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"This is a bad match up, perhaps the worst ever. I mean, a weak ice mage versus a strong fire mage? Seriously?" Ayawamat said from the seat behind me. "That weak heir of ours will surely lose to their crown prince."

Lei shook his head. "Wanikiya might have the disadvantage, but he isn't going down without a fight."

I lowered my gaze to the two future leaders.


Wanikiya shivered as Boukyaku stared him down. "Are you ready?" Boukyaku said, grinning.

Wanikiya nodded. "Ice..."

Boukyaku had flipped him on his back before he knew it.

Wanikiya yelled out in pain. The heir of Kyuu Seishin let go of him. "Are you okay?"

He got up. "I'm fine, " he said angrily. "Remember that this is a match, not some friendly duel!"

"Matches don't need be bitter. Many allow them to be, though. Especially for this kind event. Ultimately, I beleive that one should enjoy the games." The prince took a deep breath. "Ignis Draco!" A fire dragon slammed Wanikiya into the barrier.

"What a weakling, " some members in the audience muttered. "He's nothing like those girls who came before him, " others said.

"Is he even trying?" more people said. Several people began to boo.

Ayawamat covered his eyes with his hands. "Ugh, that fool. What is he doing down there?"

"Wanikiya, get up!" Lei yelled as he jumped out of his chair.

Wanikiya did as Lei said. "Damn it! Cader per Glacium!" A sheet of ice enveloped the floor. Wanikiya smiled and snapped his fingers. "Fall!" The ice beneath Boukyaku shattered, sending him falling back in an avalanche of ice and frozen stone and earth.

"Yes, " Lei shouted. "Go Wanikiya!"

Wanikiya turned to look at us and smiled. His eyes for a moment seemed determined. "Ice Dragon!" An ice dragon emerged from the icy floor and head for the hole. Flames came pouring out of the hole, burning off the dragon's head.

Boukyaku grinned. "So you have some backbone after all! Ignis." Small flames sent Wanikiya falling back. The ice under his own feet began to crack.

"My spell, " he yelled. He closed his eyes and stopped his 'Cader Per Glacium'.

He fell to his knees. "I lost."

"That's it? You're giving up already?" Boukyaku snapped Boukyaku crossed his arms, his face looking both upset yet calm. "You lack something Wanikiya. A man like you can never hope to be the leader of a nation, no matter what kind of political system it has. However, you still have time to grow to become a determined, and intelligent young man." He held out his hand to him.

Wanikiya kept his eyes down and slapped his hand away. "I don't need pity! Especially not from a Kyuu Seishinian!" He stood up and pushed Boukyaku away. Ice formed on Boukyaku's chest.

"Wanikiya stop!" Yen yelled.

"It's over, come here before you embarrass us any further!" Ayawamat yell.

"Shut up! I haven't lost yet! It has yet to be officially declared!" he said furiously. Cold air leaked from his body, freezing the arena anew. "Even if it already has I will still take down this man!" He formed a lance out of ice in his right. He swung it around and slashed the air, causing hail to pour down on them.

"You've gone mad, " Boukyaku said. He looked up at the hail. Each pelt melted away as it touched him. "Give up! It's useless at your current state."

"Stop mocking me!" He yelled before running towards him.

Boukyaku grabbed a hold of his left arm and spun him over, slamming him unto the now semi-frozen floor. He snapped the lance with ease. He held Wanikiya up and threw him outside of the arena. "You fell out, thus proving that this match has already been decided. It was fooli

was he now? Had he given up on his dream to become a mage?

I felt a hand on my shoulder. "You okay, Ny?"

"Good luck, " I said, tapping his shoulder. "Try to win, but don't pull a Wanikiya on us!"

He nodded. "I will contain my rage at losing as best as I can!"

I smiled and nudged him away. "You better, you hear?"

Lei chuckled and ran off to the battlefield.

"Hey!" someone called out. We turned around and saw Hikaru sitting on the floor. "I saw Lei running with Wanikiya earlier. I take it that Wani lost?"

Zelde nodded. "Yeah, sadly. Anyway, I'm going to go and wait in Wanikiya's room should he wake up."

"You're going to miss Lei's match?" Hikaru asked.

"No, they got a television there, " I said.

Zelde smiled. "Oh good, I was hoping they did. Well, see ya later!"

"Bye!" Hikaru and I yelled as she ran off.

"Are you feeling better now?" I asked, glancing back at Hikaru.

He pushed himself off the floor and dusted himself off. "Yeah, my eyes no longer hurt as much. Hmm, if Lei doesn't win it's up to either Yen or me to take on the final match."

I crossed my hands together as if in prayer. "Hopefully Lei wins this one."

Hikaru narrowed his eyes. "Your confidence in me is that low, eh?"

"What? No. I just want him to win is all."

He gave me a sly smile. "Say, do you like him?"

My face reddened. What was with everyone thinking that today? "I don't like him, " I said, averting my gaze. "It's... more that he reminds me of a boy I knew."

Hikaru's eyes widened. "A boy? Was he your first crush?"

My face reddened. "A girl and a guy can't simply be friends?"

"Of course they can be friends. But that look in your eyes tells me that he was more than a friend."

I grumbled. "I guess one could say it was the same as you with Yen."

Hikaru stopped and coughed. "W-what? Yen and me? I... I don't like her that way, " he said, chuckling while covering his face.

I giggled. "Come on, I'm not dense to believe that!" I grabbed him by the the arm. "Come on, we're going to miss Lei's match!"

"Hey! What's with you, has Lei's hyper-activeness rubbed off on you?" he screamed as he struggled to keep up pace with me.

I slowly down my pace. "Huh, what do you know? I guess it has..." I whispered. Though for some reason I couldn't help but smile.

**Solar Note: Hope that you enjoyed this chapter :3. Next up is Lei! Excited to see what he can now do?**

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