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Kun and I gathered sticks that had fallen around the nearby forest floor to use for our camp fire. Well, while they were technically 'sticks' compared to the trees they came from, they could easily be considered logs due to their thickness.

Kun spun around without warning. "Do you feel that?" he asked.

I nodded. "Yeah, someone is heading in the direction of the camp."

"We better hurry back," Kun said. He covered the two of us in a pillar of light and warped us back to the camp.

"Back so soon?" Yen asked.

"Seems like they didn't get any fish," Nyima said, leering at us.

"At least they got the fire wood," my big sis kindly pointed out.

Kun and I dropped the logs down over the pit we had made for last night's fire.

"We rushed back here as we felt someone coming," Kun said.

Nyima shifted her glance toward the wall. "Someone is heading over here?"

"They're coming at us like waves," Yuzuki said as she finished putting a towel over Orion's head. "Tahoma, and the others were knocked unconscious by the previous wave and we barely remained standing."

"Well, that battle with Tora must've drawn people to us. Those with strong sensors on their team will surely come to check out where all that prana was coming from," Hota said. He remained seated next to the pit like when Kun and I had left. He chuckled and rose a hand into the air. Pillars of earth rose into the air.

Yen, Kun, and I gasped. "This presence, it's..." we said in unison.

"Hold it!" a voice called out. Clumps of rock flew out of the pillars, targeting the one zipping through the air. "I come in peace!"

"Hold your fire!" Yen yelled, putting a hand in front of Hota.

Hikaru gasped as the person zipping through the air stopped on top one of the earth pillars.

"Well, that was quiet the welcome," our 'guest' said.

"Hal, what are you doing here?" Nyima asked.

"I just came back to repay a debt." He smiled at Yen. "I came to inform you that Adela's group is heading over here right now."

"Adela?" I asked, gasping.

He nodded. "Yup, and just because she has a thing for you doesn't mean that she'll go easy on you."

My face reddened. "I rather she not go easy on me because of that."

Nyima and Yuzuki stared at me in awe. "So you have been playing ignorant!" Nyima said.

I chuckled nervously.

Yuzuki sighed. "Wonder if you know how the two of us feel too," she whispered.

"Hey, speak for yourself! I am not in love with this idiot!" she said, pointing at me.

I sighed. This was why I pretended to be ignorant.

Ayawamat snickered. "I don't see what you girls see in that guy. He's an idiot and a weakling. Then again, I guess that you have a thing for attracting weaklings, huh, Yuzu?"

"Don't refer to me as that again," Yuzu said, shooting daggers at him.

Hal chuckled. "Well, perhaps it would've been best if I hadn't come." He turned around. "Welp. I better get going. They're be here in a few."

Yen stared at the basket of fruits in her hand. "I was going to make a tea for the others using this, but it seems we'll have to use it ourselves. Everyone, gather around and take a few, but only eat one." She looked up and smiled at Hal. "Thanks for the warning."

Hal turned around. "I-it's nothing."

Nyima chuckled as soon as he left. "Was he embarrassed?"

"Never seen that guy be embarrassed before," Zelde said before popping the fruit into her mouth.

"Nor have I," Wanikiya said as soon as he finished taking the fruit. He gasped. "My energy, I feel it returning."

"These are the berries that are used for the prana restoration pills," Yen said as she put down the basket for the rest of us to grab some.

"Ohh, like the kind th

wrist and moved the webbing away. "I said enough!"

"Let go of me, weakling!" he snapped. Trying to shake off my grip but I wasn't going to unhand him so easily.

"What's wrong with you? Don't you see that she's suffering? I know that she's our opponent but that's too much!"

"Tsk. You've always been a goody-two-shoes," he said.

"Thank you, Lei. But Ayawamat is right," Adela said as she looked up. The flames were now gone. "We are opponents right now."

"Aren't you the priestess of Xian?" Yuzuki asked as she, Hika, Kun, and Yen made their way over to us.

Hota, Zelde, and Wanikiya meanwhile continued to fend off Elliot.

Adela smiled as she stood up. "That I am. But even I must confess that I struggle walking the straight path." She covered her face with a hand and chuckled. "Especially in the midst of battle. I seem to lose sight of who I am."

"I sorta do too," I said with a faint smile. "I think it has to do with what happened all those years ago..."

"What did happen?" Nyima yelled as she rushed over.

"Hmph, excuses," Ayawamat said before launching a fist toward Adela's gut.

Adela blocked it with both her hands but the momentum from the fist still sent her light-weight body flying toward the now cooling lava.

Adela stopped herself in midair before she could collide against the steaming rocks. She grinned and launched a green sword at us, well more like Ayawamat.

The rest of us stepped aside.

"So this will be a one on one, eh?" Ayawamat said as he caught her sword.

"Sure. I've been meaning to cut you down a peg for awhile now!" Adela yelled as she crafted more verdant swords. They spun around her rapidly as she took to the air again.

It was pretty neat how she could fly without needing to use elemental magic to do so.

"Adela!" Elliot yelled as he took to the air as well. "You're going to fight that guy in a one on one? Is he that strong?"

"No, but considering his pride, I might as well grant him this privilege. I'll put him in his place," she said before sending her swords at Ayawamat.

**Solar Note: It's been awhile since I've updated this story. I have been focused on 'The Shadow of Justice' which I aim to finish by or prior to April 15th, 2019. After I've wrapped it up, expect more chapters of Descent of Darkness as my next goal is to wrap up this novel! Hope that you enjoyed the chapter, if so then please click on that star to show your love <3! Thoughts? Theories? Predictions?**

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