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"Hey, welcome back, " Yen said, waving. She narrowed her eyes at us. "Uh, why are you holding Hikaru like that?"

I let go of Hikaru's arms. "It's his arm I held, not his hand. No need to get jealous, " I said as I took a seat.

Yen grumbled. "Who said I was jealous?"

I glanced at a blushing Hikaru and chuckled. Oh, sweet revenge.

Yen studied Hikaru closely. "Anyway, you seem better, Hika. But if you start to feel bad again then tell us and I'll finish the final match."

Hikaru grumbled. "What's with you two doubting me?"

"You can't blame them, " Ayawamat called out. "Personally, I think they should've put my brother and me for this event rather than that weak-ass prince and you. Perhaps Stella to replace that weakling out there right now."

I snapped my fingers to draw their attention. "Shut it, don't talk as if Lei losing this is a sure thing. That boy... he has to win this, " I muttered.

"True, " Hikaru said. "We have to trust Lei will end this."

Ayawamat crossed his arms and scoffed. "Trust that weakling? Come on!"

I glared at him. To believe that Lei actually got angry at me because I had attacked this guy.

I turned my attention to the battle that was about to commence.

Lei stood in front of a woman with dark purple hair and cat like eyes. The woman was dressed in all black, and wore fang shaped earrings.

"Don't tell me she's a vampire?" Yen said.

I gulped as I recalled the vampire we had met at the caverns.

"Hahaha, I sure hope not, " I said.

"Begin!" the announcer yelled.

Lei wasted no time, chanting, "Ventum Avem!" Wind raced across the arena, blowing the dust from the now marble only arena. The wind coalesced into the form of a verdant wind bird.

The women's eyes widened. She appeared behind him. Black claws dug into his back. Lei dashed forward. He seemed shaken by her speed.

"Fulgur Draco!" he yelled. A lightning dragon zapped down from the sky and went through the barrier and straight down towards his opponent.

The Kyuu Seishinian dodged, watching as the dragon created a massive crater in the center of the arena. "You're like Eien said."

He leered at her. "That guy told everyone about us? He must find us entertaining."

She forms a scythe out of the shadows in her hands. "He confirmed that to us after his battle with Zelde. Nyima while not as entertaining as Zelde was still interesting in her own way.

She slashed the wind bird that Lei had made using just her claws. Shadows spread all around. "Media Autem Nocte Sectis!" she chanted. The shadows sliced the air repeatedly. Tendrils emerged from the slashes and formed a black sphere around him.

"What's going on?" Yen asked.

I closed my eyes. "Kěyǐ tòuguò hēi'àn kàn de yǎnjīng, " I murmered while making multiple hand signs. I opened my eyes and saw through the darkness.

Lei had formed scythes of wind. The scythes sliced everything that we could no longer see him in the sheer darkness.

Though scythes of darkness came at him, leaving deep gashes in his legs, causing him to fall to the ground.

"What's going on?" Adela asked as she walked over to us.

I closed my eyes and shook my head. "I hate to say it, but this but, Hikaru, guess you're-"

"Ventus de Caelum, " a voice ranged. The blades shattered into the air. Lei raised his head and punched the woman in the gut. She dropped her scythe from the shock as he shadow dome dissolved.

The arena soon became covered by an emerald light radiating from Lei who was raising to the heavens. In his hands were his strange-looking butterfly swords. Strangely, a green spiral filled one of the holes as if it were solid wind.

Adela chuckled. "Seems like Lei got a power up."

I tilted my head. That boy only continued to surprise.

The Kyuuseishinian woman stood up. A smile covered her face. She picked up her scythe. "Tenebris Draco!" She swiped the air with her scythe. From where she slashed the air emerged a shadowy darkness. The dragon shaped spell opened it's jaws and devoured Lei without warning.

"What in the world?" Hikaru said.

"Dark spells are eerie, " I muttered to myself. They aren't anything like my light spells.

The darkness subsided. Lei's emerald light had vanished completely.

"Damn, I didn't expect her to use a neutralizing spell so fast and efficiently like that, " I muttered.

"So that's why his aura vanished, her dragon neutralized it, " Yen said.

Nahimana chuckled. "Indeed. Lei is in some serious trouble."

The woman pointed her scythe at his neck. "Give up, Lei Lan"

Lei chuckled. He raised himself back up using wind. "Like I ever will!" he yelled, releasing a powerful gust of wind. The woman's grip on her scythe began to slip as she was being pushed toward the edge of the arena.

Lei covered his blades in green aura, making them look a pair of swords. "Wind Fang!" he yelled before vanishing.

"Where is he?" I asked.

