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"Every team member will be placed differently," the announcer said as her bubble neared the runners. "The teams with only three or four members can choose racers to run the stretches they lack teammates for after the third or fourth stretch respectively."

Everyone except for Adela, Iah, Ashynna, Yen, Ulissis, a white haired, blue eyed boy called Marshall, and the green haired H.E.H. girl whose name was Aida, were warped away into different areas of the track.

"I'll run through the rules quickly. First off you are only allowed to use three spells. You aren't allowed to use space, time, or teleportation magic. Second you will each be given a baton with the flag of your country. You aren't allowed to throw the baton or roll it over to your next member. The third rule which relates to the first is that you are allowed to eliminate members by using your magic."

I glanced up at the big screen televisions spread throughout the stadium. The camera zoomed into the five who stayed back as they were handed a baton that resembled their flags.

"Get into your positions. Get ready...and start!" Adela, Yen, and Ashynna bolted out of the starting line while Iah and Aida started off slowly. Everyone else ran at a more moderate pace.

"What's with your team member?" I asked, turning to Azure.

Azure looked up and smiled. "'Buy your time, your opponent will tire soon enough'," he said, most likely reciting someone else's words. "Though cousin originally planned to have Darin run the first part... wonder why he switched spots."

"I bet it was cause he wanted to race Adela," Celeste said, giggling.

Right, those two mentioned having had a rivalry since kids.

Lei stood up. "Sister, slow down!" he yelled.

"She can't hear you," Eu said. "You might not have noticed, but since the race began, a one way sound proof barrier was put up. We can hear them, but they can't hear us."

"So our cheers are for nothing?" I asked.

"The sentiment is still there, though," Lei's uncle said, chuckling.

"Damn," Lei said. "Sis... slow down, don't exhaust yourself... that strategy... Iah used it against me when we first fought didn't he?"

"Seems that way," I said, nodding. "He kept taunting you to exhaust yourself... and he did the same with me." I chuckled. "In the end we were too much for him, as he was exhausted himself."

Lei nodded. "Right, Iah had to use a lot of energy to block our onslaughts."

"No way," Azure said, his eyes big. "You two are that strong?"

"You battled Iah?" Celeste asked, as intrigued as Azure. "So one of you two defeated my cousin?"

"It was me," Nyima said.

Celeste smiled at Astra. "I see you have quite the teacher."

Astra ate some popcorn that I had brought her on the way here. "Shh, papa should appear soon."

She was right, Yen was rapidly nearing the four mile mark of the first five mile stretch whose marker was near a museum. Sirius was ready to receive the baton. But Yen's speed was quickly starting to drop.

I turned my attention back to Iah who was far behind everyone else, having barely passed the one mile mark. He removed something from his wrists that caused dust clouds to cover his section of the track. He moved faster than I had ever seen him move. About as

efa, right?"

"That's correct. You were incredible out there, by the way!" I said.

She stared at the race. The man from Wahkan was handing the baton to Orion. "Those Wahkanians...I didn't expect them to have so many Hoshi on their team."

"Hoshi? Are they a strong clan?"

"Oh yes," she said. "While their numbers have dwindled, their people are still very powerful. The most renown Hoshi family leads Tora, a nation that is said to have been founded by a couple from a foreign universe."

Foreign universe? What? Wait, was that the reason they possessed such rare powers like warping space and time?

"According to ancient Kyuu Seishinian legend, they were deemed too strong by the fourth Magus Maximus. The power of the Hoshi made Tora the strongest nation of the alliance formed by the second Magus Maximus which had persisted up to her ascension to the throne. A throne that is said to have belonged to the Huo wife of the second Emperor, a member of the Wudi clan."

"The Wudi?"

"As you probably have learned, the Wudi and my clan hate one another. This legend explains the rivalry between our two clans. The Hoshi led Tora, Wudi led Mina, Xian, Wahkan, Shui led Sera, and Kyu Hyaku led Kyuu Seishin were once said to have been allies. Once the fourth Magus Maximus overthrew the previous Emperor and killed the former second Emperor, the alliance was in doubt, as to be expected after going against the ones who formed the alliance. The Hoshi no longer had any restraints to their ambitions... nor did the Fourth."

"I have also heard that tale before," Iah said as he walked in unannounced.

Ashynna backed away and bowed slightly. "The future prince of the Wudi, nice to meet you."

"Don't fear me, I won't hurt you."

"Why are you all gathering here?" Yen said.

"Tell us," Adela said with a playful smile.

"It's nothing," Ashynna said, turning her back to them. She vanished in a pillar of light.

"Wait, I thought that no teleportation magic was allowed!" I said, dumbfound.

"During the race," Iah said. "She's done her part. As have I."

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed this chapter :3. Thoughts on the race thus far?**

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