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I grunted as Adela's flames struck the bubble. I could barely keep the interior from boiling.

"Tsk. I'll take care of her, you run away!" Ayawamat said as he reached his hands out.

"No, you're injured still," Nyima said.

"But let's work together!" he said, shooting web out of the bubble, though it quickly caught on fire. "Gah, why is she using her flames so much? Isn't she afraid of them?"

"Fire is a powerful element, though it does come with its drawbacks." I gasped. That was it, I needed to get her to use up her energy, like how Iah did in his battles with Lei and me. But how... I was already running low myself.

Suddenly space began to warp around us. I smiled. Seems that Yuzuki came back.

Ayawamat and I were warped out of the bubble and into the shore of a sizable blue lake.

"Hey!" Lei said, waving. Next to him was a stone bucket with several tiny fish flopping within. "Catching us some food like I said I would."

"That was before we were attacked by your crazy girlfriend!" Ayawamat said.

"She's not his girlfriend," Yuzuki said, glaring at him.

"Right," I said, leering at Ayawamat.

Aya rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah," he said as he walked over to one of the makeshift beds spread throughout the floor. He laid down and sighed. "Wake me up if someone attacks."

"Okay," Lei said as he caught another fish.

I assumed that Hikaru had made the fishing rod as it seemed to be all metal.

I crouched down next to Lei and stared at the water. It made me wish that I could take a bath, but it wasn't safe to do so right now. Someone could attack me while my guard is down, or the others while I'm away.

"You want to take a bath?" Lei asked, his turquoise eyes directed at me.

I gasped. "How did you know?"

Lei chuckled. "Well, I know how much you love bathing." He stood up from his rock chair. "There's actually a spot not too far where you can bathe. Yuzu, Zel, Kun, can you accompany Nyima to the lake of clear water we found? If you heat it up, you can even make it into a hot spring."

"A hot spring?" I asked, jumping to my feet.

Lei chuckled. "I knew you would be excited. There's a lake of crystalline water a little further up."

"How about we all go?" Kun asked as he walked over to us. "The water seems like it could have healing properties. I can make us a wall to the lake in half."

I stared at the boys. "Well, I guess, but who will watch over the injured?"

"I will," Hota said as he picked up the stone basket. "I am the only adult around right now. You kids go relax."

"I'll stay here with my brother," Ayawamat said, waving from his bed.

"Oh no you don't. Those injuries need to be healed. If the water does having restorative properties then it'll suit you."

Ayawamat pushed himself up and grumbled. "Alright, alright. I'll do it. But you better not lose while we're away."

Hota chuckled. "Don't worry. I'll fend them off until you've returned or until Sirius and the others wake up. Plus you got two of our gems on you."

"We're trusting in you!" Lei said, waving.

Ayawamat's big brother snickered. "Way to lay on the pressure, kid. I promise to do my best."

"Let's hope your best is enough, big brother," Ayawamat said as he walked over to us.



[Meanwhile in another part of the vast forest]

"Damn," Xing said as we travelled across the forest. The lean young man was dressed in white leather armor which was decorated with the bones of various beasts he had hunted down.

"We have yet to run into anyone," he continued, pushing his orange-brown hair back. "At this rate we'll end up being one of the two team that survives yet doesn't have more than one or two jewels." He glared at me. "Have you found anyone yet?"

I had sensed Nyima's team, but they seemed exhausted. Nyima along with Ayawamat didn't appear to be with them right now either. Were they trying to buy them time to rest?

"No," I said. I shifted my eyes towards the south. "Actually there is a team over there, or rather two."

"Great," Guang said as she turned towards the south. "We can take both their jewels."

"We shall wait until they tire each other out," Xing said, grinning.

I scoffed. To think he has the gall to call himself more of a warrior than me.

"That's not very brave, but it might be the wise course of action," our fourth member said. Her name was Yanyu. She wore a jade bird-like mask along with her yellow armor.

Before we knew it, we came upon a girl with a scythe. She slashed down her enemies with ease and stole a yellow jewel from them. The Fuangians vanished after some time.

"Sis." She ran over to a girl with brown hair who was barely conscious. "Damn those Fuang jerks. How dare they hurt you?"

The brown haired girl smiled bitterly a

the first time you blush in reaction to my teasing. It's quite cute."

Sloane warped and appeared behind him. "Shut it, I said!"

"Stop it you two," Catriona said. She looked around. "Where's Danmall and D?"

"Ah, I sent them to get us another jewel as soon as I saw the scythe go flying into the air." He took out a red jewel. "We got this from Jeuan."

Xing walked over to Hal. "On second thought, hand over the other jewels you have."

"It's enough," I said, sighing. "We're lucky to finally have three."

He nearly slashed my head off with a razor wind. "Shut it weakling, I'm talking here."

Hal summoned his needles. "Allow me to take care of this one. You, what's your name?"

"Xing Dong."

"I see, well Mr. Dong, I want you to know that that person you just called weakling was the semi-finalist of our little tournament on the road to Kyuu Seishin."

Xing snickered. "I'm well aware of that, as I told him before, that means little. The guy couldn't even be number one, and the team of that number one has already been eliminated by you."

Hal threw needles at him but he dodged. Xing moved quickly. Hal spat out blood while Xing stood behind him. "What was that?" Hal asked, eyes wide. He stared at his hands and noticed that the red jewel was gone.

"Xing might be a big mouth, but he can back up his words," Guang said, grinning. "Come on Xing, get the jewel and let's go. We entered this event to fight strong people and so far we've only encounter weaklings."

"Hand over the red jewel, loser," Xing said, grinning

Hal raised his hand, revealing the jewel.

"Thanks for the third jewel, loser!" Xing said as he snatched the red marble from him.

Hal grinned and stabbed him with poisonous needles. Wires appeared around Xing.

"I might not be as strong as An or Arima, but I do have brains!" Hal said, grinning.

Xing's face became as snow pale as he staggered back. "Damn, how could I have..."

Hal took back the red jewel and turned around. "Let's go you two!" The three Hoinians jumped into the trees and ran for it.

"No, come back!" Xing yelled. He moved causing the wires to cut him and injecting him with more poison.

"Stop it!" I yelled. I cut down the wires with my sword and removed them completely from him.

"Follow them you three," he said, grunting.

I took out a potion from my pocket. "Here, drink this."

"What the heck is this? Stop delaying and get me that antidote!"

"This is the antidote. Hal is my teammate, and roommate at school. These past few months he taught me a lot about poisons and venom. The venom he injected you with is simple."

Xing raised an eyebrow. "Y-you can tell by just looking?"

My eyes glowed bright purple. "My psychic powers tell me so."

"Nymphaea Nouchali!" I heard a familiar voice yell from deeper in the forest.

I put away my sword and ran toward the direction of the scream. "Guang, Yanyu, take care of Xing! He should be fine in an hour or so! I'm going to go find us the red and white jewels we need," I yelled.

"Take care," Yanyu said as she picked up Xing into her arms.

"I will!"

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