"Gah..." the woman said. Blood dripped down her legs. He chuckled and pushed Lei using the pole of her scythe before he could land another hit. "Not bad, kid."

Lei narrowed his eyes. "Who are you calling kid?" The two moved in the air and moved far too fast for me to keep up with.

"Incredible, " Kun said, mouth wide. "I can barely keep up with them."

"Hya!" the woman's scream echoed. A shock-wave reverberated throughout the arena as dust covered the place.

"No, Lei!" Yen yelled.

"He'll be fine, I know he will, " Yuzuki said. She was the most focused out of all of us on his match.

"Ventus Draco...Maxima!" Lei yelled from within the cloud of dust. The dust was blown away completely. The green aura around Lei's swords vanished and concentrated together to form the shape of a verdant dragon.

The woman's eyes widened as the serpentine dragon grabbed a hold of her with one of its four fingered claws and slammed her out of the arena.

"Gat is out of the arena! The winner by default is Lei Lan!" the announcer yelled.

"H-he did it!" Yen said. She turned to Hikaru and hugged him. "L

lden eyes. "Is something wrong?" he said.

"Nothing, " I said.

He laughed. "You weren't just going to use Serein line on me were you?"

"Why would I?"

He tilted his head. "Well you got pretty sapphire eyes yourself and I have golden eyes so I thought..."

"While Wahkan has advanced to the next round, we'll be having the fifth match between Kyuu Seishin and Wahkan as a friendly battle, " the announcer said.

"See you later, " I said.

Iah pouted.

"So who is participating in this match now?" Ocarina asked.

"I am, " Hikaru said. He quickly looked at her and his nephews. "Where did my brother go?"

"I saw him talking to an old friend of ours from high school, " the nameless woman holding the baby said. She was very beautiful that it was hard to believe the truth.

"Who you?" Serein said, tilting his head at her.

"I'm Celeste's father, " she said. She smiled at us.

I glanced over at Adela. "What did she say?"

"He's telling the truth. While he may appear more beautiful than Adela and you, he is a guy."

I suddenly felt a bit insulted. "Why are you dressed like a woman? Uh, not like you need to tell me."

"It's a custom, " he said.

"Oh right, I forgot about that, " I said, chuckling.

"Though he doesn't need it, " Grace said. "Not any more at least. The men of our Xian clan only need to dress like a woman from the age of ten until they're eighteen or married."

"I've heard about it, " Iah said. He turned to look at Lei. "Isn't Lei also of the Xian? He is of that age, so why isn't he dressed like that?"

"He is a Xian, " Harmonica said, putting a wet towel over her son's head. "However, my brother was the last one required to dress as a woman. Since Lei, Shang, Serein, and Raul are only 1/8th Xian they don't need to participate in the custom."

"The friendly match is about to begin, " Azure said. I gasped when looking straight at his eyes. Something about them reminded me of someone... but I wasn't sure as to who it was.

I shook my head and looked up to see Hikaru and a white cloaked woman make their way over.

We all backed away from the edge of the now restored battlefield to watch up close the closing match between our country and Kyuu Seishin.

"In the meantime, I'm going to go take Lei to the infirmary if you don't mind, " Adela said.

"Not at all, " Yuzuki said. "I'll come with you."

"You aren't going to watch your brother's match?" I asked.

Yuzuki bit her lip and looked back at Lei. "I'll watch it on tv. Plus, it's a friendly match. Hika will be alright, no matter the outcome."

I guess she had a point, but still. That would mean that neither of his siblings were around to watch his match...

"Hey, am I too late?" Eri yelled as he ran over.

Yuzuki smiled at her older brother. "Watch over our little bro, Eri. Tell him I'm cheering him on from the infirmary."

Eri chuckled and crossed his arms. "I doubt I need to tell him that. He knows that no matter where you are, he can count on you to cheer for him."

She giggled. "Same with you, big bro!"

I smiled. Seems that they're closer than I thought.

"You're not going with them?" Iah asked, turning over to look at me as Adela and Yuzuki walked away.

"Why? Lei is fine with those two as his caretakers, " I said, sighing.

The crown prince of Mina chuckled. "Lei sure is lucky, though. Having two beauties to look after him."

"Yeah... he is..." I lowered my head. I wanted to go with them, but at the same time I didn't. I didn't want to come off as one of Lei's fan girls like those two did.

"Ouch!" I yelled. I rubbed my forehead and glared at Iah.

He smiled. "Hey, don't daydream while the match is about to start."

I smiled and stepped on his left foot.

"Hey, no need to be violent! We aren't the ones fighting!" he cried.

I grinned and let go of his foot. So much for him being a cool guy.

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed this chapter :3. What did you think of Lei's match? How do you think Hikaru will do in his?**

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