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I collapsed near the entrance of the nearest hospital.

"Oww," Arima said, rubbing her bottom. "I told you that you didn't have to carry me all the way here."

I looked up but quickly looked back down. "Can you get off of me."

Arima got up and jumped away. "You didn't see anything did you?"

I shook my head. "Your leggings cover you well."

She slapped me. "Ah, sorry... at least it was you and not someone else."

What difference did it make if it was someone else? Or, did she just mean to say that it was a good thing that it was someone she trusted?

Arima grabbed my arm and put it around her neck. "You're let me repay the ride this time. We also need to get you checked. We aren't sure if that ointment that the president gave you has had its effect or not."

I smiled. "Thanks."

As soon as we entered the hospital, we came across Alban. "Come, follow me," he said. He had a stoic look in his face.

"Is something the matter?" I asked as a pit formed in my stomach.

"Alto, he hasn't woken up. He seems to be suffering from a high fever."

"Alto..." I said.

Alban escorted us to the check in desk and went let out a sigh. "Let me know how he's doing. I'll be taking your place in the next event, Arima." He put a hand on her shoulder. "You deserve the rest."

"Thanks, Alban," Arima said, trying to smile. Alban was right. Arima looked as drained as she would if she missed multiple days of sleep.

"The room is on the second floor, it's 201. You shouldn't miss it if you take the elevator there, it's the one to the right on the way out."

"Hey, Ulissis!" a familiar voice called out. I turned around and saw Lei, Adela, Nyima, Iah, and Yen.

Alban chuckled. "Are you here to visit Alto even though he's your rival?"

Iah scoffed. "He might be our rival for these games, but he's ultimately our friend."

"Yeah," Lei said, grinning.

"I'm assuming that you're off to the next event?" Nyima asked. "The others wanted to come too, but they needed to handle that."

"Yeah," Alban said, sigh. "Take care of Alto in my place, okay?"

"You got it!" Lei said as he ran for the elevator.


The seven of us followed Alban's directions and quickly found Alto's room. When we arrived a tall, muscular, blue haired man in his early to mid twenties stepped out of the room. It was Zydeco

"Papa, will uncle be fine?" the little girl holding the man's hand said. She stared down at her white dress.

"I'm sure he will be. Your uncle is strong. Plus, your-" He turned to look at us. "Oh, it's you guys. Here to see my brother?" Zydeco had a sad look was in the room.

"Yeah," Lei said. He tilted his head. "Is something the matter?"

"Alto," Arima said before rushing over to the door. She opened it and found Sonata inside. She was putting a wet towel over Alto.

"Arima," Sonata said, turning her attention over to her. She eyed the rest of

that your mom brought you over to play at my place. Even though your dad never seemed fond of the idea. Say, why does he seem to hate mages?"

I bit my lip. "I... I'm not sure. I've thought of asking, but never dared to. I barely know about his past. Most of them being things I heard from mom. However, the way he acts, it's possible that he experienced something life altering much like Zydeco and Alto's dad did."

"He wasn't part of a war like Mr. Opus, was he?"

"Not sure. Mom told us that Dad's coldness told us was likely due to not having been raised with a dad. So he didn't know how to act as one. Grandmother had to take care of him and my aunt Akari all by herself."

"I see... I had no idea."

"I did hear that my grandfather reappeared. Though I've yet to meet him. Dad doesn't wish to see him. Though his issues with his dad don't explain his hatred for mages... Though maybe it's jealousy. Dad had chosen to live in this realm to learn magic, only to discover that he couldn't use it. He was born with a defective Magicum Organum."

"That had to have been hard on him."

I nodded. "Yeah, especially as he had the same dream Lei now has, to become the next Magus Maximus. My inability to use magic has made me be able to relate to him some more. One time, I even felt jealous of Alto."

"You mean when you yelled at him because he was pressuring you to take the entrance exam?"

I nodded. "Yeah... I was angry at him too. For not seeming to understand my situation. To be born without magic, yet inhabit a world of magic... It's like a fish with defective gills. One feels suffocated to death. I bet that Lei feels that way too about his own situation, perhaps in a more literal sense."

I closed my eyes and recalled Lei's response to Sarah's warning about H.E.H.. Lei, he wasn't afraid. I could only wish that I was that brave...

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed this chapter :). Thoughts on Ulissis and co.?**

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