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Mina easily dispatched our opponents for this round. It was a tiny country in the southern continent, a land consisting mostly of ice mages. Knowing that, we had our two Vermilion Bird emblem members, one of our two Black Warrior emblem members, Orichalcum (our lone White Tiger Emblem member), and me (the lone Yellow Dragon emblem member) dispatch them.

"What event are we participating in next?" Azure asked as he turned to look at me.

I looked down at our schedule. "We signed up for the Race of Trust." I laughed. "You probably wish you were a part of this, eh?"

Azure nodded shyly. "Y-yeah!"

I patted his head. "Wait a few years and you'll be able to."

"It's time to kick some tails!" Scarlet said.

Scarlet was a red haired young man with short red hair but long bangs that covered part of his face. He wore feather earrings and had the signature redish-golden bird-like eyes of a Vermilion Bird branch memeber. He was also Azure's maternal uncle. He was probably the third youngest amongst us in the tournament to have become a parent, with Same and Sirius beating him.

Though he was actually older than a lot of the people here, but had spent all those years in suspended animation

"Papa," a two year old boy said.

"So the race is next," Miaya said as she handed Azure's cousin over to Scarlet. Just like Azure, Aoitsuki, and my ex, Miaya was born with the Dragon of the East emblem. "For that we need five, so who will it be?"

"Please let me participate," Isabelle said, grinning.

"Sure," I said, smiling.

"I want to join too," my ex said.

"I hope it's not as difficult as the first race we did," Scarlet said as he shook his son's rattle. "That race was impossible. No one made it to the end except for those two from the Fire clan."

"Those two huh?" Nyima said.

I leered at her and chuckled. "Shouldn't you be talking to your team about your next event?" I said, putting my hands on my hips. "Don't spy on others."

She rolled her eyes. "I'm not spying. Besides it's not like we know the exact details of this year's race. So you two have met the Hou clan leader and his wife?"

Scarlet nodded. "Yeah. I raced against that pair and I also fought against their leader in the Fight of the Flames. He didn't break a sweat on anyone before. Though even I couldn't do much. I barely managed to land two hits on him."

"That man's kids are equally impressive," I said, chuckling as I recalled our training job. "Their eldest child, Keanu, managed to lift a small mountain worth of earth even though he barely knew how to control it."

"I thought that was because of your teaching," Nyima said, eyes wide.

I shook my head. "I only taught him how to focus his energy on one single pebble. He was the one who took the next step, or rather leap of turning it into a boulder."

"I'm sure that I'll be stronger than the Hou's leader one day," Eien said unannounced. He had no scars or bruises left over from his battle with Zelde.

"Don't be so smug," Zelde said. "Anyways, Nyima we need to decide on our five."

Nyima looked sad. "I think that we should leave

grinned. "Hey, I was pumped! You know how I can get when I'm having fun."

I nodded. "Yeah, you start to lose control over your powers."

"Hey, let's go check out the site of the next event!" Wanikiya yelled to his team.

"Sounds like a good idea," Sirius said as he carried Astra on his shoulders.

Wahkan's team left the arena as fast as they could. The rest of us followed after them.

We didn't have to travel very far, though. In front of the stadium was a large lake with floating wood bridges forming a section of a road. Though the floating bridges were only a small portion of the overall race track. It spanned on toward another arena where more of the track laid, but even then it likely continued on further. This was a twenty-five mile race after all.

"Woah, mom was right," I heard Lei say. Lei was already up and running. When had he woken up?

"Lei," I said. "Are you alright? Shouldn't you be resting?"

He gave me a smug look. "I am fine. Somehow my energy managed to restore itself rapidly. I didn't even need to take an energy supplement."

Nyima raises her shoulders. "I didn't heal him fully. I had to use some of my own spare energy to heal him. I took an energy supplement to speed up my energy recovery. I'm not sure how Lei managed to heal so quickly. Even his wounds are completely gone."

"Let's not worry about that," Lei said, grinning. "So who is going to be racing? Tell me I'm one of the five!"

Nyima gave him a disapproving look.

He looked down at the water. "Oh... that's fine. Uh... well good luck. I'll be cheering you on. Oh, and Adela I'll also be cheering Xian to get second, and for you, Iah, I'll be cheering you guys to get third."

Adela and Nyima laughed.

"It's the opposite," I said, wagging my finger at him. "We'll be first, Xian will be second, you will be third."

Adela shook her head. "No, it's us first, Wahkan second, and you third."

I chuckled. "We'll see about that!"

**Solar Note: I know that much happened in this transitional chapter, but I hope that you enjoyed it all the same ^_^. **

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