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[Hours Later]

"Papa is dinner almost ready?" Zafi asked, looking up at his daddy with those big eyes of his. "I wanna duel you!"

Hideo patted his head.

"Yeah. tell your siblings that dinner is almost ready!" Hideo said as the two of us prepared dinner in the kitchen of our hotel suite. I was staying at his place as I wanted to spend more time with the kids.

"Don't worry, I'll go fetch them," I said, drying my hands on a cloth towel. I ran out of the kitchen into a wide open living room with only a pair of sofas, a glass coffee table, and a large screen television.

Seated on one of the small sofas were my two younger kids. They were watching an animation about a card game. The same game their uncle Dan once used to play. Also sitting alongside them was Zydeco's son. He had wanted to play with my kids instead of going to the hospital, so I allowed him to. Plus, maybe it was for the best. He would've been distraught if he had seen his uncle Alto in the state that Sonata described he was in.

"Dinner is ready," I said.

None of them seemed to pay me any attention.

I sighed. It seemed that I needed to do to them what I once did when babysitting my nephews for Shin'en. I picked up the remote control, ready to push the off button.

"Let them watch it," Hideo said, grabbing my hand. He looked at the kids and smiled. "Their uncle was the same way. Only thing that could take his attention out of the television was when we told him we were making curry."

"Did someone say curry?" our kids said, turning around.

I sighed. "The three really love your curry, don't they?"

Hideo grinned. "Yup. Though it's still not as tasty as mom's."

Suddenly the doorbell rang.

I put down the control on the glass table and jogged over to the door. It was Zydeco and his family.

"Thanks for taking care of our little boy," Sonata said. She squatted down and smiled at her son. "Were you a good boy?"

"Yeah," he said, smiling.

"He spent most of the time watching a marathon of that show."

He turned back to the television and cried as the credits rolled. "I-I missed the end!"

"Don't worry, I got a DVD of it back home. I can bring it next time," Hideo said.

"Really? Thanks mister!"

Melody giggled. "Little brother must've really enjoyed it."

"I did," he said, fidgeting.

"Want to join us for dinner?" I asked. "We made enough to spare."

"Yeah, it'll be nice to have friends over... I mean..." Hideo said.

Zydeco chuckled. "So you do see as a friends."

Hideo crossed his arms and pouted just like he did when he was younger. "Maybe... I do."

Sonata giggled. "So it seems you didn't change completely."

"Who does?" he asked, shrugging. "I mean, Zydeco here is basically the same happy-go-lucky guy he is from when we first met."

"Yeah, he sure is," I said, smiling at Zydeco.

Zydeco scratched his face and blushed. "I guess I haven't. Though you two did change a lot. I mean, who would've figured that..." He stared at Zafi and his siblings and smiled at them.

"Yeah, Koukyuu was rather cold," Hideo said, averting his gaze.

"Was I?" I asked, tilting my head.

"Yeah, you were cold to me too when we first met," Zydeco said, fidgeting.

I lowered my head. Perhaps if I had been less cold, I could've...

I shook my head. It was too late now. Plus, I had decided to move on from him once and for all.

her hand didn't seem to have her team's marble, or at least was keeping it hidden.

"So, all of the countries in our continent are here?" Xue asked. "Then that means that there are twenty-three teams."

"It appears so," Vermeil said with a confidence smile.

"At least we don't have to worry about H.E.H.," Hal said with a slight smile. "I saw what they did to Eien. That Aida girl was ruthless, she not only hurt Eien but one of the Rian members too. Her teammate Hew also hurt Alto badly."

"Do you think they'll make it to the second round? Their continent is one of the ones with the most countries," An said.

"Who knows, but we should worry about now," I said. "Aren't we going to be camping during this event? Where is our equipment?"

"We'll have to rely on the elements," Xue said with a grin. "This our team's expertise. I do hope to see you make it to the second round."

Arima chuckled and said,"Well, we won't be left behind. I know my way around a forest."

Ulissis chuckled. "Helped that the three of us trained in a similar environment for several days."

"Yeah, the three of you, but my only camping experience is from when we were heading to Wahkan for the Nine Petal Entrance Exam," Alban said, leering at the forest.

I stared at a screen overhead. It seemed that only twenty-two out of the twenty-three countries in our region were participating this year. Assuming there wasn't a wild card, that meant only four countries would make it to the second part.

A blue haired man suddenly appeared in front of the entrance to the forest. "Teams of the continent of Tozan Hoshi, prepare to embark on a long journey. You are allowed to use all your powers for this event. Do recall that killing will not be accepted. You will now all be teleported to a different point of the forest and the mountain at the center of the forest."

Every team except for ours was teleported away. The man walked over to us. He gazed back and forth between us. "It appears that you have an anti-mage in your team."

Ulissis' eyes widened.

Alban, Arima, and I moved in front of him, prepared to shield him from being taken away.

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