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I returned my attention to the track. Alban, with a white card in the air, was running over to Alto. It seemed that Alto was running out of steam, making him unable to finish the rest of his section of the course.

Alto smiled. "Thanks, Alban." He came to a halt and stretched out his hand to him, but just before he could hand him the baton, he started to fall forward.

"Alto, are you alright, buddy?" Alban asked, arriving in time to catch him.

"Y-yeah, just tired is all. Go on, run!"

"I can't leave you here, alone."

I glanced up at the announcer. "Hey, if it's not a bother, could you take me over to my teammates. I'll like to out Alto."

"Alright," the announcer said. She formed a water bubble around me which for some reason didn't vanish unlike other spells. Though I was glad that it worked.

"I'll take care of him," I yelled from the air as my bubble zipped over to Alban and Alto. "So don't worry and run with all you got! I'll take care of the distance Alto had left to go. You run the five miles you have to."

Alban looked over at Alto with concern but forced himself to look away. "Alright..." He ran off at blazing speeds. Though it seemed that his attention was more on H.E.H.'s member as he kept his eyes locked on him. He raised his hand, causing a wall of earth to appear in front of their latest runner..

The H.E.H runner slammed his hands again the wall and winced.

Alban chuckled and ran on ahead. I should've known that he would try something like that. He was a former gangster after all. Payback was a thing he was used to dishing out, even if it was merely to someone connected to the one who hurt his gang.

I sighed and took the bubble back to my new position.

"You sure that you're fine?" I asked, staring at him. I gapsed as I felt something warm against my hand. It was blood. Blood was oozing out of his side!

"Alto, this wound..."

Alto laughed drunkily. "Don't, worry... Uli..." He leaned to the side and collapsed against the floor of he bubble. His blood began to stain the water making up the bubble red.

"Alto!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. "Alto! Get up! Alto!" I wanted to shake him to try wake him, but that would only have made things worse. "Alto..." I felled to my knees as the bubble descended. "Hold on, please, just hold on a bit more!"

"Let me heal him!" I turned and saw Adela and Yen flying over to us. Adela held some herbs in her hand. She stared at the wound and gasped. "This... that guy hurt him more than he should've."

"Wait," Yen said. "You aren't allowed to heal a rival team member."

Adela crushed the herbs in her hands. "What kind of rules are these? First I couldn't aid Lei, and now I can't aid Alto. Frankly I don't care anymore! I can't let a friend die."

Alto raised a hand and forced a smile. "I'll... be fine."

"Alto!" Alban yelled. I gasped. He had finished that in such short time? Perhaps I was wrong about him. Perhaps Alban is more fit than I gave him credit for.

"How could he be this injured, though?" I asked. "I only saw that guy push him."

"That guy from H.E.H. he returned his magic attacks to him using some kind of invisible barrier spell," Alban said, furrowing his brow. He reached his hand out to Adela. "The herbs, please."

Adela handed the crushed herbs over. Alban raised Alto's shirt. The wound was deep. He quickly applied the herbs over t

W-was she even normal? Her wound, it was already healed!

Eien refused to stand down. "Don't protect her, Ashynna. This is my match, you're done with this event. Go back to the finish line and wait for me to cross through it." He covered himself in ice. "My last spell...I didn't' expect that I'll be pushed this far."

Aida turned to the other runners and ran on ahead. "I've wasted too much time on you, fox."

Eien snapped. Ice froze the track, as in the entire five mile stretch and all the area in between. Everyone turned their attention back Eien and Aida. "You won't go anywhere." The flames that were blocking Aida attacked her at once, burning her skin.

Aida grunted in pain. "Ugh, such a persistent man."

"Ulissis!" Arima yelled as she shattered the ice underneath her feet using her spirits. She walked over to him, careful to avoid slipping. The other runners were also walking, all of them unused to walking on ice. She handed me the baton before walking over to the side. "Be careful, very careful... Eien and Aida are both dangerous. Get far from here and win this, okay?"

"Just wait for me at the finish line, alright?" I said with a smile. I tugged on my hoodie and ran across the ice. The ice below my feet vanished as soon as I stepped on it, not even transitioning to water before doing so. What was my magic? Was I really an anti-magic mage like Eien had once suggested I was?

I glanced over at a white skyscraper and spotted a white haired man looking down at me though a pair of binoculars. He had a slight smile on his face. He wore white and red armor with twin gun holsters. Guns that could neutralize magic at that. He grinned as soon as we locked eyes.

Father, did you know? Was that why he warned me not to go to school? But, why is he suddenly smiling now? What are you planning, dad? Have you not given up on your goal yet? To eradicate this world for that which it is known for? Magic.

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoy this chapter :). Originally this one was to be longer, far longer, so I divided it into three parts (might turn out to be four in the end). In fact, the Ulissis part of the last chapter was originally part of said long chapter. Probably was like 6K+ words... Thoughts on Ulissis, Aida, and Eien?**

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