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"So you're one of the three lights I sensed here, " the woman in white said in a low voice.

"Are you referring to light users? I know that there's Nyima and me. Though I thought there'll be more than four of us."

"Not that. That girl is not one of the three I was referring to." She drew out a sword from her cloak's sleeve. "Tell me your name."

"It's Hikaru no Mikoto."

The woman's blue eyes shook behind the mask with curiosity. "You're a Mikoto? Do you have any relation to the Kami who created this world?"

I remained silent. Brother told me not to say anything, I was intent on following that promise. "How about we stop talking and start fighting. Luci Draco." A light dragon emerged from my hand much like Zelde's fire dragon did. I swung the dragon towards her as if it were a chain.

The woman grabbed a hold of the dragon and crushed it with her bare hands. "I see you have yet to awaken. I myself hadn't awaken until four months ago."

I had no idea what she was talking about.

I stopped paying attention to her. "Pulsus Lux Splendens, " I chanted. Waves of light emitted from my hands and feet. The ground before the soles of my shoes turned into dust. I floated in midair, watching the girl in the mask. She didn't move. Was she betting on my making the first move?

The girl leaped suddenly. "Pulsus Lux Splendens." The same waves of light emitted from her. "Hikaru, is this as far as your light magic goes?"

Soft feathers started to emerge on my back. I tried to calm down. I sent waves of light in all directions.

"Is this magic?" the girl said. She backed away as her waves of light were destroyed by mine.

I gasped for air and held it in before going in for the kill. I punched the floor and unleashed another wave of light. She grabbed my arms before I could knock her out. "Time powers? Are you perhaps a-"

My eyes widened. Why wasn't she affected by my magic? Wait, her cloak, it was the same as what Kun wore when we met on the day of the entrance exam. Kun had somehow remained unaffected by my temporal magic. Was it their cloaks which protected them from my magic? Or perhaps their masks?

I pulled my arm out of her grasp and threw more waves of light at her. She closed her eyes and unleashed her own. I was sent flying into the ceiling of the barrier.

I grunted and pushed my legs against the barrier. I summoned my wand and transformed it into its gauntlet form and struck the ground, unleashing a wave of light everywhere.

"Hmm, how odd, " the young woman said as she jumped into the air.

"What is?" I asked as I flew after her.

"Eien made you come off a wimp. Yet look at the damage you've made to the battlefield."

I floated higher and saw the various craters my bursts of light had made. I chuckled. "Did Eien think that I wasn't going to train? I'm no longer the same person I was during the freshman exchange tournament!"

She chuckled and vanished from sight. I felt a fox tail coil around me. My eyes widened. Ima


Master chuckled. "What's with that reaction? Also, do you mind telling me who is this 'Satoru' guy? My son's wife asked the same question at some point too."

Koukyuu put a hand on Hideo's shoulders. "Calm down. I've known Sato for years now. He's the father of Lucette, so he's too old to be Satoru."

Master laughed nervously. "Old?"

Hideo chuckled. "Really? Sorry about that. It's just that you reminded me a lot of a certain demon fox."

"A demon? Do I look like a demon?" Master asked.

"You're sorta act like one, " I mumbled, remembering his grueling training sessions.

Master shot me a glare. "Seems that I need to teach you a lesson, especially after that pathetic performance."

"So, Sato, mind telling Hideo and me what you know about the abyss?" Koukyuu asked. "We're looking for a way into that realm but all known portals are closed. Especially after the incident with the ruins at Nine Petal Island."

"I wish I knew how to assess it, if I did I would've recovered Maya by now."

Hideo lowered his head. "So... you lost someone close to you to..."

Master nodded and glanced back at the television. "Yes, but like I told my student here, I'm sure that my daughter will be fine. She is a fighter. At the same time she also has her blood to protect her."

"Her blood?" my aunt asked.

Master scratched his ear and grinned. "Yeah, you could say that my lineage is special. Even with Lucette's light prana attracting the beings of abyss, she should be safe thanks to said blood."

"Does it repeal them?"

"No, rather it protects her. She should be able to..."

"To what?" Hideo asked, curiosity spilling over.

"Control them."

"Control them?" Koukyuu asked. She gasped. "Wait, are you perhaps a being of..."

He nodded. "Yes, I'm an abyssmal."

**Solar Note: Sorry for the somewhat short chapter. I still hope that it was entertaining to all of you ^_^! So, which of the five matches between Wahkan and Kyuu Seishin did you enjoy the most, if any?**

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