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The puppet leapt off its owner's back. It was a skinny humanoid puppet with shark like teeth. It moved slowly towards us, its joints cracking with each step.

"Attack them!" the girl said.

The puppet attacked the closest person to it which happened to be Alban. He block its attack and delivered a nice fist to the stomach, sending it flying into the forest behind its owner.

"Duer!" she yelled, running over to retrieve it.

"Where is that other person?" Arima said, looking around. "I can't sense their presence."

"What about Hal?" Ulissis said.

"That's right, Hal has his team's stone," I said. "Let's go after him."

"Go with them, Adah," Zelia said, staring down the puppeteer girl. "I can handle her on my own."

Adah stopped and chanted something under her breath. A horde of wasps emerged from the corroded trees. "Protect the freshman and Onyx," the insect mage ordered.

Zelia smiled at her sister. "So we're doing this together? She must be quite strong then."

The puppeteer chuckled as she picked up her puppet. "Duer, stand! Destroy those wasps!" The puppet charged at us on all fours. The thing grabbed the wasps with its hands. As soon as it touched the wasps, they vanished.

"Fly away!" Adah yelled. The wasps departed from her and flew deeper into the forest. "Follow them, they'll lead you to Hal!"

The puppet started to creak and came to a halt. An energy barrier covered it like a cocoon.

"What's going on?" I asked, leering at it. No matter, I just needed to stop whatever it was doing."Fulgur Draco!" A lightning dragon emerged from my hands and leapt towards the puppet. My spell vanished as soon as it touched the barrier. I stepped aside. "What in the world?"

"Is this the same kind of barrier as H.E.H. used?" Ulissis asked, stepping aside.

My arms ached. "No, this is different. The other one repealed, this one absorbs." Sparks flew across my arms and hands.

"Alto," Arima said. She was about to touch me but I pulled away.

"Don't get close! I'll shock you."

Ulissis grabbed my arm and the electricity vanished. He stared back at the barrier and charged after it.

"Stop!" I said. "It'll kill you!"

He didn't listen and continued to get closer to the barrier even as it started to discharge pillars of electric energy out.

"It's almost time," the girl said. She formed a barrier around her other barrier. "Sorry, but I can't allow you to interfere."

Zelia placed her hands on the ground. "Come forth." The ground glowed bright blue. The dragon she had used to ride here emerged once more. Was that what she was up to all this time?

Ulissis touched the first barrier and went inside. He reached in to the first. His eyes became pale. His whole body shook, like I had expected, it was too strong for him.

"Pull back!" Onyx yelled.

"Listen to us," Arima yelled. "It's too dangerous."

Alban ran after Ulissis. "Come back, Uli!"

The barrier buzzed around with energy. A beam shot out and hit Ulissis in the stomach. It sent him flying past us. Adah's wasps turned around and grabbed him.

"They can touch him," Arima said, perplexed. She turned around to look at the barrier. The barrier was half

too tempting to me."

"Whatever," Onyx said, sighing. "I just want to rest."

"What about Ulissis?" Arima asked.

"You can stay here and rest," Zelia said. "I'll go rescue Ulissis on my own."

"Sister," Adah said. "That woman doesn't seem like the type we can defeat on our own, even with the boost of power we got from the president."

Boost of power? Come to think of it, Bruno said that these girls kept to themselves, but in reality it's the opposite. Why did he say that, though? Could it have been the temporary effects of whatever power boost they got?

"I can't leave one of our own in the hands of someone who isn't beyond blackmail to win a competition rather than using her magic like she's supposed to!"

"She's right," Hal's teammate said. She lifted her head. "Let's continue."

Onyx kicked the ground.

Arima patted his head. "Hold on there, we're close. Once we've dealt with this issue, we can go find somewhere nice to rest."

The girl glanced at Arima. "You can sense we're near already?"

"Yes, my ghosts have told me. I'm surprised that you made your camp so close to ours."

"Hal was the one with the idea. Either we attack you first, or you're lured toward us. Either way, we would get your marble."

If Hal was that confident then there surely have to be traps around their hideout. Or they have other cards they've yet to play. Though this could very well be a trap in of itself. Should we trust her? But we need to find Ulissis.

"It's best if we keep our distance from her," I whispered to my teammates. "Just in case."

Adah nodded. "Yeah, we aren't sure what might happen. That sister of hers could also pop back up without warning."

Onyx gulped and held his older brother's hand. He jumped at the sound of owls hooting.

Alban tried his best not to laugh. "Don't worry, I'll protect you."

"Thanks, bro," he said, smiling. "And I'll protect you in turn!"

I chuckled. Wasn't he complaining about wanting to rest a moment ago? Oh well, best to let him have his moment.

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