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Wanikiya's ice dragon flew over to the Aziean who had knocked out the Toran girl. The draconic shaped spell stuck and froze the Aziean boy's back. But soon the ice was cut down by his fellow members. The young man turned around and removed his hood. He had short brown hair and pale blue eyes.

He grinned at his teammates. "Thanks, Asu, Oma," he said. He turned his eyes back toward Wanikiya. "For one who lost easily to the crown prince of Kyuu Seishin, your spell sure packs a punch. Or maybe that just shows how strong he is."

Wanikiya smiled as ice prana danced around his hand. "Well, not to sound as if I'm making excuses, but I was at an elemental disadvantage," the Wahkanian prince said, shrugging.

A pair of black angelic wings appeared out of the Azien boy's black. He flew into the air and summoned a white wand. He pointed the wand down at us. A dark purple energy gathered around the tip of the wand. The air around the forming sphere of darkness cracked.

Orion threw several of the needle-like knives into the air, hitting the sphere at several spots. The energy sphere crackled and absorbed the needles. He smiled and walked over to Nyima and me. "Sorry...I hope you don't mind me using your powers again."

I didn't like being treated as a shield or a source of magic to launch through time, but Orion had pulled through for us with the Toran girl.

"It's fine," I said, holding my hand out to him.

Nyima stopped healing me and prepared a water spell. "Just be sure not to get us nearly killed this time."

"I'll be more careful this time," Orion said, taking a hold of our hands. He closed his eyes. "Azie's members fight differently than that Toran girl."

Time slowed around us again. Water and electric dragons flew out of the black sphere and grabbed its caster.

"What?" the boy yelled. The Aziean boy struggled to stay afloat and fell like a stone. He shielded himself with darkness as he crashed into the forest.

Orion opened his eyes and looked at me as if impressed. "Wow, so this is your Fulgur Draco. Yuzuki did say that it was different from typical Fulgur Draco's. It's very powerful, especially when mixed with your Aqua Draco, Nyima."

I smiled. I was lucky that it hit. I was still trying to get my aim right.

Nyima patted his back. "So that's what you were up to with your weapons. That was a good strategy."

He looked at her as if puzzled. "You really do look like my mom."

"Huh?" Nyima said, giving him a confused look.

He looked away. "My big sis told me that during the break. You look like our mother, I hadn't noticed it but she was right. Though, perhaps it's to be expected as you're from the same clan as her."

"Wait, you're a Taiyang too?"

He nodded. He pushed Nyima out of the way and took a blow to the side. One of the boy's teammates had stabbed him with a spear.

The girl knocked him to the ground with the pole of the lance. "Give me the jewel!" she yelled.

Nyima nearly gave me away by turning to look at me, but sh

you the full details later. What I can tell you is that Orion was hurt."

Yuzuki formed a portal in her hands. "Tell me where he is."

"He's alright now. Nyima is healing him," Yen said. "But if you really want to know, Lei can show you?"

"Huh?" I asked. I was fine with showing Yuzuki where Orion was, though admiringly, I was somewhat jealous to see how worried she was about him.

Yen took a step forward and summoned her wand. "Meanwhile, I'm going to help out Hikaru." She charged at the browned haired boy, only be slowed down.

"Get away," Hikaru said as he clashed swords with the boy.

The white haired girl warped over to my sister and stabbed her with her space shuriken. "Hand over your jewel!" she yelled.

"Yen!" I yelled. I ran over at lightning speed but was slowed down to a speed as fast as my normal running pace. I summoned my wand and transformed it into its dual sword form.

The hole with the pink, glass like film glowed and suddenly my speed increased. I tried to get the girl, but she warped away. I stopped and glanced over to my sister. I could feel her pain. I tried to not think about it as I picked her up.

"So, you have the jewel," the white haired girl said, reappearing behind me. She stabbed my back with a shuriken causing me to drop Yen and fall to the ground. Damn, Nyima was right, I kept getting hurt.

"Lei! Yen!" Kun yelled, rushing over.

He swung at the blond girl with his broad sword but she ducked and delivered a punch to his gut, sending him flying into Yuzuki.

I grunted as the pain intensified. It was no wonder that she had managed to last this long against our team even while her teammates fell one after the other. Though, I had to do something.

"Lei, run!" Yuzuki yelled.

I chuckled and held my sword in front of me. Wind swirled around me. "Since when have you known me to run, Yuzu? You know me, I face things head on!"

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed the chapter :3. Thoughts? Theories as to what might come next?**

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