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[Few moments earlier]

"B-brother, a-are you alright?" Danmall yelled as soon as Sloane returned me to our makeshift cabin.

Sloane put me down gently and threw Ulissis to the floor. "Dan, take care of Hal and make sure that the others don't come near this guy," she said in her usual cold demeanor.

Dan stared at the unconscious Ulissis. "I-isn't he a member from one of the teams Hal was talking to?"

Sloane nodded. "Yes, we're going to exchange him for their marble. But if that fails then at the very least he makes good bait."

Dan gasped. "Y-you can't do that!"

She narrowed her eyes at him and pointed her scythe at his neck. "Why not?"

I stared at the unconscious Ulissis and remembered that this wasn't the first time he had been used like this. Kitsune tried to use him along with Wanikiya and Hikaru as bargaining chips to force us out of Nine Petal. Sloane, she was no better than that guy.

"It's wrong," I responded as I sat up. "We shouldn't be going this far!"

Sloane scoffed. "Come on Hal, have you grown soft while in Nine Petal? We are mercenaries. Our mission always comes first. In this case, it's to win no matter what."

Dan gasped again. He held his head.

"Is something the matter?" Sloane asked.

Sweat rolled down Dan's face.

"Brother, are you okay?" I asked.

"M-mission, w-why do you focus so much on it? W-why can't we be friends?"

Sloane stepped back. "Is he alright? He's acting like one of my sister's puppets."

I put a hand on Dan's shoulder. "Calm down, Dan." I sighed. "I think that he might be suffering an episode. He did this before we departed, when I brought up a certain clan in Zionia," I said, avoiding mentioning the clan's name for fear of alerting him more.

"Why... why do you treat people as bait, as pawns?" he yelled.

"Pawns? I think he's become cray-cray."

"Don't call him crazy," I said, trying to avoid sounding angry. Sloane didn't like being ordered around.

Sloane scoffed. "Anyway, I'm off to check on my sister and her puppet. Hope they're fine."

Dan crawled over to Ulissis. "Hey, are you okay?" he asked.

Ulissis remained unconscious.

I leaned against the wall of our wooden cabin and sighed. To think that Sloane would go to these heights in order to win an event. Did she not trust in our skills? We didn't need to do this in order to win.

My big brother placed a hand on Ulissis' head. He gasped. "Agh," he said, pulling his hand away.

"Hey, what's wrong?" I asked. I stared at our hostage with suspicion. Did Ulissis plan something?

Brother rubbed his forehead. "I-it's my head. As s-soon as I t-touched U-Ulissis, I had a memory."

"A memory? Of what?"

He crossed his arms. He grunted. "I- I f-forgot..."

"You forgot it again?"

He chuckled nervously. "Y-yeah, s-seems like it."

I sighed. "Dan, don't go ahead remembering stuff and forgetting it the next moment." I stared at Ulissis and back at him. Why had Ulissis triggered that memory? Was he connected to him?

Ulissis opened his eyes and shot up. "Where am I?" He moved away from me as soon as he saw me. "Hal!" He stared at Dan. "And... who are you?"

"H-hey, I'm Danmall, but please call me Dan," Dan said, waving.

"Odd, I was thinking that perhaps you two were connected," I said, raising my hand to my mouth.

"Connected?" Ulissis asked. "Why? How? I don't recall ever meeting this guy until now."

"I haven't met him either," Dan said. He raised his hand and stared at it for a while. "It's not him for feels familiar, but his mana."

"Mana? That's the energy of the angels," Ulissis said. "Are you one too?"

Dan smiled. "So you're an angel yourself?"

"Yeah, from my dad's side of the family. My grandmother came from Amadeus, while my grandfather is said to come from two of the major branches of Kuroriku, the Raiyama and Kuroichi." He stared at his hand. "Though I'm a lame excuse for one, being unable to bear Alto's lightning."

Dan winced as soon as he heard the clan names. "Alto? You fought your own teammate?" he asked between grunts.

"Hey, are you alright?" Ulissis asked.

I chuckled.

"W-what's so funny?" Dan asked.

"Seeing you two strangers being concerned for one another. I mean, in addition to being strangers, you're also enemies right now," I responded.

"Well, first comes helping others," Ulissis said. "If we forget that then we become no better than H.E.H."

"Or that fox," I said.

Dan scre

lend me Duer. The two of us and Danmall can easily obtain the third jewel we need while you look over Hal."

"Wouldn't it be best if Dan did so?" she asked.

Sloane nodded. "Yes, but you're also tired. Or did you think I didn't notice?"

Catriona smiled. "Yeah, I am."

"Before you go, return Ulissis back, we gave you our marble!" Arima yelled.

Sloane turned around and lifted her scythe against her neck. "You dare order me around?"

Suddenly a bright light covered my entire team. Next thing we knew, we appeared near the entrance of the forest.

"Damn it all!" Onyx said. He glared at his Zelia and his brother. "Why did you give up so easily? We could've defeat them!"

"No, they were far too strong for us," Zelia said.

He stomped away. "Hurry up and call a cab, I want to go back to the hotel and rest."

"Guys," Ulissis said, running over to us. "Why are we here? Did we lose?"

Onyx shot a glare at Ulissis. "If it weren't for you then we could've at least retreated."

Alban smiled. "Who said we're out, little bro?"

"Huh?" Onyx asked, turning to look at his brother.

My childhood friend grinned. "Come on, did you forget how I've gotten money for us?"

"By stealing? Wait, did you steal their marble?" Onyx asked, grinning.

Alban shook his head. "Nope, but I did make a fake of ours."

I gasped and dug my hand into the pocket of my jeans where I remembered having put it. True enough, it was there. I chuckled, Alban must've placed the fake when he punched me in the chest. Guess it helped to have a one-time thief slash conman on our side.

"T-then why are we here?" Onyx asked.

"I teleported us," Adah said, grinning. "Did you truly think we'll lose that easily? Thankfully Sloane's sister made it easy to get close. It also helped that we sensed Ulissis coming our way. I needed to act before either of them noticed he had escaped. For now we should lay low and lick our wounds."

I turned toward my friend. "How did you escape?"

"Yeah," Arima said. "They didn't hurt you, did they?"

"No, my captors were rather nice. Hal and his brother pretty much allowed me to escape," he said, smiling. His smile slowly faded. "Sorry, for having gotten caught."

I turned over to look at Onyx.

Onyx grumbled. "Well, at least you got away and we're still in this. So I'll overlook your capture. Plus, I guess it was pretty brave of you to run into our enemy's spell like that. Stupid sure, but brave," the kid said as he turned his back to Ulissis.

Alban chuckled. "This kid!" he said, ruffling his little brother's hair.

"H-hey! You're embarrassing me, Alban!" he yelled as he swatted his brother's hand away.

The rest of us snickered. Tomorrow would be another day. It was only a matter of time before Sloane realized that we tricked her. When she did, she would surely return to enact her revenge... We had to be ready for that.

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed the chapter :3. Thoughts, theories?**

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