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   Chapter 71 NO.71

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I swung both my swords as fast at the platinum blond girl as fast as I could. However, the two attacks fazed through her as if she were a ghost.

"Tsk. F-u-l-g-u-r...D-r-a-co," I chanted. Two bolts flew out of my swords and slowly merged into a large yellow dragon. The dragon flew slowly toward the girl who simply vanished before it could hit him. My leg and arm movement might've been speed up but not my voice or my spells.

If only Nyima were here, she could just use her anti-space and anti-time ability to break the spell. Though, maybe she wouldn't have used it. It did seem as if she was reserving it as she didn't use it against the pink haired Toran in black. Then again, if she did use it, she would be neutralizing the powers of nearly half our team.

Looking back at it now, she made the right choice by not using it. Stella, Sirius, and Orion had thus far proven to be dependable mages in battle. Especially since the latter's time magic made up for his limited physical abilities and water magic.

I turned around and gasped. I stepped back as the girl swung her sword down at me. A cloud formed around me. I held my breath. I couldn't breathe the dust in or else I would risk setting off my asthma.

I held my swords overhead and blew away the dust and just in time too as the girl swung at me once again. Webbing, however, stopped her blade before it could even connect with my weapons or me.

This thread... could it be...

"Huh?" the girl asked.

I turned toward my left and saw that my suspicions were correct. Ayawamat held several strands of silk in his hands. He chuckled and walked toward us as if he owned the place.

"You owe me one, nerd," Ayawamat said as he yanked on the webbing, yanking the girl's weapon away.

Why wasn't he affected by the time spell? Had Sirius or Stella broken its effects on him? Or was it starting to weaken? Or maybe Nyima was on her way?

"Who ask...ed you... for help?" I asked, grumbling. "I... could...'ve... blocked... it... my...self."

The platinum blond Toran charged at Ayawamat but I held my foot out, causing her to trip to the ground. I grinned at my bully. "Th...ere, fa...vor re...paid."

Ayawamat squatted down next to her. "Not bad, nerd. Now, let's see if she has the jewel." He took a deep breath but the next thing he knew, the girl was gone. "Huh?"

Stella warped over to us and teleported us away from there. The pain only increased as time returned to normal for me.

"Duck you two!" Stella yelled.

We did as she said and hit the ground. But it wasn't enemy fire we were dodging. Rather it was Stella herself who threw a shuriken into the air even though there was no one in sight.

Had the girl gone invisible?

As if on cue, the platinum blond haired girl reappeared in the spot the shuriken was flying towards.

The girl gasped and held out a hand, stopping the shuriken just in time. "Not bad. How did you know I would appear there?"

"Got you!" someone yelled. She gasped as Sirius appeared out of a portal in the ground.

Sirius held the girl's legs firmly, preventing her from warping. "Lei, Ayawamat, help me out here!" he cried out as the Toran flailed around.

"Unhand me!"

I nodded. "Leiji!" I yelled. Golden chains shot out of my hands and wrapped aro

s. "We should fix these too. Can those of you who can move with ease help me get these back up again?"

Wanikiya, Kun, Yen, Ayawamat, Hota, Hikaru, and Nyima ran over to help her.

I began to make my way over to them, but stopped. I turned around and stared at the black jewel in Sirius' hands. We had managed to gain two jewels, meaning that we only needed two more to go.

I tilted my head as I stared at him. Nyima said that he reminded her of her father and someone else. I wasn't sure who that other person was, but he did remind me of someone. Someone who helped saved my life when I was a little kid.

I smiled and ran over to assist the others.

"Uh, shouldn't you lay down?" Nyima asked.

I waved my hand. "Nah, I've slept enough already, you even yelled about me about it. Remember?" I asked, grinning.

She smiled and pointed to the fire. "Can you help us get a fire started? Most of us didn't get to eat, so if you can, catch some fish too."

"So wood and fish, got it," I said. "But first..." I reached into my coat pocket and took out our azure jewel. "Hold on to this then. It'll be dangerous to go out by myself holding that."

Nyima took the jewel. "Good luck."

"I'll accompany you too," Kun said, striding over. "I want to make myself of some use.

"Then why not reinforce Wanikiya's wall with your earth powers?" Nyima asked.

Kun chuckled. "Already did."

Nyima glanced back at the silver wall all around us. "You did?"

"Yup! It's just not noticeable. Not until you give it a good whack!"

"So, Wani's ice is the fa?ade of the wall. Not a bad trick," I said, wrapping an arm around my big brother. "Uh, but what about Yen?"

I looked over my shoulder and saw that Yen was gathering the others who laid unconscious. The Torans really were as strong as the rumors said they were. Our Hoshi teammates truly did come through for us today. But now they were all exhausted. Another attack like that one and we might not last long enough to gather the remaining two jewels.

I shook my head. No, I need to have confidence in those of us who can still fight, even Ayawamat.

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