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The well dressed, blue haired man chuckled. "Do not worry, Prince Kun told us about you," he said.

"P-prince Kun?" Arima asked.

"Wait, the triplets are royalty?" I shouted.

The proctor chuckled. "Yes, from their mother's side. For royals, they certainly are an odd bunch, aren't they? I guess it has to do with their upbringing in that tiny island nation. Now, do be careful about unveiling that fact to others. Since I can't teleport you away, I will allow you to enter through here." The gates to the forest swung wide open. "Good luck."

We slowly entered the forest. The forest was quite dense with giant two-hundred-and-fifty foot trees but which were spread far apart enough to allow thick growth on the forest floor. It certainly was great terrain for sneaking around.

Those teams with wood, wind, and earth users would have an easier time navigating around here. Fortunately, we had an earth user in Alban to help us.

Adah summoned a yellow sphere that resembled a hornet's nest. "Locate the closest team and return back once you've done so." A swarm of warps flew out of the sphere and spread across the forest. "Let's go and set up camp. My wasps will take care of finding us someone to battle."

Ulisis, Alban, and I gathered firewood while Adah and Onyx gather some berries from nearby bushes. Arima meanwhile went with Zelia to get water.

"Are those edible?" I asked.

Adah nodded. "My wasps told me that they lack toxins so we don't have to worry about poison. Now taste is another matter."

Ulissis took out a water bottle and cleaned some of the berries. Onyx grabbed one of the clean berries. Onyx coughed.

I slapped his back. "Are you alright?"

Onyx spat out a tiny seed."I'm fine... wow that was most sour thing I've ever tasted," the kid said.

"Maybe they'll taste better if cooked," Adah suggested.

Onyx sat down on the ground. "Can't we just find a deer or something? Ulissis, don't you have a gun as your wand? Hunt us some game will you?"

"Don't talk to him like that," I said. "He's not your servant."

Onyx glanced up at the stars. "He's rather useless though, I mean he doesn't have real magic so he can't attack anyone. The best use for him is to use him as a shield to block spells."

Ulissis sighed. "He's right. I might as well make myself useful and gather some food." He turned around and saw the girls we had sent off to fetch water running toward him.

"Hey, look what we found," Arima said. Zelia and her each carried two large yellow fish with white bellies.

Onyx's eyes lit up. "I wanted red meat but I'll settle for white meat! Someone start the fire."

"Everyone move aside," I said. I gathered sparks in my index and middle fingers and fired them at the wood Ulissis and I had gathered. Fire spread throughout the wood. I sat down next to the flame. Fire... my father and brother were powerful mages, yet I didn't feel like I could ever amount to anything. I was weak, I didn't even make it far in the representative tournament in Kyuu Seishin.

"Are you feeling well?" Ulissis said. He had his white hood over his face. Was he trying to conceal something

wn from the trees. Ulissis grabbed Arima and me as the wires fell. Adah and Zelia jumped back from the electrical current in the wires. Alban meanwhile shielded Onyx and himself by expanding his existing earth wall.

Adah's remaining wasps raced after Hal. He tried to get away but the wasps maneuvered through the forest faster and easier. He would have to defend.

Ulissis let go of Arima and me and snuck into the woods as Hal continued to attempt to overrun the wasps. The wasps went around Hal, forcing him to come back this way.

Suddenly, Ulissis jumped out and pointed his gun behind Hal's head. "Give up," Ulissis said. "You're done."

Hal grinned. "No I'm not. I got teammates left. Come out!" Two figures moved in the darkness only to disappear.

"Everyone, keep your guard up!" Arima yelled as she scanned the forest.

Adah shielded us with her wasps as one of the two got closer. "Apis Alvos!" The energy wasps dissolved into tiny hexagonal panels within her sphere. "Trabem Morsum!" Light green lasers fired off of the panels and into the darkness.

Ulissis abandoned Hal and dropped to the ground. Hal dropped to the ground and rolled away. The trees around them corroded as soon as the beams hit.

Would it have killed them if it had hit? Because that would've disqualified us. Or did it have a different effect on people than it did on trees?

Hal quickly stood up and ran deeper into the forest.

"What power?" a black haired girl said. Strapped on the girl's back was a puppet. The puppet's eyes lit up as she moved closer. "I think you've burned out your barrier though." She was right, the wasps had used up all of their energy firing those lasers.

Zelia stepped forward. "Looks like we won't be getting any sleep tonight."

Onyx winced as he opened his eyes. "Hoin really is going all out."

"Yeah," Alban said, keeping him close. "Stand back, little brother. The others and I will handle them. You just keep an eye out on our surroundings. We aren't sure who else might attack."

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed the chapter :3. Thoughts, theories?**

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