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Our first night in the forest went by quietly, even though we were surrounded by the sound of explosions at one point. Yen had also apparently been caught by a trap of Hal's while gathering akoli but managed to negotiate her way out.

"Nice to see you've woken up," Sirius said with a smile. He was cooking some fish over an open fire.

I sat down next to the fire place and reached out for a fish but was slapped by Nyima. "You didn't wake up to help us," she said, scowling.

I rubbed my eyes. "You should've woken me up then."

"We tried," Hikaru said as he turned a fish. "You were in deep sleep, like usual."

"Brother, you should learn to wake up on your own by now," Yen said as she came out of the girls' tent.

I rolled my eyes. "Alright, alright, I get it."

"No you don't," Nyima said. "You just rolled your eyes at us!"

I reached in for a fish and bit it. "It's very delicious."

Nyima glared at me. "You just ate my fish too!"

I glanced up at her, she was clearly furious. I backed away. "It was a mistake, I-I was going to get the middle one."

"Stop fighting you two," Sirius said, sighing. "There's plenty more where those came from."

Nyima sighed. "Okay, but I'm only doing it because you remind me of Papa and that guy who saved me."

"Think I know who that guy that you're talking about is. He sorta saved me too," Sirius said with a shy smile.

"Guy who saved you?" I asked, looking over at Nyima.

Nyima nodded. "Yeah, during the Maho... You wouldn't know, would you?"


"Few remember it," she said, looking down at the fire.

I scratched my head in confusion. Why would no one recall the events of a Mahoulympics?

Before I could ask, Zelde and Wanikiya came running towards the camp. Wanikiya formed an ice wall as high as the shortest trees around the camp, which were as tall as a hundred feet. "Is everyone here?" Zelde asked.

"What's going on?" Nyima asked.

Stella came out of the girl's tent. "Two groups are coming here, isn't it? Assuming my sixth sense isn't off, they're coming from the north and the other from the south."

Sirius doused the fire in water. "Eat as fast as you can and prepare to fight," he said, getting up. He removed his glasses like he did when during the race. "Stella and I will each delay one."

"We're coming too," Yuzuki said. Orion followed his sister while Yuzuki followed Sirius.

"Why are they targeting us?" Hikaru asked, following his sister and Sirius.

"Obviously they must see us as either the weakest or the strongest," Ayawamat said.

The ice wall was cracked to the north by shuriken that vanished as soon as they touched the ground. They were odd looking shuriken, looking as if they contained the stars within them.

Nyima stopped eating and summoned her wand. "This spell...master, its Tora!" she yelled.

A crow lurched out of the dust towards Nyima.

"A familiar," she said as she avoided it.

Stella appeared behind Nyima and sent the creature flying out of the wall.

"Tsk," said a white haired woman as she passed through the shattered ice wall. She was dressed in white, long sleeved robes whose hems were decorated with golden symbols of the zodiac. She picked up the bird and narrowed h

oared across the forest and struck the girl. She shook her head and tried to snap her fingers but she couldn't stand the sound and shaking so she instead covered her ears. No matter what, the sound continued to hit her.

Orion opened his eyes and smiled. Nyima ran over to me and touched my back. A bright blue glow covered my upper body and closed my wound. Yen kept attacking the girl with her sound while Kun created an earth wall around her.

"Glacius Draco," Wanikiya chanted. The dragon moved around the girl and lightly touched her hands with its small claws, causing her hands to freeze over her ears.

"Check to see if she has the jewel," Orion said.

Zelde walked over and frisked the girl. "It seems that she doesn't have it."

The pink haired girl chuckled. "You'll never get it."

"Ahh, that's too bad," someone called out.

We looked up and caught sight of new arrivals, a group dressed in black cloaks with the symbol of a dragon with angel wings on them.

"So there was a second team after all," I said.

"About time they finally show themselves," Kun said.

Orion summoned some small barely visible needle like weapons in his fist.

"Azie," the Toran muttered to herself. She rewound time, undoing all the damage that my siblings had done. She charged at me. While I managed to block, the force of her kick sent me flying into Nyima.

She stared at her hands and realized that there was still ice on them. "Seems I'm growing fatigued. Oh well, this is a pleasant surprise." She snapped her hands free from the other and picked up her weapon. She snickered and backed up into the forest. "I better inform my team about the change in plans."

One of the black cloaked Azie mages flew down from the trees and slammed her into the ground. "You won't be going anywhere!" he said.

The girl tried to snap her fingers but she couldn't stop them from shaking. She gritted her teeth and closed her eyes.

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Momo Ohitsujiza- Sex: Female Age:? Nationality: Tora, member of the Hoshi clan Sign: Aries

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