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"Have you decided on who is participating?" Lei asked. In his hands were two cups of coffee. We had been given two hours to rest before the next event. On the table before me was a list of the possible five. "Do you need help figuring things out?"

I grabbed the papers and fixed them. "Sit down if you want," I said, avoiding looking at him directly.

Lei sat down and placed his second coffee on my side. He directed his eyes at the arena to the east. "Zelde and my siblings are the fastest ones I know on our team. Since this race has trust and teamwork as key components alongside being fast, we should pick members who are close to one another."

I wrote notes down. "Close? Well, the ones that fit that definition are Hikaru, Zelde, Wanikiya, Yen, Kun, and you. There's also Orion and Yuzuki. More so Yuzuki as she has a history with you all of you. Though, what is her power?"

"Yuzuki can use space magic just like Stella," Lei said as he raised his coffee cup to take a sip.

"Hey, don't mind me asking, but how did you two meet?"

"I thought you already knew," he said, putting his cup back down. "We lived together for some time. Her grandparents helped my parents out so my parents repaid the favor by taking care of their kids when they left."

"They left?" Right, I think I recall hearing something about on the harbor back in Nine Petal...

Lei mixed his coffee around with his straw. "Uh, we should decide on those five, we're running out of time. Hmm, how about Stella and Sirius? Those two are a married couple."

I glanced back down at my notes. He had a point. Assuming their marriage was a sound one, there had to be a crucial amount of trust between them. It also looked as if they shared similar roles when it came to caring for Astra's needs. Rather than dividing up the task into different roles like was usual.

"Having some trouble?" Stella walked over to us with her little girl following close behind. Astra held a pair of flowers, one blue and one green. "Oh, it seems Astra has something for you."

Astra shyly extended the green flower to Lei. Lei took the flower and smiled. "Thanks." Astra smiled back before turning to look at me. Still smiling, she handed me the blue flower.

I patted her head and smiled. "Thanks a lot, Astra."

"Are you unable to decide on who's going next?" Stella asked. While we were distracted with Astra's flowers, she had taken the chance to review my notes by looking over Lei's shoulder.

"Lei was just recommending your husband and you for the race."

Stella laughed. "My husband would love that. Despite his looks, he's actually great at running. But I'm not sure about it, he'll end up drawing a lot of attention to himself." She grabbed the paper and wrote down a couple of notes. "The ideal team I think would be you two, Hikaru, Yuzuki, and Orion."

"Why us?" Lei said.

"You're close to Yuzuki and Hikaru aren't you? Also, it seems you're close to Nyima here. Yuzuki in turn is close to you and my brother from the look of things."

Lei shook his head and sighed. "I can't participate. I will simply drag you down."

Stella gasped. "Why do you say that? Are you still hurt?"

He placed his hands over his chest. "My asthma will likely kick in."

"But you've ran long distances before," I said, reclining my right elbow against the table. "I don't see what the difference between running from the bridge to Mahpiya and this is."

"I..." Lei said, looking down. His eyes seemed sad. Despite having won, his spirit was crushed. It was as if he had lost his match against Gat. Paradoxically, perhaps if he had lost, especially before having lost control, he would've been more upbeat.

I placed a hand over Lei's. "You won't lost control again."

Lei kept his eyes down. My heart began to ache the longer I stared at his melancholy face.

Stella crossed out Lei, Hikaru, and me from the list. "In that case the two of us will replace you two, while Yen will be the fifth member taking Hikaru's place. That way, those of us who have not had a chance participate will get to show off what we're capable of, even though I really hope that Sirius doesn't."

"Why are you so afraid?" Lei asked as he looked up. He chuckled cynically. "Don't tell me that you're afraid people will fall for your husband and steal him from you."

Stella pointed the p

and Azure. "I'm going back to my country's group too. Bye Serein, Astra."

"Those two's students are a little too smart for their age," Lei said, giggling.

"I'm smot too," Serein said as he held a piece of honey chicken in his tiny hands.

Lei laughed. "Maybe I should teach you how to speak first. Sit down, our first lesson will start soon."

I drank my now somewhat tepid coffee. I finally had one, I finally had a student! Though, had I gone on ahead and ruined her life by having made a pact with her? I hoped not.

Lei looked around as he sat back down to eat. "Say, Serein. Did you leave Raul behind?"

"He's playing with Azu's big in park," Serein said as he finished eating his piece of honey chicken.

"Azu's big? Do you mean his older siblings?" I asked.

Serein nodded. "That!"

"Well, I better go find him," Lei said as he picked up his container of honey chicken. "I told Eri that I would watch over you. Stay here with Nyima and the others."

"Me go go too!" Serein said as he grabbed his tiny container of chicken.

I sighed and grabbed my food as well. "Let me accompany you. I'll watch over Serein while you search for Raul with those eyes of yours."

Lei chuckled. "Hey, did anyone ever say you're genius?"

My face reddened. "Uh, not specifically."

He ran over to the large glass windows and peered at the park between the building we were in and the nearby stadium. "I see him! Though... he seems to be talking to someone."

"Who?" Serein said, running over.

"He looks familiar," Lei said, tilting his head. "I think I met him before back at Nine Petal."

"Is he a friend or a foe?"

"I think a friend. A friend, that's right! He's the friend of Koukyuu! The one who appeared during my first class with Mr. Obi! Oh, also the guy who shot at Kitsune! Not sure if you recall..."

"Guy who shot at..." I recalled, but I also remembered something else. A memory from the Kyuu Seishin games from around eight years ago. An embarrassing and somewhat frightening one at that.

"Hmmm, come to think about it, I think I might've met him prior to that too," Lei said before chowing down on his chicken. He turned around. "Hey, Stella. If it's alright, can you teleport us down there?"

Stella nodded and opened a portal. "Go on ahead!"

"Thanks!" Lei said, grabbing Serein's hand and entering the portal.

I turned around and gulped. I really didn't want to see that guy again. What if he realized that I was the one who spilled juice over his cape all those years ago? Nah, surely he had gotten over it... Then again, the guy did point his gun at me when I was a kid...

Gahh! I can't let Lei go meet him! That guy has a knack for rubbing people the wrong way! If that jerk is still as unhinged as when I was a kid, he'll surely hurt Lei!

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed this chapter :3. Thoughts on Nyima, Astra, Serein and Lei?**

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