silver wires. He gasped upon seeing the darkness around him.

"Brother, D... He..."

"D is alright," a girl said. "I can fix him up. His core is still intact. Now calm down, Dan. If you don't you might be taken away."

Taken away?

Dan took a deep breath. The wind around him died down and he fell toward the ground. Hal jumped up and caught him in mid-air.

"Don't worry, brother. We're here."

I narrowed my eyes at the Hoinians. "Who is he? Or rather, what is he?"

"Don't say a word about this to any one," Hal said as he turned around. "If you do then I'll personally kill you."

I chuckled. "Kill me? No, I'm even more curious as to what you're hiding. Though allow me to guess... that kid right there is like Lei, isn't he? He has abyssmal powers."

Hal continued to walk away. "Then you should know what'll happen to him if anyone discovers about this. I heard from Sarah that a group was after Lei, most likely to retrieve the core of the abysmal within."

I nodded. "Yeah, I'm aware since I was there when he was attacked. Though harboring an abyssmal who can't control his powers is dangerous."

"There is a way to control it," Hal said, clenching the older boy tightly in his arms. "You saw it. I managed to calm him down with ease. As long as I'm around, he should be fine."

"Hal, you should've stayed with him," his female companion said as they made it to the edge of the forest.

The gray eyed boy stared at his brother. "I know, Catriona. I know."

"Well, you won't have to worry about me spilling the beans. Though I do advise you to keep watch over him. It's possible that one day someone will discover and attack when you least expect."

"Don't worry. My family is one filled with mercenaries. We are perfectly capable of defending him."

"I see," I said, putting a hand on my hip. I took a step back and wavered. Ugh, the prana I had drawn up was starting to run out.

"That was a dangerous technique you've used," Hal said as he turned around.

I chuckled as I fell to one knee. "I... know." I narrowed my eyes at his pockets. "Hmm... it appears that you have a fake jewel."

"Huh?" Catriona asked, turning around. "A fake?"

"Yeah. Your black marble is a fake," I said.

Hal pulled up the marble and clenched it tightly. The stone shattered, revealing that it was nothing more than dirt with a layer of white stone around it. "Those Sefans!"

"No... they fooled us," Catriona said. She chuckled. "At least that gives us a chance to get that jewel fair and square."

"Though that means that we're three jewels behind," Hal said, sighing.

Catriona sighed. "Yeah..." She held out her hand toward the sky. "Return, D!" She gasped as her automaton returned to her. Half of its body remained. She fell to her knees. "So this is why Dan entered that state."

She raised her eyes at me. "You..."

"Catri, no! We need to retreat. We need to meet back up with Sloane," Hal said, grabbing her by the collar of her shirt while holding onto Dan with his other arm.

She grumbled. "Alright, but next time I see this guy, I'm going to gut him!"

What was with Dan and her? Why were they so attached to a machine?

"Bye, take care," Hal said, waving.

"Uh... bye..." I said, waving back. Was that guy a friend or foe?

I took a deep breath and collapsed to the ground completely. I'm just lucky that I fended them off.

"That sure was a nice nap," someone called out.

I turned toward my resting teammates and saw Sirius standing up.

I grumbled. "Great timing, not!"

He snickered. "What happened? And why am I shackled?"

I snapped my fingers, undoing the shackles on him and the others. "I was defending you. I mean, you as in the group, not specifically you."

He smiled. "Ahhh, thanks, Hota!"

I turned away and crossed my arms over my chest. "Why are you thanking me, idiot?"

"Because you defended us. You've never been much of a team player."

I scratched my head and grumbled. This guy was seriously irritating. "Well, this is different. I need you... I mean, the team, not you, you."

"You need us huh?" he asked, sitting up. "Does that mean we're buds?"

"No! I didn't finish! I need you folks to help get another medal."

His smile faded. "Hota, are you trying to impress your dad again?"

ce said. I swam over to the edge of the lake.

"Who is there?" I said, grabbing my sword.

"That voice, An?" the voice said. The water moved around unnaturally. "Don't look at me!"

"Huh?" A wave of water hit me. "Hey!" I wiped the water off my face. "What's the big deal?"

Xue stood by the opposite edge of the pool wearing a towel around her. Her face was bright red. "I told you not to look!"

I closed my eyes and shielded myself. "Sorry! I didn't see you there! You have a very weak presence at night."

"Xue, are you fine?" a girl asked, running past me. She had short white hair tied in a small knot. Her blue eyes widened as soon as she noticed me. She raised the earth around her. "A pervert!"

"Stop," I yelled, waving my hands. "It's a misunderstanding! I didn't see her here!"

The girl covered the edge of the lake with a wall of earth. She ran over and grabbed Xue by the arm. "Come, let's get out of here! I'll hold him back meanwhile."

"He didn't mean to," Xue said, her face still bright red. "At least that's what he says. An is an innocent guy who thought that I was purposing to him by washing his clothes."

My face reddened as I recalled that moment. It was so mortifying...

The wall of earth raised over my barrier. "So he thought that he could spy on you because of that?"

"No, these aren't connected! Come Moon, leave him alone."

"I can't allow this pervert to get away with his actions. You might say that he's innocent but no innocent guy exists, they'll all perverts!"

"You got it completely wrong," I said, continuing to wave my hands. I got up from the water. "I'm not a pervert! I swear!"

Moon's face became bright red. She pulled Xue away. "I can't believe this guy." The wall of earth covered the lake completely. "Stay there and die!"

I sat back down and waited quietly while they walked away. Why did I kept getting into these messes? First it was Sarah when my dragon crashed into the lake where she was breathing and now Xue seeing me like this.

"Hey," Yanyu yelled. Light poured over the water. "An, are you fine?"

"I'm fine, can you please leave. I'm still trying to enjoy my bath."

"Uh, okay. What happened though?" I heard screams and the earth rumbling.

"My third teammate was here."

"Third teammate?"

"I mean Xue. She's the third and last one of my teammates I've ran into today."

"I know that Hal's team had a black marble on them, but which ones did the girls' teams have on them?"

"Sarah had blue-green which we already got from Hoin, while Xue has at least her white marble."

"I see, well I'll be returning back to the tent. Try to keep out of trouble now."

"It's not like I'm asking for it," I muttered before sinking my head into the water.

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed the chapter :3. Sorry that it took awhile to get this chapter done. These past few days I kept getting struck with depression episodes whenever I got around to writing that I stopped writing. I'm glad that I did as I managed to overall enjoy writing this chapter (pushing myself to finish it when not feeling it would've likely have led to a more dull chapter) ^_^**

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